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Beer Retailers



Bagshaw Directory 1847 shows the following beer retailers in Ash.

KINGSFORD Joshua, beerhouse, Ash

MAXTED Richard, beerhouse, area 11

ROGERS Harriett, beerhouse, Ware


From the Kentish Chronicle, 12 May, 1860.


At the same Sessions, William Foster, beer-house keeper at Whitstable, was charged with permitting gaming in his house on the 26th April.

The case was proved by police-constable Smith, who stated that about half-past ten o'clock on the night in question he heard skittle playing on the defendant's premises, and one of the players said, "landlord, bring in the pint of beer the game is nearly done." The landlord accordingly went to fetch the beer, and while he was gone they commenced another game. When the landlord went back one of them said, "We are playing another game and you are to take the winner." The landlord said he would not play the winner, but he did not put a stop to the game. Witness then went into the house, and the landlord said he might as well throw his things into the street as the house was not worth anything without the alley. He had previously cautioned the landlord.

Case dismissed.


CENSUS 1861. Census

KINGSFORD Josiah, The Street, age 69, Beer House Keeper.

NEAT Arthur, The Street, age 53, Harness Maker & Licenses Victualler.

ROGERS Harriett, The Street, age 72, Beer House Keeper.


CENSUS 1871. Census

WHIDDETT George, age 32, Publican.


Kelly's Directory 1899 gives the following informatiuon:-

TILBROKE Asherton, living at "Brewery House"

BRADLEY Albert George, beer retailer, Goldstone

CHANDLER William, grocer & beer retailer, Guilton

GARDNER & Co Lim. (Austen Gardner, managing director) pale ale brewers, Ash brewery. (Telegraphic address "Gardner, Ash, Dover")

HUTTON Andrew, brewer to Gardner & Co. Gables

JACOBS Brothers, grocer, tea dealers, agents for W. & A. Gilbey Limited., wine & spirit merchants, hardware & general warehousemen & house furnishing, East Kent stores & at Sandwich.

East Kent Stores, Ash

Above picture showing the East Kent Stores, Ash, date unknown.

LADD Richard, beer retailer & market gardener, New Street

PIERCE Harry, beer retailer

TIDD William, beer retailer

TUMBER James, beer retailer, Guilton

WATSON Charles, grocer, provision & wine dealer


From the Kent directory 1922

BRADLEY Mrs Mary Ann, Goldstone, Ash

DAVIS Mrs Amelia G, Guilton, Ash

PIERCE Harry, Ash, beer retailer


Kelly's Directory 1934 states the following:-

CLINCH Ernest William living at "Brewery House" in 1934.

BROMLEY William, beer retailer

GARDNER & Co Ltd. (Walter Kenrick LISTER. managing director), pale ale brewers, Ash brewery (T N 2); also Ramsgate T N 367.

HAMMOND Charles, beer retailer, New Street

LOCKE Ernest Joseph M, beer retailer, Guilton, (a hamlet in the parish). T N 37

PLAYER Albert John, beer retailer, Goldstone


Wingham Petty Sessions 15 November 1940 reported the off-licence, Guilton, Ash, was transferred from Mr. C R Harvey to Mr. W J Marsh


Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847

Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

Kelly's 1934From the Kelly's Directory 1934


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