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Earliest July 1951

(Name from)

William Caxton

Sept 2022

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11 West Cross


01580 764417

William Caxton 1950

Above postcard, date 1950, kindly sent by Mark Jennings.

William Caxton 1952

Above Photo circa 1952, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Above photo, circa 1957, kindly send by Rory Kehoe.

William Caxton 1959

Above photo, circa 1959, kindly send by Rory Kehoe.

William Caxton 2010

Above image taken from Google, October 2010.

William Caxton 2010

Above photo 2010 by Oast House Archives Creative Commons Licence.

William Caxton card 1973

Above Whitbread card, 1973 and series unknown.

William Caxton sign 1991William Caxton sign 1994

Above sign left, March 1991, sign right, December 1994.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

William Caxton sign 1987William Caxton sign 2010

Above sign left, date pre 1991, sign right, 2010.


William Caxton is thought to be the first printer and the first to introduce the printing press in England in 1476. It is generally accepted that he was born in Tenterden.

The older part of the existing building dates from the early 16th century but most of what we know today was completed circa 1800 and was previously called the "Black Horse Inn" and changed name in 1951. There are recorded instances of costs arising from the supply of food and drink to members of the night watch (constables) who were based on the premises. In 1951 at the time of the Festival of Britain, one of the events for Tenterden's celebrations was the renaming of the public house to the "William Caxton."

The rear section dates from the late 18th century, being originally a double-fronted house built by Isaac Cloake when he set up the Tenterden Brewery. The front bar was added in the 19th century.

In 1953 a relative of the licensee Mr. A. G. Chandler found an albino squirrel in the nearby woods and brought it to the pub and named it "Geordie". He was tamed by the landlord's daughter, Jennifer and was reported in an article in the London Evening News that described how he even answered to his name.

In 1960 Fremlins bought the premises Cherry Tree Cottage adjoining the pub when they took over the Leney estate. At that time the tenant, Mrs. G. Clarke, was paying a rent of 35/- per week.

6th May 1992 Shepherd Neame took over the pub and they purchased the freehold on 29th September 1995.


The pub was certainly open in 2020, but had closed by September 2022.

Latest news is that Shepherd Neame have sold the premises and the new owners are refurbishing it again with a projected opening date of November 2022, and a possible new name, just confirmed as the "Print House."

The new owners are said to be husband and wife Andrew Dixon and Seonald Macdonald.




CLARK G 1960


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