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Earliest 1390

White Hart

Latest ????

(Name to)

15 (16) High Street


White Hart and Guildhall 1904

Above photo showing the original "White Hart" (centre building) which was demolished around about 1904-08. Two doors to the left was the "Guildhall," also demolished same time. Kindly sent by Tony Smith.

White Hart

The "White Hart" is shown on the left, opposite to the "Bull Hotel."

White Hart 1940

Above photo, circa 1940, kindly sent by Tony Smith. Around about 1904-08 this area of the High street underwent some demolition and rebuilding due to a road improvement scheme, the pub shown here dating from this time. Currently open as a Pizzeria.

White Hart sign 1978White Hart sign 1991

Above sign left, 1978, sign right, October 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Rochester map 1866

Identified on the 1866 map above as the pink building, central. Unfortunately incorrectly labelled.


One of the oldest heraldic devices is the White Hart, adopted for his personal use by Richard II, and later by Henry V and Edward IV. This "White Hart" was known in 1390, when Richard was on the throne.


From the Kentish Gazette, 3 April 1838.

Servant Girl Burnt to Death.

On Thursday an inquest was held at the "White Hart," Rochester, before R. Hinde, Esq. touching the death of Mary Paine, servant at the Inn. She was a fine-looking girl; her age was about 14 years. From the evidence adduced it appeared she was standing before the kitchen fire, when her clothes were caught by the flames, and before they could be extinguished the lower parts of her body were so dreadfully burnt, that she survived only two days. Dr. Martin was promptly called in to attend the deceased, and pronounced no hopes of her recovery. The coroner charged the jury, and they without hesitation returned a verdict of:—

Accidentally burnt to death.


Southeastern Gazette, 19 July 1853.


Friday. (Before James Smith, Esq., and Major Boys).

William Henry Bonnett, of Chatham, grocer, and to whom the license of the "White Hart" public-house, High-street, was granted about 18 months since, applied to have it transferred to his brother, James William Bennett.

The application was opposed by Mr. Stephenson, solicitor, on behalf of Edward Woodyer, an inhabitant rate-payer of Chatham, on the ground that the house in question was one of ill-fame.

The applicant admitted that it might have been one, but assured the court it was his brother’s intention to endeavour to alter the character of the house.

After some discussion it was arranged that the further consideration of the application should stand over till Wednesday, the 22nd instant.




WITHAM John 1788+ Next pub licensee had


BALDWING Thomas 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

TODD Thomas 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

WOOD William 1847+

BONNETT Henry 1852-July/53

BONNETT James William July/1853

LEMMON Thomas 1858+

LEMON Felicia Mrs 1862+

SUMMERS William Henry 1870+

DANIELS James 1874+

RIDOUT James 1881-91+ (also brewer age 38 in 1881Census)

MADDOX/MADDEY George 1891+ (age 39 in 1891Census)

CARLTON/CHARLTON Samuel 1903+ Kelly's 1903

PESKETT William Thomas 1911+

FORSTER Frederick Ernest 1913-22+

SANDERSON Robert 1930+

PATTENDEN Frederick 1938+

THOMAS Dave & Nell 1960-63


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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