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Earliest 1861-

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Closed 1917

174 Pizien Well Road


Former Wheatsheaf 2009

Above Google image, August 2009.


Pizien well is a small hamlet near Wateringbury. A well now grated over situated near the pub was visited by wedding parties, the bride would drink the water to ensure fertility.

The Wheatsheaf property was built in 1847 by farmer, William Beadle but it was not called the "Wheatsheaf" until a few years later and was serving as a Beer Retailer in 1851.

This was described as an Anti 1868 Beerhouse, meaning that it had first been awarded a license under the 1830 beer Act and allowed the house to continue to remain licensed by paying their annual fee without having to attend the licensing sessions, however, only beer was allowed to be sold.

Local information from Dail Whiting says the following:- The building still stands as a private house on Pizien Well Road. Originally a Beer Shop in 1851, it became a Beerhouse later in the 19th century. It ceased trading in 1917. There certainly is a well near this pub, but the well from which brides drank was a bit lower down from the "Wheatsheaf" just above the "Good Intent," on the Pizien Well Road. Marked on an 1895 OS map W.


Wheatsheaf O S map 1895

Above map kindly annotated and kindly sent by Dail Whiting.


Kent Messenger and Gravesend Telegraph, Saturday 28th July, 1917.

The licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910.

Notice as to Sending in Claims to be treated as Persons Interested in Licensed Premises.

County of Kent, Western Division.

Notice is hereby given that the Compensation Authority for the above area having decided at their Principal Meeting held on 12th day of July, 1917, to refuse the Renewal of Licences of the premises specified below, all persons claiming to be interested in the said premises for the purpose of the payment of Compensation under the said act other than the Licensees and the Registered owner of the said premises are required to send to the Compensation Authority notice of their claims before the 20th day of August, 1917, for the purpose of enabling the Compensation Authority to ascertain in manner provided by the Licensing Rules, 1910, the persons entitled to Compensation on under the said Act in respect of the said premises.

Notice of claims, giving particulars of the interests claimed, should be sent to the Clerk of the Compensation Authority at this Office at the Sessions House, Maidstone.

"Wheatsheaf," Wateringbury. Beerhouse. Ernest George Smith. The Dartford Brewery Co. Ltd., Dartford; Mrs. Harriett Elizabeth Richards, Engadine, 42, Palace Road, Streathham Hill, as Mortgagee.

W.B. Prosser, Clerk of the Compensation Authority, Sessions House, Maidstone. Dated this 26th day of July, 1917.


Maidstone Telegraph Saturday 17th November 1917.

West Kent Licensing Committee. Compensation appointments.

Mr. Coles Child presided, on Thursday, at a meeting of this committee, at the Sessions House, Maidstone, the other members present being: Colonel J. M. Rogers, Colonel Grubb, Messrs C. Tuff, Joseph Barker, R Batchelor, P. Butt-Gow, S. Lee Smith, H. Hannem, W. A. Smith-Masters, J. H. Hay Rudton, H. J. Wood and G. Naylor with the Clerk (Mr. W. B. Prosser), and the Valuer (Mr. H. M. Cobb, of Higham).

It was the "supplemental" meeting for the awarding of compensation in respect of licences "referred" earlier in the year.


The Clerk announced that agreements had been arrived at in the following cases:-

"Wheatsheaf," beer house, Wateringbury, 637 for the owners (Messrs. Jude Hanbury and Co) and 50 for the tenant, (Mr. Richard William Huggett.)



One of Thomas and Ann's daughter Harriett married Henry Martin.



HOLMWOOD/HOMEWOOD Thomas 1871+ (beer retailer age 52 in 1871Census)

HOLMWOOD/HOMEWOOD Ann (wife) 1881+ (also Grocer age 55 in 1881Census)

MARTIN Henry 1891+ Next pub licensee had (also carter age 33 in 1891Census)

MARTIN John W (also carter age 59 in 1901Census)

JENNER Albert Edward 1911+ (age 39 in 1911Census)

HUGGETT Richard William 1917




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