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Earliest 1858

Waterman's Arms

Open 2020+

151 High Street


01634 681830

Waterman's Arms 1930s

Above photo, 1930s.

Waterman's Arms

Above photo showing (L to R) back row, 2nd Pat Stevens, 4th Loudo Smith, 7th Mr, Stevens, 8th Bill Chapman, 9th Laddy Stevens, 10th Tom Bellchamber. Front row, 5th Jim Bellchamber.

Waterman's Arms Winkle Club outing 1929

Outside the Waterman's Arms, Winkle Club outing 1929.

Top row:- 3rd, Mrs. Millie Newman (Marsh), 5th, Mr. Sands, 6th, Mrs. Sands, 7th, Mrs. Baker (Waz's mum)

Second row:- 7th, Mr. Kitney, 8th, Mrs. Riddle.

Third row:- 4th, Mr. Gilray, 7th, Mrs. Jones, 9th, Mr. Newman.

Forth row:- 3rd, Mrs. Gilray.

Front row:- 1st, George Kemp, 2nd, Mr. Tanner, 5th Mrs. Cox.

Waterman's Arms

Abopve postcard, date unknown.

Waterman's Arms

Above postcard, date unknown.

Waterman's Arms 2008

Above photo 2008 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

Waterman's sign 2010

Above sign 2010.


Mrs Grace Constance Dobson was managing pub in 1911, and  was previously Grace Constance Baker, she was a daughter of Edward Thomas Baker & his wife Constance, therefore another generation of the Baker family running the place.

The original pub was demolished and a new one built in 1910 and during the demolition of the old building a a double-roof space was found apparently used for smuggling liquor and linked to the "Robin Hood" in Burham.

The new building had a large beer garden to the south of the pub but this has been built on with a row of terraced houses.



BAKER George 1841? (1st generation)

LANGFORD William 1841-58+ (age 46 in 1851Census) Melville's 1858

BAKER Henry 1861+ (2nd generation) (also smith age 72 in 1861Census)

BAKER Edward Thomas 3rd generation 1871-95 dec'd (age 68 in 1891Census)

BAKER Constance R 1901-11+ (widow age 64 in 1901Census)

DIMMOCK David 1903+ Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

DOBSON John 1913-22+ Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1918Post Office Directory 1922

SANDS Harry 1930-38+ Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938


Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858


Post Office Directory 1903From the Post Office Directory 1903

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1913From the Post Office Directory 1913

Post Office Directory 1918From the Post Office Directory 1918

Post Office Directory 1922From the Post Office Directory 1922

Post Office Directory 1930From the Post Office Directory 1930

Post Office Directory 1938From the Post Office Directory 1938


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