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Above photo, date unknown.

Unicorn 1965

Above photo, circa 1965, kindly sent by Shaun Gardener.

Unicorn 1966

Above photo, circa 1966, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Unicorn 1968

Above postcard, 1968, kindle sent by Rory Kehoe.

Unicorn 2014

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Unicorn 2021

Above photo 2021.

Unicorn sign 2004

Above sign, July 2004.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Unicorn card 1949Unicorn card 1949

Above aluminium card issued May 1949. Sign series 1 number 49.


The census of 1891 described this as the "Unicorn Hotel."


Kentish Gazette 5 March 1819.

On Friday last an Inquest was held at the "Unicorn Inn," Marden, before James Ottaway, Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of Mr. Peter Austin, Jun., a respectable farmer of that parish, who on the morning of the preceding day drowned himself in a large pond, on the lands of Mrs. Walter.

It was evident from the examination of several witnesses, that for the last 5-years, the mind of the deceased had been very much disordered, and that during the last 10 days the symptoms of derangement were so decisive, as coming induce friends to watch him very closely; but, early on Friday morning, he alluded their vigilance, and hastened to commit an act, which deprived a deserving wife of her husband, and 4 infant children of their father.

Verdict:- Insanity.


From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 6 June 1870.

Assault At Marden.

Charles Hunt was charged with unlawfully assaulting and threatening the life of Walter Day, at Marden, on the 17th of May. There was a cross summons charging Walter Day with unlawfully assaulting Charles Hunt at the same place and date.

It appeared from the evidence that on the day the defendant went into the "Unicorn Inn" kept by the complainant, and after partaking of a glass of ale asked the complainant if he owed him anything. The complainants replied 4s. 6d., and the defendant than collared the complainant and shook him.

After this the scene was reversed, and the complainant collared the defendant, and then, according to his own admission, "blundered him over a table." Mr. Stevenson, of Maidstone, who appeared for the defendant, suggested the propriety of the matter being privately arranged, as the offence seem to have been mutual; and Mr. Hinds, who represented the complainant, spoke to his client, but Mr. Day wished the bench to adjudicate.

There appeared to have been no previous ill-feeling between the parties, and the Chairman said that the charge of threatening had not been sustained by any evidence. Mr. Hunt was then find 5s. 47s. costs. Mr. French told the complainant and defendant that the best thing they could do now would be to live on friendly terms in the future.


From the By Ed McConnell, 10 February 2017.

Boxing legend Kellie Maloney set to take over The Unicorn, High Street, Marden.

Boxing legend Kellie Maloney is set to take over a pub.

The 63-year-old, who lives in Kent, is in talks with Enterprise Inns to become the landlady of the Unicorn in Marden.

She hopes to take the reins in April after Keith Rookledge bids farewell to the High Street venue.

Kellie Maloney

Kellie Maloney is in talks to take over The Unicorn in Marden.

Miss Maloney, who has three children, has been seen around the village frequently in the past few weeks and has been seen eating lunch at the pub.

A close friend said: “She sees a lot of potential in the Unicorn and wants to get a normal life away from the spotlight. She’s hoping to revamp the pub but does not want it to lose any of its charm.”

The promoter and manager, previously known as Frank, began living as a woman in 2014 and has since appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and rarely stayed out of the headlines.

From 1978 to 1992 at the height of a glittering career, which included managing Lennox Lewis to the title of undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, she ran five pubs across the South East, including the Crayford Arms, in Crayford, and one-time pub of the year the Castle in Aldgate, London.

Unicorn 2017

The Unicorn pub in Marden.

Miss Maloney has been a vocal supporter of the pub trade.

Her friend said: “Kellie thinks pubs are the centre of many villages and towns and there are too many closing down. Not only is this ripping the heart out of communities but many local people are losing their jobs. That’s why she is looking to start a campaign group to lobby parliament to do something about the closures.”

Mr Rookledge will be leaving the Unicorn on Monday, April 3, after 35 years as a publican and hopes to travel the world for a year.


From the By Ed McConnell, 11 May 2017.

Boxing legend Kellie Maloney opens The Unicorn.

A village boozer has reopened with a boxing legend at the helm.

Kellie Maloney was joined by celebrity friends as The Unicorn, Marden, welcomed punters at the launch.

It was well supported with numbers reaching 500 and reports of up to a half-hour wait to be served meaning other pubs in the village also did a bumper trade.

Miss Maloney, previously known as Frank, rose to fame as the manager of former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis.

Between 1978 and 1992 she ran five pubs across the South East, including the Crayford Arms, in Crayford, and one-time pub of the year the Castle in Aldgate, London.

In 2014, Kellie, who has three children, began living as a woman.

She has since appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and rarely stayed out of the headlines.

The 63-year-old announced her intention to take on the High Street venue at the start of the year and, after discussions with owners Enterprise Inns, bought the lease.

Kellie Maloney & Heavy D 2017

Kellie Maloney and Heavy D at the opening of the Unicorn. Picture: Nathan Bull.

Since previous landlord Keith Rookledge bid farewell in April, Miss Maloney has been renovating the pub ready for last Saturday’s grand unveiling, which saw her joined by reality show Storage Hunters’ Heavy D, Karl Howman, who played Jacko in 80s television show Brush Strokes, former footballer Mark Bright and parliamentary candidate Helen Grant, who is hoping to retain her Maidstone and the Weald seat in parliament.

Miss Maloney, who has previously voiced her intention to start a campaign to save the pub trade, said: “It was a great evening with more than 500 people here.

“There were more people here than used to come to my boxing shows.

“I was really happy Helen Grant turned up and spent a long time here. The amount of people knocked me off balance a bit but I was more happy on the Sunday when it was mainly locals and I was able to get round and talk to them.”


From the By Luke May, 22 February 2018.

Kellie Maloney quits as landlady of The Unicorn in Marden, Kent.

A Marden pub is looking for a new owner after its celebrity landlady stepped down.

Kellie Maloney took over The Unicorn pub on Marden High Street last year, opening to punters in May.

But before the year was up, the former boxing promoter was looking to move on.

Kellie Maloney

Parliamentary candidate Helen Grant alongside Kellie Maloney and Radio Kent's John Warnett.

The 64-year-old said: "I've been spending more and more time on my diversity speaking, doing talks up and down the country.

"I spoke with my daughter and we thought about changing the pub's concept.

"We didn't want it to just be a wet lip pub or just be about food, we were trying to be a bit different.

"It hasn't worked out. It's a business decision and a practical one."

Miss Maloney, who was born Frank and rose to fame as Lennox Lewis' boxing manager, said she had already made her decision towards the end of last year.

She said: "I told the brewery in November and they asked me to reconsider.

"I met with them on Tuesday this week and told them that I wasn't staying."

Miss Maloney, who owned five pubs between 1978 and 1992, including the Crayford Arms, in Crayford, confirmed she will continue living in Kent.

She added: "Its up to the brewers to get someone else, that person will be moving in to a ready made pub with nice customers."

We have approached pub owners Enterprise Inn for comment.


From an email received 21 February 2022.

I can add a landlord to your list of landlords of the Unicorn, Marden, Kent. My father George W. Delo was the landlord from July 1956 until sometime in the summer of 1961. The Unicorn at that time was a Whitbread public house and featured on the first set of Inn Signs.

The premises were in a dilapidated state when we took over in 1956, and required a lot of work to bring it up to a satisfactory standard. I lived there with my parents until May 1957 when I got married. If my memory is correctly we had a Public bar, a Jug & Bottle area off of the Public bar, a smaller Saloon bar, and a small Snug at the back of the premises. In addition to the bars there was a public room across the corridor from the Saloon bar, but I don’t recall this being used while I was there. Upstairs there was a club room which was used at that time by the RAOB. The cellar was at ground level behind the Public bar.

Our private accommodation was a kitchen/living area downstairs and a bathroom upstairs together with 5 or 6 bedrooms. One of the bedrooms was used by us as a lounge.

Sometime after I left, Whitbread decided to renovate the property which made it smaller, and more manageable, with a separate shop, which later became an estate agents at the car park end.

Regards, David W. Delo.



DAY Thomas 1828-71+ (also farmer age 71 in 1861Census)Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

DAY Walter 1871-74 (age 40 in 1871Census)

STEVENSON Henry 1874-81

PRICE George 1881+ (age 54 in 1881Census)

GILBERT Frederick William 1891+ (age 40 in 1891Census)

GILBERT Maria 1901-03+ (widow age 45 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

WARNER Walter Bridgeford 1907+

TAYLOR William 1911+ (age 41 in 1911Census)

BROMLEY Charles 1913+

STEPHENS Frederick J 1918-30+

MILLSTED Edward 1938+

Last pub licensee had DELO George W July/1956-Aug/61

ROOKLEDGE Keith to Apr/2017

MALONEY Kellie May/2017-Feb/18+

PODAC Nikki & BUCUR Gigi 2023+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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