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Earliest 1756

Two Sawyers

Closed 2016

19 High Street


Two Sawyers

Above postcard, date unknown.

Two Sawyers circa 1960

Above photo circa 1960, from by Ben Levick.

Two Sawyers 2011

Above photo 2011, from by Ben Levick.

Two Sawyers sign 1986Two Sawyers sign 2011

Above sign left, July 1986. Sign right, February 2011.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Awaiting reverse picture of Whitbread sign.

Two Sawyers card 1950

Above aluminium card issued 1950. Sign series 2 number 11.

Brompton map

Above map, date unknown, showing the following pub locations:-

1:- "King’s Arms"

2:- "Army and Navy"

3:- "Royal Marine"

4:- "King’s Head"

5:- "Grasshopper"

6:- "Dockyard Arms"

7:- "Dolphin"

8:- "Two Sawyers"

9:- "Bricklayer's Arms"

A:- "Golden Lion"

B:- "Navy Arms"

C:- "Prince of Wales"

D:- "Good Intent"

E:- "Duke of York"

F:- "Shipwright's Arms"


From by lassow.vamp

Planks for wooden ships were cut in a saw pit with a cross-cut saw requiring two sawyers, so this is almost certainly a pub named in connection with the Dockyard.

One of the longest serving landlords was John Baird, who retired as landlord in 1888 after 57 years, although he retained ownership of the pub until his death in 1901.

Baird led the movement for a Public Hall in Gillingham High Street, was High Constable of Gillingham for two years and founded the Brompton Water Company after the wells failed when the digging of the dockyard basins had cut through the springs that fed the wells.

The building was destroyed by fire in 1902 as the water company Baird had founded had turned the water supply off overnight, and it was over an hour before it got turned on. The pub was rebuilt and is still there today although it did close for a few years in the 1990s.


Bell's New Weekly Messenger, Sunday 28 May 1843.

Military Outrage.

On Friday se'nnight five or six soldiers of the 58th regiment, suddenly entered the "Two Sawyers" public house, Brompton, and taking up the pots of some persons who were drinking their, without the slightest provocation, beat them about the head with the pots in a most brutal manner. One man, Robert Taylor, was so injured that he was taken to the union-house, where he now lies in very great danger. Walker, the Brompton constable, was quickly sent for, but the affair was over, and the men gone within three minutes of the time of their entering. One of the leaders, named John Smith, was recognised, and has since been committed for re-examination, to await the fate of Taylor.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 12 July 1902.


The "Two Sawyers," a well-known hotel at Old Brompton, next Chatham, was totally destroyed by fire early on Wednesday last. The adjoining business premises also sustained considerable damage.


Brompton map 1866

Above map of 1866 showing the "Golden Lion," "Two Sawyers" and "Bricklayer's Arms."

Factory workers outing

Above photo by Jenis, date unknown.

Possibly an outing from the factory in Westcourt Street that locals called "The Collar Factory."


Traced as early as 1756 and at that time just called the "Sawyers". Renumbering of the street has also seen this listed at 10 High Street. The premised closed as a pub for a few years in the 1990s but is believed to be open again (2014). Local knowledge required here.

Ben Levick tells me the pub was closed for a while in the 1990s, reopened in early 2000s, 'temporarily' closed again in 2016 and is still closed today (2019).


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 27 April, 1901.


“The Two Sawyers ” hotel, Old Brompton, offered for sale by Mr. W. E. R. Randall by public auction, was bought by Mr. W. J. Palmer, of Sheerness, for 4,450. Mr. Palmer also bought the "New Inn," Ordnance Place, Chatham, for 2,050. The sale was a great success, all the other property offered being also disposed of.



JONES & Son 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

BAIRD John 1832-82+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34 (age 71 in 1881Census)

WISDOM J 1891+

PELLEGRINE Ralph 1911-22+ (age 49 in 1911Census)

HAYES Samuel 1930+

BARTLETT Frank 1938+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34



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