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Earliest 1861+

Rock Tavern

Latest 1993

Rock Road

Borough Green

Rock Tavern

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Rock Tavern 1937

Above photo taken on 1st May 1937.

Rock Tavern

Above photo, date unknown.

Rock Tavern 1991

Above photo circa 1991.


Above photo, date unknown by Phil Ladbrook.

Rock Tavern

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Rock Tavern

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Michael Normal.


The Rock Tavern was a unique building, not just its age and history, but because when it was built, a huge lump of ragstone was discovered, too large to easily move, so they built the walls around it. The lump of rock that gave the tavern its name was visible both inside and outside.

The Rock Public House is shown on the 1841 Tythe map, described as a chapel, a building with a steeple and bell tower, demolished in 1904 when Mr. A. Russell built the Laurels. In the 1872 Register it is a beer house with Mary Cheeseman in charge, so the premises opened between 1861-1872. Alas in 1993 the site has gone to the developer has now been demolished, and the area replaced with the building shown below.


Rock Tavern area 2013

Above photo 2013, showing what has replaced the "Rock Tavern."


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Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 15 November 1929.

A Borough Green wedding.

Mr. Sidney Holland - Miss Frances Carlow.

The wedding of Mrs. Frances Rosetta Queenie Carlow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Carlow, of the "Rock Tavern," Borough Green, and Mr. Sidney Holland, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Holland, of High Street, Borough Green, took place at Ightham parish church on Saturday, the Rev. L. Brown officiating.

The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dress of ivory crepe-de-chine, trimmed with diamante and a shoulder knot have orange blossom. She also wore a white veil and orange blossom and moon stone brooch, and carried a bouquet of pink carnations and asparagus fern. The brides mother wore a dress of blue silk and lace collar and cuffs.

The bridesmaids were Miss. Kathleen Carlo (sister of the bride), Miss. Nellie Hollands (sister of the bridegroom), Miss. Betty Callow, and Miss. Nelly Quinnell. They wore old rose silk dresses with fawn hats. Each also wore a gold brooch, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried a bouquet of bronze chrysanthemum and asparagus fern. Mr. F. Carlow (brother of the bride) was best man.

After the ceremony the reception was held at Western Hall, Borough Green, at which about 76 guests were present. Later the happy couple left for their honeymoon, the bride wearing a powder blue silk dress, with nigger brown coat and hat, trims with llama lamb.


Presents were from. Bride to Bridegroom,, gold watch;

Bridegroom to Bride, gold watch and wristlet;

Bride's parents, tapestry tablecloth and sewing machine;

Mr. F. Carlow, dinner service;

Mr. C. Carlow, dinner service;

Mr. Leonard Carlow, pictures;

Miss. K. Carlow and Mr. F. Wood, pictures;

Mr. W. Holland, Treasury note;

Mrs. Holland, oak tray;

Mr. G. Holland, bronze companion set;

Miss. Nellie Holland, wine glasses;

Master H. Holland, glass dish;

Mr. and Mrs. Toogood, sheets;

Mr. Hyatt and Mr. and Mrs. G. Fancy, sheets;

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fancett, silver oxidized clock;

Mr. and Mrs. Callow and Mr. and Mrs. B. Callow, duchesse set;

Mrs. Hollibon (senr), plates;

Mr. and Mrs. Hollibon, saucepans;

Miss. Bell, flower pot;

Mrs. Lora and Mrs. Griffin, eiderdown;

Mr. and Mrs. Cowen, tea service;

Miss. D. Cohen, thermos;

Mr. L. Cowan, marmalade pot;

Mrs. Clark, Miss Standing and Miss. Greatly, bedspread;

The Misses L. and G. Lane and Miss Meakin, jugs;

Mr. Smith and Miss. fog, breakfast set;

Miss Calls, kitchen utensils;

Mrs. Sillitoe, towels;

Miss. Atkinson, cut glass jug;

Miss. Hughes, tray cloth;

Mrs. Toogood, glass vases;

Mrs. Ravish, afternoon tablecloth;

Mrs. Fogg and Mrs. R. Fogg, bedroom tablecloth;

Mrs. Quennell and Mr. M. Quinnell, pillow slips;

Mr. and Mrs. Gill, biscuit barrel;

Mrs. and Mrs. Sime, silver butter dish;

Mrs. Young, cheque;

Mr. and Mrs. Jackman, silver cake basket;

Mr. Mrs. and Miss Havisham, cucumber dish;

Mr. and Mrs. Pearce, towels;

Mrs. G. Bance, kettle;

Mrs. Bance, meat chopper;

Mr. and Mrs. Raines, vases;

Master and Miss Raines, jam dishes;

Mrs. Waghorn, clock;

Mr. Higgins and Miss Rose, sheets;

Mr. and Mrs. B. Payne (junr), towels;

Mrs. Bridgeland' old-fashioned china;

Mr. C. Quinnell and Miss Durnford, tablecloth;

Mr. and Mrs. Hills (senr), dishes;

Mr. Mrs. and Miss lee, glass crystal ware;

Mr. C. Martin, rug;

Mr. B. Martin, duchesse set;

Mr. and Mrs. Denton (senr), flat irons;

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph, vases;

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, ferns pots;

Mr. J. Moorcroft, treasury note;

Mr. and Mrs. Horton, fruit dishes;

Mr. and Mrs. Crittenden, fruit set;

Mrs. and Mrs. Bashford, dustpan and brush;

Mr. and Mrs. Coles, fruit dish;

Mr. and Mrs. Webb, kitchen utensils and brushes;

Mr. and Mrs. Holman, bread-creek and saucepan;

Mr. and Mrs. Turner, cushions;

Mr. and Master Fancett, afternoon cloth;

Mr. and Mrs. Payne (senr), tea cosy;

Mr. and Mrs. Best, companion sets;

Mrs. Dewar, towels;

Mr. and Mrs. Mercer, bread board and knives;

Mr. J. Bend, household brushes;

Mr. and Mrs. Furninger, coal cauldron;

Miss. D. Semark, silver crescent;

Mr. and Mrs. Moorcroft, afternoon tea cloth;

Miss. Moorcroft and Mrs. Millen, silk tapestry sideboard cloth;

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hills, fluorescent cut glass dish;

Mr. and Mrs. Webb, case of carvers;

Mrs. W. Collins, tumble;

Mr. and Mrs. Baker, as requested;

Mr. and Mrs. Harris, wine glasses;

Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, pillow slips;

Mr. and Mrs. Read, bedspread;

Mr. and Mrs. Randall, kitchen utensils;

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, ????;

Miss. Hughes, jam jar;

Miss. Bell, china flower pot;

Mrs. Bell, cut glass dish;

Mr. S. Lane, biscuit barrel;

Mrs. Hollybon (senr), plates;

Mr. C. Hollibon (jun), duchess set and cream jug;

Mr. C. Pitson, glass dishes;

Mrs. Waters, jam dishes;

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carlow, aluminium saucepan;

Master. B. Carlow, aluminium kettle;

The Misses. Eileen and Joy Carlow, towels;

Fifteen Old Customers, toilet set, reversible rug and slip mats.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 12 April 1935.


The death of Mr. Martyr Wells, aged 82, of 13. Rock-road, occurred very suddenly on Saturday while he was in the "Rock Tavern."

A native of Brenchley, Mr. Wells came to Borough Green about 21 years ago and followed various trades during his life. He was at one time a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters. He leaves a widow, three daughters and a son.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 26 June 1942.

Marriage of Miss D. E. Baker. Formerly of Westerham.

The marriage took place at St. George's Church, Wrotham, on Wednesday week of Mr. Michael Augustus Adams, Newfoundland Regiment R.A., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Adams, of St. John's, Newfoundland, and Miss Dorothy Elsie Baker, only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. Baker, of the "Rock Tavern," Borough Green. The bride's family are very well known in Westerham, her father having for many years been in the service of the late Col. C. A. M. Warde, of Squerryes Court.

The Rector, Canon A. P. Pascoe, R.D., officiated, and Mr. Baker gave his daughter away. Mr. F. Gilbert Lamb was at the organ, and in addition to his own composition "Cantiline", he played "Nuptial Postlude" (C. Roberts), "Salute D'amour, (Elgar) and Mendelssohn's "Wedding March."

The brides dress was a silver brocade, we veil and orange blossom, and she carried a shower bouquet of pink roses. As Matron of Honour, Mrs. Allen Fellows, wore a dress of cyclamen taffeta with a floral headdress and carried a bouquet of sweet peas. L/Bt. A. MacGillivray (NFLD.) Regiment R.A., was best man. As the bride came out of the church she was presented with a silver horseshoe.

A reception followed at the "Pilgrims Rest," Wrotham, where some 30 guests were entertained. When Mr. and Mrs. Adams left for Boscombe, Bournemouth, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride was wearing a full costume with hat to tone. They were the recipients of numerous presents.



CHEESMAN Mary Ann 1881-91+ (age 43 in 1881Census)

RUSSELL Arthur 1901 (age 29 in 1901Census)

RANSLEY Mr C 1901+

BRETT Edna Theophilus to Sept/1907 Kent and Sussex Courier

MAXFIELD Francis Sept/1907-11+ Kent and Sussex Courier (age 48 in 1911Census)

BAKER Harry 1939-42+ (age 58 in 1939)


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