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Earliest 1851-

Rising Sun

Latest ????

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This pub is one in the list of my "Project 2014."

As such I haven't found a picture of the pub, but to date have no other information. Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

All emails are answered.


I also have reference to a pub called the "Sun" and addressed as Church Street, Lower Higham, which may well be the same as this.


Southeastern Gazette, 1 February 1853. (Higham)

Mysterious Death of Mr. Wm. Boys.

On Tuesday last this neighbourhood was thrown into a state of great excitement by the announcement that Mr. W. Boys had been discovered drowned in the Medway canal, and that suspicions were entertained of his having met with his death by unfair means. Notice having been given to the coroner, T. Hills, Esq., that gentleman immediately summoned a jury at the "Rising Sun," Higham, when the following evidence was taken.

John Scudder, coal-meter, Gravesend, deposed:- On Monday morning last, at about half-past eleven o’clock, I was walking along a place called Higham-bight, when my attention was attracted to something floating in the water close to the bank of the river Thames, which was the body of the deceased gentleman. I succeeded in getting it out, and gave notice to the Higham constable.

Isaac Armatage, the constable alluded to by the former witness, deposed that he was the person who first searched the body, and among other things discovered several papers, which were the means of leading to its identity.

John Harris, of Rochester, who had known the deceased when living, identified the body as that of Mr. W. Boys.

S. Steele, Esq , surgeon, of Strood, deposed that he had examined the body and found no marks of violence about it. The body, he said, appeared to have been in the water about a month. He had no doubt death arose from drowning.

This being the whole of the evidence, the jury, after a few words from the coroner, returned a verdict accordingly.




DARTNALL George 1851-71+ (also agricultural labourer age 59 in 1871Census)

DARTNALL Jane Mrs 1874-91

DARTNALL Robert 1891-13+ (also market gardener age 65 in 1911Census)

DARTNALL Thomas 1938+




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