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Red Lion

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Borough Green

Above photo, date unknown.

Red Lion 1906

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Red Lion

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Red Lion

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Red Lion 1950s

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Red Lion

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Red Lion

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Red Lion 1969

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Red Lion 2013

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Red Lion 2009

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Originally known as the "White Bear" the building can be traced back to 1586. I do not know yet when the name changed.

Grade II listed is the "Red Lion" dating from the Nineteenth Century, with an older plastered wing at the rear. (17th Century) The adjacent cottages are listed as Grade II. The core of these cottages is probably a framed structure from the Seventeenth Century with the facade dating from the Eighteenth Century


From the 21 February 2009


VILLAGES around Sevenoaks are in danger of losing their identity as a swathe of traditional pubs close.

In recent months half a dozen pubs have shut. This is in addition to those left empty, unloved or handed over to developers for housing.

The boarded-up "Red Lion" in Borough Green, once a thriving local hub of activity, stands mournfully alone on the street corner.


From the 22 August 2012


Red Lion 2012

A LONG-STANDING grot spot which has blighted a village for five years will be converted to eight new houses if a controversial planning application is accepted.

The former "Red Lion" pub and its acre of grounds, in Sevenoaks Road, Borough Green, was sold at auction to Empire Works Ltd on April 11, for 490,000.

The developer has now submitted a proposal to Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council to change the existing building, which has been empty since May 2007, into two homes, with six more built in the grounds.

Red Lion plans

Works will also include a construction of a new access road to the site and a roundabout to control traffic at the junction between Sevenoaks Road and Western Road.

Borough Green Parish Council chairman Mike Taylor is largely in favour of the development.

He explained: "There have been some concerns but the council supports the development as it will remove an eyesore and smarten up that part of the village.

"We will take this opportunity to press the developer to add traffic lights at the junction instead of a roundabout.

"That would give us four-way control that would regulate flow of vehicles in the whole area.

"Some people are concerned that any form of traffic control will mean vehicles stopping and starting outside their homes but it's people sitting there then speeding off when they see a space in the traffic that causes noise and pollution – if we regulate the traffic this will make it less of a problem."

But Sevenoaks Road resident Scott Millener, who lives opposite the "Red Lion," is worried about the effect the development would have on his home and the village as a whole.

He said: "Why should the developer put a blighter on neighbouring properties in order to make money?

"A roundabout might favourably alter traffic at peak times but most of the time it will just make the situation worse. Traffic lights would be worse than the roundabout – causing constantly idling traffic outside my house.

"We will have months of traffic delays and increased traffic in the village – for the small number of extra properties the development will provide the disruptions are huge.

"The developer needs to reduce the intensity of the proposed development – yes convert the pub into two homes, and put another two or three in the grounds – six is a lot and what they have to do to the road is huge."

Gurjeet Dhillon, of Empire Works Ltd, said: "The current site is an eyesore. Redevelopment will deter vandals from the site and enhance the area.

"The derelict pub and land is almost the first impression people get when entering the village so it can't be left in its current state."


I am informed that since its closure in May 2007 it has been boarded up and now in such a state of disrepair that it'll probably be demolished.

Latest news found (2017) it is now operating as private residences.


With there also being a "Red Lion" at Dunks Green, and another "Red Lion" at Plaxtol, there may be some confusion over the list of licensees at these three pubs.



STEVENS Alexander 1851-61+ (age 41 in 1851Census)

STEVENS Alexander 1858-61+ (age 57 in 1861Census)

HOOK William 1862+

DARLING William 1871-82+ (age 64 in 1881Census)

HAYWARD John 1891 Next pub licensee had (widower age 52 in 1891Census)

RADFORD Daniel 1901+ (age 33 in 1901Census)

RUSSELL Arthur 1903+ Kelly's 1903


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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