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Earliest 1841-

Red House

Latest 1958

High Street


Red House

Above photo showing the "Red House" date unknown.

Red House

Above photo showing the "Red House" just to the left of the horse and wagon, date unknown.

The house to the left had been a butchers shop, and the row of low wooden shops to the immediate right of the Red House, housed a butcher where a sign read, Enterprise Cash Meat Store, plus a hairdresser.

The delivery cart blocking the view to part of these shops belonged to William Weaver general shopkeeper of Wolsey, Laddingford. The other cart we understand belongs to Alfred Brenchley, also of Laddingford. To the right of the group of boys is a small shop and another hairdresser.


Occupying a central location in the high street, the "Red House" played an active role in village life, when these premises were one of the original beer-houses of Yalding.

The first publican on record, namely the 1841 census, was sixty year old Mary Rogers. The next known keeper to serve up his brew was Richard Waters, who at 42 had married Sarah Cheesman aged 37, on 29th January 1853. It is not known how long either of these served their local customers, but there must have been others as Richard and Sarah only appeared on the 1861 census.

In 1870 Henry Honess brought his family from Wateringbury to initially live in a cottage further up the hill, before moving down to the Red House with wife Anne and seven children. Apart from running the beer-house, Henry was a master carpenter employing at least one other man, during the almost thirty years that he served pints and crafted furniture and coffins for the locals. Two of his sons would also be village carpenters.

Red House

The "Red House" was changed when the thatch from the cottage behind was extended forward, and the two cottages merged into one, again date as yet unknown.


 In the 1920's the wooden shops in front of Randalls cottages were demolished by Colonel Borton of Cheveney when he bought them.

In front of Randalls can be seen the village gun.

Red House fire

This thatched "Red House" caught fire at midday on Whitsunday 1958, and was not rebuilt.


This was described as an Anti 1868 Beerhouse, meaning that it had first been awarded a license under the 1830 beer Act and allowed the house to continue to remain licensed by paying their annual fee without having to attend the licensing sessions, however, only beer was allowed to be sold.

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Kent Messenger and Gravesend Telegraph, Saturday 28th July, 1917.

The licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910.

Notice as to Sending in Claims to be treated as Persons Interested in Licensed Premises.

County of Kent, Western Division.

Notice is hereby given that the Compensation Authority for the above area having decided at their Principal Meeting held on 12th day of July, 1917, to refuse the Renewal of Licences of the premises specified below, all persons claiming to be interested in the said premises for the purpose of the payment of Compensation under the said act other than the Licensees and the Registered owner of the said premises are required to send to the Compensation Authority notice of their claims before the 20th day of August, 1917, for the purpose of enabling the Compensation Authority to ascertain in manner provided by the Licensing Rules, 1910, the persons entitled to Compensation on under the said Act in respect of the said premises.

Notice of claims, giving particulars of the interests claimed, should be sent to the Clerk of the Compensation Authority at this Office at the Sessions House, Maidstone.

"Red House," Yalding. Beerhouse (Ante 1869). Alexander Harris. Frederick Leney & Sons, Ltd., Wateringbury.

W.B. Prosser, Clerk of the Compensation Authority, Sessions House, Maidstone. Dated this 26th day of July, 1917.


Maidstone Telegraph Saturday 17th November 1917.

West Kent Licensing Committee. Compensation appointments.

Mr. Coles Child presided, on Thursday, at a meeting of this committee, at the Sessions House, Maidstone, the other members present being: Colonel J. M. Rogers, Colonel Grubb, Messrs C. Tuff, Joseph Barker, R Batchelor, P. Butt-Gow, S. Lee Smith, H. Hannem, W. A. Smith-Masters, J. H. Hay Rudton, H. J. Wood and G. Naylor with the Clerk (Mr. W. B. Prosser), and the Valuer (Mr. H. M. Cobb, of Higham).

It was the "supplemental" meeting for the awarding of compensation in respect of licences "referred" earlier in the year.


Referred to the Inland Revenue.

No agreements having been come to, the following licenses were referred to the Inland Revenue authorities:-

"Red House" beer house, Yalding, owners Messrs. F. Leney and Sons, tenant Mr. Alexander Harris.




ROGERS Mary 1841+ Census (aged 60)

WATERS Richard 1861+ Census

HONESS Henry 1870+

HINKLEY Sarah 1901+ (age 56 in 1901Census)

HARRIS Alexander 1917




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