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Earliest 1852-

Prince of Wales

Latest 1950s

77 West Street/Denmark Place



Most of the street was bombed out during the war, and the remaining buildings were finally demolished about the late 70's/early 80's. From 1938 onwards, the government changed a lot of street names – West Street became Westmoor Street. There doesn't seem to be houses in the street now but there is a lot of industry. The Thames Barrier is more or less at the bottom of the street. Christine Stanhope says she can remember the pub was still open in the early 50's but closed shortly after. In the late 50's, a chap called Ben May used a ground-floor room at the back of the pub for unloading pallets of tinned fruit. He used to employ some of the local women to label it and put in cardboard boxes.


From the Bells life in London and sporting Chronicle, Sunday, 24th October 1852.

Treasle and Armitage.

These Woolwich men made another deposit of 5 a side, at the "Prince of Wales," Charlton on Monday, for the scullers match, and the next of the like amount, is to be effected tomorrow (Monday,) at Mr. Ely's, Watergate.

(The scullers match would have been a rowing race on the Thames. Paul Skelton.)


Morning Advertiser, Tuesday 22 March 1864.

As Barmaid, in the County or Town Hotel, a respectable young person, well acquainted with the business good reference. G. G. "Prince of Wales," New Charlton, near Woolwich, Kent.


Woolwich Gazette and Plumstead News, Tuesday, 14 September, 1909.


A Night In a Stable.

A pathetic story was told to the Deputy Coroner (Mr. H. B. Sewell) and a Jury of which Mr. Bush was foreman, at the Cooperative Institute, Woolwich, on Tuesday morning.

The deceased was Frederick Read, aged 49, who had lived at 378, Woolwich Road, Charlton.

Alice Read, the widow, said she had recently stayed at 457, Woolwich Road, Charlton, having left her husband, who was a master cooper. Lately the deceased bad been in ill health through drink. He had drank to excess for months, leaving off the habit at intervals, but she could not say whether he ha been able to do his work. When in drink he was very quarrelsome, and knocked her about. She took out a summons against him for assault and the case ought to have been heard at the Woolwich Police Court on Thursday last. The day before he came to her and asked if she intended to take him to the court. She replied that she did and that she would go as far at the law would allow her. He then said they would never get there. Witness went to the police court and the case was adjourned, it being stated that deceased was too ill to appear. Witness did not see her husband again alive, but heard that he was lying in a stable until Saturday. He was removed from there to the infirmary, and died on Sunday. She did not go to look after him, but understood that a man was doing so.

Charles Clements, of 9, North Street, Charlton, a jobbing gardener, said deceased had being "on the booze," but not to any extent. Deceased did not eat much and it took hold on him. On Wednesday night he saw him in the "Prince of Wales," Charlton, when deceased told him he would appear to answer to the summons. Next morning he found him lying in his stable, seemingly queer from drink. Witness took him tea and toast but deceased could not eat the toast craving for water and tea. Witness wanted to telephone a doctor, but the deceased would not allow him. he stayed in the stable till Saturday, when two police officers went to see him. On Saturday he did not seem so well, and was taken to the Infirmary, after witness had called in Dr. Berry.

Dr. Boulter, head superintendent of the Infirmary, said death was from pericarditis, accelerated by drinking, and the jury returned a verdict accordingly.



RANCE John (James) W 1871-91+ (also engine fitter previously bicycle manufacturer age 29 in 1891Census)

BLAGROVE Richard 1894-95+

DAY Henry M 1896+

SULLIVAN Thomas 1901-19+ (age 34 in 1901Census)

MORRIS A Lionel 1938+


The 1901 and 1911 Census says James Walter Rance had changed profession to a local sanitary inspector.




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