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Earliest ????

Polhill Arms

Closed 2010

Polhill Road (Halstead Road 1871Census)


Polhill Arms 1900s

Above photo, circa 1900.

Polhill Arms

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent my Garth Wyver.

Polhill Arms 1923

Above photo, 1923, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Polhill Arms 1932

Above photo, circa 1932, kindly sent by Rory kehoe.

Polhill Arms 2008

Above photo 2008 by Ian Capper, Creative Commons Licence.

Polhill Arms sign 1960sPolhill Arms sign 1992

Above sign left, 1960s, sign right June 1992 with thanks from Brian Curtis

Polhill Arms 2011

Above showing the pub closed in 2011.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 27 June 1843.


The licences to the "Polhill Arms," Shoreham, (Halstead) & to the "Warde Arms," Westerham, were respectively transferred to Mr W Bine & Mr Joel Cloud.


From the South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 3 December, 1861.


Mrs. Sarah Goldsmith, of the "Pollhill Arms" public house, Shoreham, for eight unstamped measures (all correct), fined 2s. 6d. and 10s. costs.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, Friday 5 September 1879.

The Annual Brewster Sessions.

Mr William Cowlard, who keeps the "Polhill Arms," Shoreham, was charged, on the 27th Jan. with larceny, but the case was dismissed on a legal point; in other respects the house had been well conducted. In this case Supt Okill had served the statutory notice of his intention to oppose the renewal of the licenses.

The Polhill Arms, Shoreham.—

Mr. Anstey Wild, of the firm of Wild, Brown, and Wild, solicitors, of Ironmonger-lane, London, appeared for Mr. Cowland, to apply for a renewal of the license of the "Polhill Arms," Shoreham, notice of objection having been given by the Superintendent. He said that in the report it was stated that the case against his client was dismissed on a legal point. The case was not dismissed on a legal point, and the Superintendent well knew it, and that his client had a right to deal with these boards. Then he could take a second objection that the notice was not served within the time prescribed by the Act.

Supt Okill said that he could prove that the notice was served last Saturday.

Mr. Wild said that he should not take the technical objection. The notice was only dated the 23rd August, and the Act required that seven clear days’ notice should be given, and it was now only the 29th.

Supt. Okill said that if the objection was pressed he should have to apply for the case to be adjourned till the adjourned licensing day.
Mr. Wild said that he should prefer having the case heard by the Bench at once, to see how this man had acted towards his client.

The Chairman said that in this case, as this statutory notice was not given within the proper time, the license would be granted as usual.

Mr. Wild said that he was much obliged for the decision of the Bench, but still he wished to put Mr. Cowland right in the eyes of the world round about here in this matter.

The Chairman said that they did not wish to hear it. The case was dismissed on a previous occasion when it was here. They had better let the matter rest where it was, and the license would be renewed in the usual way.

The subject then dropped.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 05 November 1926.


At "Polhill Arms," Shoreham, Kent, on Wednesday November 17th, at 2 p.m. About 20 acres of Ash plantation.

Mr. H. Blundell, Oxford Lane, Halstead, will show the lots.


From the Anchor, (house magazine for Barclay, Perkins Anchor Brewery Volume XIV, No.7 July 1934.

Polhill Arms, Halstead.

Tenant Wins With Vintage Car.

Polhill Arms licensees car 1934

Mr. F C White, tenant of Messrs. Style & Winch at the "Polhill Arms," Halstead, Kent, owns this 1904 White steam car, with which he won the recent hill climbing test for cars over 30 years of age, recently organised by the Veteran Car Club.

Mr. White holds one of the first driving licences ever issued in France, a great distinction in that country and one recognised with respect by the gendarmerie. He has also held a licence for Belgium for many years.


Many of the census reports address this as in Shoreham, and this pub I have also seen identified as the "Pothill Arms". Expect that was a spelling mistake or smudge on the l making it look like a "t".

I have been informed in October 2014 by Brian Bezzant that the pub has now been converted into a residential house. He also says that about 48 years ago and he can remember it having a double-sided fire that heated two bars.

Further information from David Scott says that around 1955-56 he can remember the then landlord had a Stanley steam car which he kept out the back.



BOWELL Charles 1841+ (age 40 in 1841Census)

BINE W Mr June/1843+

MITCHELL William 1847-58+ (age 32 in 1851Census)

GOLDSMITH Sara 1861-71+ (widow age 52 in 1861Census)

MITCHEL William 1871+ (age 32 in 1871Census)

COWLAND William 1879+

MANDER Charles 1881+ (age 31 in 1881Census)

COWLAND Walter 1882+

PAICE John W 1891+ (age 35 in 1891Census)

JOHNSTON/THURSTON Samuel Thomas 1899-01+ (age 50 in 1901Census)

JOHNSTON William 1901+ (age 50 in 1901Census)

THOMAS Samuel to June/1902 Sevenoaks Chronicle

WISE Samuel Henry June/1902-03+ Sevenoaks ChronicleKelly's 1903

WISE Harriet Mrs 1911-13+ (widow age 60 in 1911Census)

WHITE Frederick C 1934+



Sevenoaks ChronicleSevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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