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Earliest 1654

Plough and Harrow

Closed 2018

Oad Street


Plough and Harrow 2018

Above photo 2018.

Plough and Harrow inside 2013

Above photo, 17 December 2013, kindly taken and sent by Terry Davis.

Plough and Harrow bar 2014

Above photo, 3 January 2014, kindly taken and sent by Terry Davis.

Local Terry Davis 2014

Above photo, 3 January 2014, kindly taken and sent by Terry Davis.

Plough and Harrow price list 1971

Above price list 1971, kindly supplied by Terry Davis.


Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just added this pub to that list but your help is definitely needed regarding it's history.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Terry Davis tells me the following:- "The pub was purchased by a Russian oligarch in 2013 (I think).

They closed it down for 9 months in 2014 and gutted it. They refurbished but basically ruined the pub and it never got back the great pub it was.

It did in fact close bur reopened as a Greek restaurant but that wasn’t very successful and I think the guy renting went bust, I think it’s now run by one of the chefs.

I am informed that of August 2018 the pub was under sale for an asking price of 70,000.


From the By Charlie Harman, 20 November 2018.

Fire at Plough and Harrow Greek Taverna on Oad Street, Borden, causes cancellations.

A popular eatery specialising in Cypriot and Greek cuisine has been forced to cancel bookings after a fire ripped through the building.

The blaze started in the Plough & Harrow Greek Taverna's kitchen before spreading to its pitched roof, with four fire engines attending the scene from about 2.46pm this afternoon.

As part of their successful bid to control the flames, the fire crews cut away parts of the roof to access and extinguish the fire, and damp down hotspots.

Plough and Harrow 2018

The Plough and Harrow Taverna will only close for a couple of days.

Oad Street in Borden, where the inferno took place, was closed as the emergency service personnel worked to save the public house.

The fire was extinguished at 3.41pm and caused no casualties.

Lenny Beeching, who co-launched the eatery last year, has had to cancel some bookings as they are set to be closed for a couple of days.

He said: "The main damage is to the extraction fan and ducting, the restaurant's absolutely fine.

"We don't know exactly what happened, all we know is it went through the extractor and burnt the roof.

"No one got hurt which is the main thing. The kitchen was evacuated immediately, the fire alarm went off perfectly and everyone left the building as we're supposed to.

"The fire brigade got here within ten minutes and did their job brilliantly.

"The main thing is that everyone got out safely."



HADLOW Mary 1871+ (age 42 in 1871Census)

COLCHIN Herbert J 1881+ (age 25 in 1881Census)

CLARK John 1901+ (age 34 in 1901Census)

PEARCE Alfred E 1938+




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