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Earliest 1623

Pilot Inn

Open 2019+

East Bay (Battery Road)


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Pilot Inn

Above photo, date unknown.

Pilot Inn 1969

Above postcard circa 1969.

Pilot 2010

Above photo 2010 by P L Chadwick Creative Commons Licence.

Pilot 2017

Above photo, 2017.

Pilot sign 1990

Above sign 1990.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Above map taken circa 1945 during Operation Pluto.

Pilot Inn map 2018

Similar map from Google 2018 showing the "Pilot Inn" is a slightly different place.


The "Pilot" was built in 1623, and in 1644 three Spanish frigates were lured on to the shingle beach nearby. Their crews were brutally murdered, the ships looted, and the hull of one of them was installed as a ceiling for what was later the saloon bar of the pub.


Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald, Saturday 03 June 1933.

Fatal sting of fish. Dungeness fishing man's sad death.

We regret to record the death on the peculiarly tragic circumstances of Mr. William Robert Tart, of the "Pilot Inn," Dungeness, who died at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, early on Thursday morning.

Mr. Chart, who was 39, was mackerel fishing about a fortnight ago when he was stung by a weaver fish when hauling in the nets. When he arrived home he treated the sting, and the next day it appeared to be going on all right. Later, however, the sting became swollen, and after consulting a doctor Mr. Tart was removed to the Folkestone hospital on Monday. Everything possible was done for him, but his condition became worse and he died in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Mr. Tart was a second son of Mr. I. B. Tart, and the late Mrs. Tart, of the "Pilot Inn, Dungeness.

He has followed the calling of a fisherman since he left school when he was 14. He was to have been married shortly.

Mrs. D. Oiller, of Dungeness, a sister of Mr. Tart, told the Herald that there was no doubt her brother's death was caused by the sting of the fish.

"My husband was stung some years ago and he suffered a very bad arm.

"I have no recollection of my brother having been stung before.

An inquest.

The facts concerning Mr. Tart's sad death have been reported in the Folkestone Coroner, and an inquest will be held at the Town Hall, Folkestone, this (Saturday) morning at 11 o'clock.

The weaver fish has sharp dorsal spines with which they can inflict a painful wound. It is held that the spines are not in themselves containers of poison, but they have a covering of slime which causes the wound inflicted by the spine to fester. The wound bears some similarity to that inflicted by the tail spine of the sting-ray.

Weavers are scavenger fish and prey on mackerel.

Weaver fish



HERRING John 1841-81+ (age 77 in 1881Census)

HERRING John 1891+ (age 59 in 1891Census)

TART Isaac B 1899-1903+ (also fisherman age 45 in 1901Census)

TART Ellen Elizabeth Mrs 1911-22+ (widow age 52 in 1911Census)

TART Alfred I 1930+ (son age 30 in 1921)

BROWNE William J 1938+




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