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Earliest 1850s+

Old House at Home

Open 2020+

1 High Street


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Old House at Home

Above postcard date unknown, with kind permission from Eric Hartland.

Old House at Home

Above postcard, circa 1900, kindly sent by Debi Birkin. Showing the original pub, rebuilt in 1915, and the "Castle Inn" a few doors away.

Old Housr At Home 1902

Above postcard, circa 1902, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. In the livery of the alliterative Budden & Biggs' Brewery, whose Body-Building Beverages were brewed at the Steam Brewery in Strood, until being taken over and closed by Ind, Coope in 1931. The "Castle Inn" is also in shot, a couple of doors down from the Old House at Home

Old House at Home 1900

Above photo, circa 1900, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Old House at Home 1950

Above photo, circa 1950.

Old House at Home 1950

Above postcard, 1950. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Also showing the "Castle" and "Flying Dutchman."

Old House at Home 1997

Above photo 1997.

Old House at Home 2013

Above photo 2013 by Nigel Cox Creative Commons Licence.

Old House at Home card 1970

Above card 1970.

Old House at Home sign 1991Old House at Home sign 2017

Above sign left , April 1991. Sign right, 2017 by June Etherington.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


The original pub was operating in the mid 19th century.

The "Old House at Home" public house was rebuilt in 1915 by brewers Messrs Budden and Biggs to serve soldiers and retained workers who were barred from enlistment.

Ind Coope & Co Ltd purchased the pub from Budden & Biggs Brewery Ltd by conveyance and assignment dated 23 March 1931. The pub held a full license.


Hull Daily Mail 31 January 1949.


Recently, in the "look-back" of 50 years ago, I drew attention to the tragedy at the "Full Measure" public-house, Wilmington, in which the licensee Mrs Houldershaw and her daughter perished, while three children jumped from a bedroom window.

Of those three, Bert, who was on holiday from Thorne Grammar School, died from burns and shock two days later.

Mr. Sydney Houldershaw, now of the "Old House at Home," Queenborough, Kent writes me that he and his sister Blanch were the other two, and they were both severely burnt and still carry the scars. He was 11 and she was a few years older and the events stand out very vividly in their memories.


A few months later, he went to live with his mother's brother, since dead, and has been on the Isle of Sheppy ever since. His sister, now retired, is living within two miles of him, after 32 years in employment in London.

Their friend, Miss F. Morfitt, of 136, James Reckitt-ave., who sent them the Hull Daily Mail containing the "look-back," helped to get them out on that night, and was largely instrumental in saving both their lives.



FROST John 1855-61+ (age 54 in 1861Census)

GRIFFIN Frederick 1871-1911+ (age 50 in 1891Census) Kelly's 1903

MASON George E 1934-39+ (age 61 in 1938)

RUTHVEN Bill & Dorothy 1970+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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