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Earliest 1981 (Name from)

Old Eden

Open 2023+

121 High Street


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Old Eden

Above photo from

Old Eden 2022

Above photo 2022.

Old Eden sign 1993

Sign above, June 1993.

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The pub was originally called the "Old House at Home" but changed name in 1981.


From their web site at:-

History of the Old Eden.

The original building was constructed at the latter end of the 15th Century as a small Kentish Wealden Hall House with a central room open to the roof and an open fire for heating and cooking.

The 'pineapple' brick fireplaces in the centre and at the southern end of the pub were added in the 16th Century when the hall house was converted into four cottages. Other original features that still exist from this period are the moulded beam and door head at the left hand end of the bar. The big flat wall joists typical of medieval houses can still be seen in the restaurant.

The end cottage to the north of the building was converted to a modest beer house in 1865 with the addition of a cross wing and named the "Old House at Home."

The pub remained a beer house to 1937 when a wine license was acquired. A full license was granted in 1949 when the net monopoly value of 725 was paid.

In 1981 the two adjacent cottages were incorporated into the pub with the third cottage being demolished to make way for the car park. This is when the name changed to the "Old Eden."

The River Eden has been prone to flooding and at the left hand end of the bar is a marker and photograph indicating the flood level in September 1968. 1.825 metres or 6' 1" in old English!


From the By David Gazet, 5 June 2017.

Edenbridge: Police appeal after attack outside The Old Eden Pub in High Street.

Police have arrested two men after an assault which left two people with cuts and broken bones in Edenbridge.

The attacked happened on Sunday, May 21 Opposed the "Old Eden" Pub in High Street around 5.30pm.

Two men drove a vehicle towards another man. The duo got out of the car and then started to attack him. They also assaulted a woman who knew the victim.

Police were called to the incident.

The man was treated in hospital for multiple broken bones as well as cuts and bruises and the woman was also treated for bruising to her face and a cut on her foot.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident and believe there would have been a number of people who saw the attack due to it being opposite a local pub.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Kent Police appeal line on 01622 604100 quoting crime reference YY/013215/17.

Alternatively, contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


From the 16 March 2021.

Edenbridge pub 'structurally at risk' after car crash.

Old Eden crash 2021

A "significant" amount of damage was caused by the crash.

A 16th century pub has been left "structurally at risk" after it was hit by a car, the landlord said.

Brickwork was left strewn along the road outside the Old Eden in Edenbridge, Kent, after the crash at about 21:30 GMT on Sunday.

Publican Roger Bell said a Land Rover Discovery had been driven to a nearby car park and set on fire.

He said the pavement outside the pub had been closed because the front of the building could collapse.

Cars on fire

Two cars were found on fire about 600 metres from the damaged pub.

Mr Bell said he hoped repairs could be completed before pubs reopen indoors in May, but said works "can take a little bit of time" because the building is Grade II listed.

The crash caused a "significant" amount of damage, he said, adding: "It's actually taken all the brick work away and exposed the really old 16th century woodwork behind it."

"It's a shame. It's a historic building and we need to sort it out."

Burnt out cars

Two cars were destroyed by fire in Mill Hill.

Mr Bell said it would not affect plans to reopen the pub's garden on 12 April, when lockdown restrictions are due to ease.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service said it was called to reports of two vehicles on fire in Mill Hill shortly before 22:00.

It said no-one was injured and the cause of the fire is not yet known.

Kent Police said the fire was being "treated as suspicious and is being linked to the earlier collision".


From the By Secret Drinker, 16 December 2022.

Secret Drinker reviews the Old Eden pub in Edenbridge High Street.

It was a case of bad news and good news as I went in search of a drinker’s paradise on Edenbridge High Street.

First the bad news, the "King & Queen" has closed permanently with a planning notice in the window to confirm it will become three new dwellings – a Halloween disco was still advertised on a chalkboard so I presume it bolted its doors fairly recently.

I faced further disappointment down the road as I passed the closed sign informing me the town’s first micro pub, the "Secret Cask," doesn’t open until 4pm.

But, the good news is, after just a few hundred yards more I arrived at Eden, or more accurately, the Old Eden.

Walking to the bottom of the high street and over the River Eden this wonderful 15th century building hoves into view and was far too inviting to ignore.

You can’t fail to be intrigued as you approach this 15th century building but it’s even more impressive inside with a full-height ceiling at one end, roaring fires and beams wherever you look.

I took a seat by the fire on the left, in front of the pool table, and, this being Eden, started with a pint of Holy Grail.

This tribute to the boys from Monty Python was created by the Black Sheep Brewery in 1999 to commemorate 30 years of the legendary comedy team.

Old Eden bar 2022

The bar at the Old Eden was lined with tall, dark brown wooden stools which are favoured by locals during the day.

The ale is still going strong 23 years later, though unfortunately the light golden beer itself doesn’t have much strength to it. Weakly carbonated, without much flavour, this isn’t a pint I’d rush back to, which is a shame as I’d become settled in front of the open fire.

Instead I moved across to join locals sitting on stools at the copper covered bar and, ignoring the invitation to sample ‘free water’ from the bottle at the end, I took barmaid Kym’s advice to play it safe with a Stella.

It was the day of the Christmas quiz and there was a flurry of activity in this family-run free house to be ready for the evening session.

Old Eden pool table 2022

As you walk in there is a pool table on the left hand side of the pub at the back.

Old Eden inside 2022

This step down to the bar uses the straightforward warning ‘Mind your head’, other low beams opt for the more olde-worlde warning of ‘Duck or Grouse’.

There had also been a lunchtime festive party on the mezzanine floor and, as the revellers had now departed, Kym was busy clearing up. Chairs from upstairs were required for the quiz tables so I did the decent thing and helped carry them down – aptly M People’s Moving On Up joined the playlist.

Having done my good deed I returned to the bar where landlady Linda was busy setting up tables and taking calls from folk cancelling at the last minute or quiz captains wanting to add an extra player to their team.

When you witness it at first hand you realise just how challenging it is to make sure such wonderful pubs not only survive, but thrive.

Old Eden stairs 2022

A view back down to the bar from the mezzanine floor on the right hand side of the pub.

Old Eden restaurant 2022

The revellers who’d enjoyed their Christmas lunch had just departed and the barmaid was keen to get the area cleared before the end of her shift.

After popping out to buy a packet of fags (to repay Kym for all those he cadged) the landlord added a few more logs and I complimented him on his fire stoking. Candidly he admitted keeping two fires roaring had nothing to do with maintaining warmth and everything to do with creating the ambient atmosphere required to lure people in.

So, when Oasis’ wonderful track Wonderwall ended and some nonsense from Phil Collins began playing, I respectfully suggested that if ambience is so important he should review his musical selections!

I took a toilet break to avoid the Easy Lover and am pleased to report the gents is far more modern than anywhere else here – fresh and well-maintained, the facilities are looked after equally as well as everywhere else.

Old Eden fire 2022

To the left and to the right, there were two open fires blazing at the Old Eden.

When I returned, barmaid Amber had started her shift following Kym’s departure and her outfit was being assessed by Linda and the locals sitting in central position at the bar.

Already wearing a Yo, Ho, Ho dress, she had also tied tinsel in her hair but Linda assured her she had a Christmas hat upstairs that would complete the look.

We all know it takes more than Christmas decorations, strings of horse brasses, blazing fires and ‘Duck or Grouse’ signs to create a great pub.

The key to success is the relationship created between bosses, their staff and the all-important regulars – and, the signs here are that they’ve got this right.

Hopefully the Christmas quiz was a great success and all the contestants were comfortably seated, but for any fact fans who missed it, the End of Year Quiz is on December 29.

Old Eden garden 2022

At the back of the pub there is a good sized garden with plenty of picnic tables and there’s also a decent sized covered area.

Old Eden gents 2022

The rest of the pub might be centuries old but the gents have had a makeover fairly recently.

Old Eden carpark sign 2022

Obviously keen to avoid customers being caught out and receive a parking charge unnecessarily these warning cards were placed on every table.

Old Eden water

There is serve-yourself water available on the bar but I opted for another proper pint.



BELL Roger 2021+


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