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Northfield House

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Penshurst Road


Northfield House

Above postcard, date unknown.

Northfield House

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Northfield House 2014

Above photo 2014.

Northfield House sign 1986

Above sign, May 1986.

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One time Charrington tied and later a free house.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier. 5 September 1873. Price 1d.


In the case of Jesse Card, beerhouse-keeper, of Speldhurst, the Chairman remarked that, although there was no conviction, complaints had been made against the way in which applicant's house was conducted, and he himself received complaints from ratepayers on the same subject. He advised Mr. Card to be very careful in future, for if there was another complaint his license might be taken away.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 26 August 1874.

Speldhurst. Refusing to Leave Licensed Premises.

William Card was summoned by Jesse Card, for being drunk and being guilty of disorderly conduct, and refusing to leave certain licensed premises, at Speldhurst, occupied by Jesse Card, on the 15th inst.

There was a second charge for the 16th inst.

Complainant said he kept the "Northfield" beer house, near the Speldhurst Church, and on the night of Saturday, 15th August, about 8 o'clock, the defendant came in and was served with beer. He refused to seat himself, and wondered about the house. He swore, and behaved himself in the most disorderly manner.

The Chairman:- What had the defendant to drink?

Witness:- Two pints of beer.

The Chairman:- And he was drunk?

Mr. Alexander to witness:- And you continue to supply him with beer after he was drunk?

Witness:- He was not so drunk that he did not know what he was doing.

The Clerk (T. F. Simpson Esq.):- He was not drunk enough? (A laugh.)

The Witness continued that he requested him to leave the house at about 10 o'clock, as he would not be quiet, and he put him out of the house. Defendants stripped, and wanted to fight him (complainant). He came into the house, and he put him out again.

Cross-examined by defendant:- You were drunk. You said you would not go out, and would see me ______ first.

Amos Tobitt gave corroborative evidence, and said that the defendant's conduct was very bad, and the language he used most insulting and disgusting.

Defendant denied the charge, and complained that the complainant and the witness Tobitt assaulted him.

In support of the second case, Mr. Card said that the defendant came to the house on the following day (Sunday), about 1 o'clock, and he was then drunk. He behaved in a most disorderly manner, and refused to leave the premises when requested to do so, and it became necessary to remove him.

Defendant denied this charge also, saying that he was not drunk, and that he was greatly ill-used by the complainant and Tobitt.

Sergeant Fry said the defendant was convicted a few months since for a similar offence at Sevenoaks.

The Bench fined the defendant 5s. in each case, and the cost 10s. in each case, or in default of payment 14 days' imprisonment in each case.

Defendant's wife paid the money.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 11 February, 1880.


At the Tunbridge Wells Petty Sessions, on Monday, temporary authority was given to David Tobin (from Jesse Card) to carry on the business of an out door beerhouse at Northfield House, Speldhurst.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 11 February 1949.


"Northfield House" was granted a full licence at Tunbridge Wells on Friday. The house was already licensed for beer, cider and wine, and the application was backed by a petition with signatures. Evidence was given to the licensing justice's by Edward Archer.




CARD Jesse 1873-Feb/80 (grocer and draper age 52 in 1881Census)

TOBIN David Feb/1880-81+ (only grocer age 34 in 1881Census)





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