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Earliest 1871-

Mackland Arms

Open 2020+

213 Station Road


01634 232178

Mackland Arms outing 1936

Above photo, 1936, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Parker, licensees, looking out from the left-hand window.

Mackland Arms 2006

Above photo 2006 by Penny Mayes Creative Commons Licence.

Mackland Arms 2015

Above photo, 2015, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Macland Arms 2021

Above photo, August 2021, kindly taken and sent by Maggie Francis.

Macland Arms 2021

Above photo, August 2021, kindly taken and sent by Maggie Francis.

Mackland Arms sign 1992Mackland Arms sign 2006

Above sign left, June 1992, sign right, 2010.

Thanks from Brian Curtis

Macland Arms sign 2019Mackland Arms sign 2020

Above sign left 2019, sign right, 2020, kindly taken and sent by Roger Pester.


Outside the Mackland Arms in 1982 The “Rocket” participating in the annual Station Road charity Bed race. Themed carts would race from the "White Horse" down to the "Angel" with a halfway break at the Mackland Arms. Photo copyright Trish Vinten & Margaret Daniels


This premises provided rooms for the Sick and Benefit Society, which was probably an early form of insurance for those who could not work due to illness or to help a wife and family where a husband had died or was unable to work.



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