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Earliest 1828-

Lower Red Lion

Latest Nov 1919

Herne Street


Lower Red Lion 1896

Above postcard, circa 1896, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1900

Above photo, 1900, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion

Above postcard, date unknown.

Lower Lion Inn 1900

Above photo circa 1900. Notice the name is just the "Lower Lion Inn." The building on the left with the bicycle leaning on the wall I believe is the "Upper Red Lion."

Lower Red Lion 1900

Above postcard, circa 1900, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1906

Above postcard, 1906, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1906

Coloured version of above postcard, 1906. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1906

Above postcard, 1906, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1910

Above photo, 1910, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1911

Above photo, 22nd June 1911, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 1914

Above postcard, date 1914.

Red Lions 1914

Above postcard, circa 1914.

Lower Red Lion

Above postcard, date unknown. The "Upper Red Lion" is situated just out of the picture on the left, before you get to the "Lower Red Lion" shown on the left of the above picture.

Lower Red Lion Inn

Above postcard, date unknown kindly sent by Peter Moynahan.

Identical coloured card shown below.

Lower Lion Inn


Kentish Gazette, 30 November 1847.


Brown:- Nov. 16, at the "Lower Red Lion," Herne, Thomas, son of Mr. John Brown, landlord of the above house.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 29th January 1870


On Monday last James Stone, of Herne Street, appeared before Captain Slarke, in answer to a summons charging him with being disorderly in the "Red Lion" public house, and with refusing to quit when requested to do so by John Stannard, the landlord, and by P. S. Gower, on the 15th inst. He was ordered to pay a fine of 5s. and 5s. 6d. costs, or be imprisoned for fourteen days with hard labour, in St. Augustine's Gaol.


Kentish Gazette, 4 January 1876.


A frightful accident occurred in Herne Street, on Tuesday evening last, by which a woman named Mary Ann Stringer, 53 years of age, the wife of Edward Stringer, wheelwright, lost her life. It appears that she was walking down the street in the middle of the road, and just behind her was Mr. T. Sayer's omnibus, which runs daily between Herne Bay and Canterbury. The woman is stated to have been the worse for drink, and a man named Stone warned her to keep out of the road. Of this warning, however, it would seem she took no heed, as shortly afterwards she was knocked down by the omnibus, and injured to such an extent that she dies in less than an hour afterwards.

An inquest was held before Mr. Coroner Delasaux, on Wednesday, when the following evidence was adduced:-

Frank Jezzard, of Herne, labourer, said:- Last evening I was at the "Red Lion" and saw the deceased leave the house. I followed her on my way home to tea, and stopped and spoke to her. She said she was going home. I then saw a light, and called out to her, "Old woman, look out; you will get run over," and she made a reply, but what she said I did not hear. Almost immediately the omnibus of Thomas Sayer, driven by himself, passed, and either the vehicle or the horse knocked the deceased down. Sayer was driving very slowly, and I am satisfied it was an accident. It happened opposite the vicarage.

Mr. John Bowes, surgeon, Herne Bay, said:- I was sent for last evening about 7 o'clock to attend the deceased, whom I found dead. I carefully examined the body externally, and found the right shoulder much bruised, the left side of the chest crushed, several small ribs broken, and other injuries. I have no doubt they were all produced by the wheel of an omnibus passing over the body.

The jury returned a verdict "That the deceased was accidentally killed by the wheels of an omnibus passing over her body."


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 2 August 1879.


We understand that arrangements have been made for the renewal of these sports, on the 13th inst. when some well contested races may be anticipated amongst the local celebrities in the display of their muscular power and celerity. Mr. Stannard, of the "Lower Red Lion," Herne Street, has kindly consented to place an excellent enclosure at Sea Street under the control of Messrs. Robarts and others for the purpose. Particulars of the races will be duly announced in our next issue.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 2 March 1907.


The police and also the Magistrates objected to the renewal of the licence.

Mr. R. M. Mercer appeared for the brewers, Messrs. Flint and Co. of Canterbury.

Superintendent Jacobs said objection to the house was because there was a gateway from a private house into the yard.

Mr. Mercer said he believed it was a right of way, but Messrs. Flint would endeavour to close it up if their Worships would let the matter stand over for another year.

The Chairman said the Magistrates would agree to that course as regarded the police objection.

The objection of the Magistrates was then gone into.

Superintendent Jacobs said the tenant was Frederick G. Gray, and the rent was 24. The rates amounted to 8 17s. 4d., and the rateable value was 45. There was a roadside agricultural trade done at the house. The licensee depended on the house for his living. Since 1898 there had been five transfers, during the past four years there having been a transfer every year.

Mr. Mercer—The present tenant has been in the house five months.

Superintendent Jacobs stated that the house was thirty-nine yards from the “Upper Red Lion,” another fully licensed house, and the “Prince Albert” was about the same distance from the “Upper Red Lion.” The house was bad for police supervision owing to the private gateway. He did not think many people used the house, and he should say only a small trade was done.

In reply to Mr. Mercer, the Superintendent admitted that in 1905 very considerable alterations were made to the house. The premises were enlarged by the consent of the magistrates.

Mr. Mercer—When it was proposed to enlarge this house did you suggest that there were more then sufficient public houses in the neighbourhood?

Superintendent Jacobs—No.

Did the house want enlarging?

Not In my opinion.

You did not say then that there were too many licensed houses?

I was asked nothing and I said nothing.

But you thought the more? (Laughter.)

Yes, I did.

Mr. Mercer pointed out that the “Lower Red Lion” was the oldest inn in Herne street, and that in 1905 the magistrates actually allowed the house to be practically re-built. He (Mr. Mercer) had in his hand a letter from Mr. Daubeney, the Vicar, stating that he had noticed a very marked improvement in the house since Mr. Gray had been there. He also stated that he should be sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs. Gray as their influence in the parish was all for good. Passing on, Mr. Mercer said the trade of the house was an increasing one.


After considering the evidence in private for some time, the Chairman announced that the decision of the Bench was that the following houses should be reported to Quarter Sessions for the licences to be taken away on the grounds that they were not required The “Queen’s Head,” Herne Bay; the “Rose and Crown,” Herne Bay; the “Lower Red Lion,” Herne; and the “Sportsman,” Sturry.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 13 February, 1909.


The annual report of Superintendent Heard was read, which was as follows:—


The case which was pending at the last annual licensing meeting against the licensee of the "Lower Red Lion," Herne, F. G. Gray, who was summoned for permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises, was dismissed.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 29 November 1919.


At the supplemental meeting of East Kent Compensation Authority held at Canterbury last week, under the presidency of Lord Harris, the amounts awarded by the Committee's valuer (Mr. Cobb) were apportioned among owner and tenants, as follows:—

"Lower Red Lion," Herne, 1,283 (owners, Messrs. Flint and Co., 1,086 1s.; tenant, Albert E. Kennett, 196 19s.)


Lower Red Lion 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Lower Red Lion 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.



BROWN John 1838-55+

HARRISON George 1858-62+ (also cordwainer age 48 in 1861Census)

STANNARD John 1870-79+ (age 30 in 1871Census)

PHILPOTT Henry 1881-87+ (age 36 in 1881Census)

HOLNESS John 1889-91+ (age 46 in 1891Census)

REID Edmund John James 1898+

RALPH James Henry 1899-1903 Kelly's 1903

HOLNESS John 1903+

GRAY F G 1908-09+

SCOTT Maud Anne to Sept/1910 Whitstable Times

BISHOP John Mills Sept/1910-17+ (age 44 in 1911Census) Whitstable Times

KENNETT Albert Edward 1922+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald


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