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Earliest 1828-

King's Head

Latest ????

Milkhouse Street


King's Head 1910

Above photo, 1910, kindly sent by Rory Keyhoe.

King's Head 1920

Above photo, circa 1920.

Kings Head

Above photo, circa 1920s.

King's Head 2009

Above Google image, April 2009.

King's Head 2009

Above Google image, April 2009.


South Eastern Gazette 08 February 1853.


A man named Richard Austen, who was recently charged at Cranbrook with robbing the till of the public-house at Milkhouse-street of 10s., (probably the "King's Head") and who was afterwards at the same house when a watch was stolen from one of the bed-rooms; and was also at the "Zebra" beer-house, Maidstone, when Mr. Barnes, the landlord, was robbed during last Maidstone fair of from 4 to 5 in cash, out of a bed-room,—was discovered, on Wednesday night last, under very suspicious circumstances, on the premises of Mr. Dann, brazier and coppersmith, High-street, Maid-stone, which he had entered by getting over a high wall with a ladder. It was believed that he had intended to rob the premises, but being found there, after much prevarication he stated that he was on his way to Mr. Barnes's stable, where he said he had leave to sleep. He was left in the custody of one person, whilst another went to inquire into the truth of the story, but he extricated himself from the grasp of his retainer, and "bolted" into the Fair Meadow. The police have since been on the alert to discover him, but unfortunately without success.


Southeastern Gazette, 6 September 1853.

CRANBROOK. Petty Sessions.

Thursday. (Before T. L. Hodges, Esq., C. T. Pattenson, Esq., G. R. Stevenson, Esq., the Rev. F. Barrow, and the Rev. J. Deedes).

Annual Licensing Day.

Licenses were renewed to the several innkeepers in this division, the only complaint made being against Thomas Bridgland, the landlord of the "King’s Head Inn," Sissinghurst, for allowing youths to congregate at a late hour in his house.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Saturday 09 May 1857.

The license of the "King's Head Inn," Sissinghurst, was transferred from Thomas Brideland to Mr. Alfred Moss.

Quart pewter pot DRQuart pewter pot RM

Above photo showing Quart pewter pot with initials DR (D Rofe 1861-86) on side and RM (R Masters 1828-32) on the other. Kindly sent by Don Foster.

Pint pewter pit DRPint pewter pot RM

Above photo showing Pint pewter pot with initials DR (D Rofe 1861-86) on side and RM (R Masters 1828-32) on the other. Kindly sent by Don Foster.

King's Head matchbox 1940s

Photos showing front above and rear, below of match box, circa 1940.

King's Head matchbox 1940s



MASTERS Robert 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

MASTERS Richard 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BROOK Louisa 1841+ (age 35 in 1841Census)

MOOR James 1851+ (also cordwainer age 53 in 1851Census)

BRIDGLAND Thomas 1853-May/57

MOSS Alfred May/1857-58+

ROFE Decimus Jesse 1861-13/Nov/86 dec'd (age 54 in 1861Census)

LARKIN Arthur 1891+ (age 40 in 1891Census)

MORTON Robert 1901-03+ (age 41 in 1891Census) Kelly's 1903

WAGHORNE Thomas Richard 1911-22+ (age 34 in 1911Census)

WAGHORNE Kate Alice Mrs 1930+

BEAL Charles 1938+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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