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Earliest 1841-

King's Head

Latest 1986/7

Chartham Green


Kings Head 1900

Above pub circa 1900, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Head 1935

Above postcard circa 1935, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Head 1954

Above photo 1954, kindly sent by Tim Timpson.

Former King's Head 2013

Above picture showing the former "King's Head".

Former King's Head 2020

Above photo circa 2020.

Chartham map 1896

Above OS map 1896.

Chartham map 1896

Above OS map 1896.


Originally built as a farmhouse at least 500 years ago.

The pub closed around about 1986 or 1987. The customers were mainly from the paper mill and when they created their own social club about the same time, and they couldn't compete with the lower prices and also those from the convenience store opposite the village green.

The building has been converted into two dwellings


Kentish Gazette, 19 April 1853.


Saturday, April 16.

(Present Edward Forn, Esq., (chairman) Wm. Delmar, Esq., ---- Slarke, Esq., and ---- Percival, Esq.)


An engine-driver, at work at Chartham, was charged with assaulting the landlord of the "King's Head," at that place. He had been in the house from half past 8 until 12 on the morning of Saturday week, and had assaulted several persons; at length, the landlord refused to draw him any more drink, when the defendant violently assaulted him.

Order to pay a fine of 10s., and 10s. Costs.

The disturbance was of such a nature, that Superintendent Walker was sent for, the parish Constable being absent, - but it had ceased before his arrival.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 01 May 1855.

Caution to publican's.

John Coleman, of the "Kings Head," Chartham, appeared on the information of Superintendent Walker, to answer a charge of unlawfully suffering certain gaming on his premise, with skittles, on the 14th April. The Superintendent deposed to the fact of seeing skittle playing on the occasion in question; and of his asking George Lawrence, one of the players, whether they were playing for 1 a side? To which he replied "for beet only." Having called in the defendant he admitted the same thing, and added, that no one could stop it. Lawrence, who was examined, declared that he was so drunk at the time as not to know what he stated to the Superintendent; and Mr. Walker tried to elicit from him a subsequent admission, that he had made on the 24th, that the party were playing for beer.

The witness denied this altogether.

Mr Delasaux, for the defence, submitted, that there was no case for conviction, as there was no proof of the skittles being played for beer, as implied by the Superintendent. The witness Laurence distinctly denied having made any admission.

The Chairman:- He either did not or would not recollect.

Superintendent Walker stated that, had he been drunk he would not have submitted him; the fact was, he was not drunk at the time alluded to, nor on the subsequent occasion of conversing with him.

Mr. Delasaux then called a witness to speak to the generally good conduct of the house.

The Chairman, in announcing the decision of the Bench, observed that they were was quite enough on which to convict. They never had reason to suspect Superintendent Walker of giving false evidence. believing that the conversation had taken place which he stated, they felt bound to convict the defendant; but it appearing that he did not think he was transgressing any law, they would fix the nominal amount of 2s. 6d., with costs 1 2s. 6d. The penalty was paid, and the witness Lawrence received 3s. 6. for his day's attendance, which the Chairman regretted, but too late, as he said he should have been included, under the circumstances, not to allow him anything.



COLMAN Joseph 1841-51+ (age 80 in 1851Census)

COLEMAN John 1858-79+ (age 71 in 1871Census)

FOX Thomas 1881-91+ (age 41 in 1891Census)

FOX Harriett 1901+ (widow age 56 in 1901Census)

BALDOCK Albert Edward 1903+ Kelly's 1903

GREENMAN George to Sept/1910 Whitstable Times

HAYES George Dennis Sept/1910-22 (age 31 in 1911Census) Whitstable Times

SPARROW Sidney Frank 1930+

FARMER Charles Isaac 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald



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