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Earliest 1739

Huntsman and Horn

Open 2020+

Margate Road


01227 370965

Huntsman and Horn 1920

Above photo, circa 1920. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Huntsman and Horn 1920

Above postcard 1920, by kind permission of Tony Homersham.

Huntsman and Horn 1923

Above photo, circa 1923, kindly sent by Rory Keyhoe. probably taken just after Rigden's was taken over by George Beer & Rigden when they merged in 1922.

Huntsman and Horn 1937

Above postcard, 1937. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Huntsman and Horn Derby Day 1947

Above photo taken on Derby Day 1947, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Pearl Diver, a French-trained horse, romped home at 40 to 1!

Unknown pub 52

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Rory Keyhoe.

Huntsman and Horn 1950

Above postcard, circa 1950. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Huntsman and Horn 1983

Above photo 1983, kindly supplied by Doug Pratt.

Huntsman and Horn 1984

Above photo 1984, kindly supplied by Doug Pratt.

Huntsman and Horn

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Mark Jennings.

Huntsman and Horn 1991

Above photo, 1991, kindly sent by Rory Keyhoe.

Huntsman and Horn 2003

Above photo, 2003, kindly supplied by Tony Zammit.

Huntsman and Horn 2008

Above photo 2008.

Huntsman and Horn 2012

Above photo May 2012, kindly supplied by Doug Pratt.

Huntsman and Horn 2015

Above photo, 2015.

Huntsman and Horn sign 1987Huntsman's Horn sign 1991

Sign left 1987. Sign right, July 1991.

Huntsman's Horn sign 1994Huntsman and Horn sign 2008

Sign left Nov 1994. Sign right 2008.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


I am informed that the pub was first registered as a public house in 1739 and originally had the name of the "Huntsman and French Horn." At this time it was owned by Edward Appleton. He sold the building to the Collard family, who owned it for about 100 years. Under the Collards (probably circa 1800 when Thomas White was licensee) the French reference was dropped, most likely as a result of patriotic fervour during the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1854 the Huntsman and Horn was sold by the Collards to the Canterbury brewers, Rigden & Delmar, when Augustine Bird was licensee. He had previously been the licensee at the nearby Plough Inn. In the mid-1940s the licensee was Eric Finn.

A book of 1905 recalls when Broomfield had its Whit Monday Fair; the man who got most drunk in the "Huntsman and Horn" pub was proclaimed Mayor of Broomfield and then ceremoniously thrown in the pond!

Herne & Broomfield Parish Council was formed, following a campaign by residents, in May 1996.


On Monday 27 January, 2014 Planning application number CA//14/00058/FUL has been submitted for the erection of 8 dwellings on the land adjacent to the "Huntsman and Horn Public House," off Margate Road, Broomfield, CT6 7AF. I do not think this will effect the pub.

The pub gained a Grade II listing on 14 May 1976.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 14 February 1903.

Herne. A Landlords Wife Drunk.

Eliza Carey was summoned for being drunk on licensed premises, namely the "Huntsman and Horn," Herne, on January 30th.

Defendant, who is the wife of Henry William Carey, the landlord of the public house, said she was very sorry. She had been ill for two or three days. She got a little excited, but she was not drunk when the superintendent came in her house.

Superintendent Jacobs stated that at 9 o'clock p.m. on Friday, January 30th, he was driving past the "Huntsman and Horn," Herne, when his attention was called to the house by a woman shouting in a very loud tone of voice. His groom went into the house, and witness then saw a woman being brought from a tap room into the bar by a man named Flint, a baker. Witness afterwards entered the house, and when the defendant had been got into the back kitchen he saw that she was in a helpless state of drunkenness. She was bleeding from the nose, and complained of having been assaulted by a husband. Witness advised her to go to bed, being in the state in which he was. She followed him out into the passage between the bar and the tap room, and made use of threatening language to her husband, and said he had assaulted her. The husband denied assaulting his wife, and said "You drunken beast, that is where you fell down." Witness again advised her to go to bed, and she went on the stairs. The defendant was saturated in drink. The house was situated at Broomfield, Herne, and defendant's husband was the landlord. The man endeavoured to conduct his house very well, but through his wife's conduct he had received notice to leave.

P.C. Walter Neame, who was with Superintendent Jacobs on the night in question, gave corroborative evidence.

The Bench fined defendant 10s. and 12s costs, which he paid.

Mr. R. M. Mercer, who watched the case on behalf of the Brewers, Messrs. W. E. and J. Rigden, said the landlord of the house was under notice to leave to his wife's conduct.


Above taken from 7 April 2013. Report by Jake.

The Huntsman & Horn public house,

Indoor night time investigation.

Present: ChaPS Team: Stella, Lisa, Claire, Chris and Jake.

The landlady, Chris, was also present.

0130: Team commenced an EMF and temperature sweep of the building. A few abnormal EMF readings were noted in the area of the main bar and although electrical equipment was present, this affected the meter differently. Other readings around the main bar area were caused by fridge motors, alarm panels and sockets. No other abnormal readings were observed through the building.

0140: In the rear restaurant area Jake felt really odd and sensed that a spirit walks out of the back door to the left of the fireplace and into the room. Jake noticed that there were rather uneven temperature readings in this room with various cold spots around the room. However, the presence of an extractor in the wall may have been responsible for this even though the team couldn't prove this at the time. The windows were sealed as was the fireplace so the results of the temperature fluctuations must remain inconclusive.

0151: The team returned to the main bar area and Stella began picking up incredibly high EMF readings on the meter which wasn't replicated on the KII meter. Again another check for hidden electrical installations revealed units in the area which actually registered a lower reading. Again this must be inconclusive as the high readings could be down to the age of the electrical wiring and/or hidden installations.

0556: The relocated to the rear restaurant area to begin the second part of the investigation. They formed a circle and began calling out, whilst doing this Jake was sensing a pair of black leather thigh length riding boots as worn by a man.

0200: The team could feel the temperature dropping in the room and Stella commented her arms had gone cold.

0201: Stella was sensing the name Belinda. Stella could 'see' Belinda wearing a lavender blue dress edged with white lace which she was 'swishing' from side to side. Belinda enjoyed wearing the dress as this was her Sunday best and all week she normally wore something much more raggy. Belinda 'told' Stella she was 29 years old and lived here (at the pub).

0204: Stella called out directly to Belinda and asked her to come forward and communicate with the team. As she did, Jake could physically see movement behind Stella to the right of the fireplace where there was a doorway covered by a curtain. Stella confirmed this was the area that Belinda was in.

0205: Stella was also sensing the name Rosemary and at this time her hands became really warm. Stella was sensing that Rosemary was Belinda's older sister and Jake was feeling a connection between these two girls and service - as if they'd been serving girls at the pub or somewhere local.

0206: Jake was sensing a male spirit nearby who he described as darker. Stella wondered if it was Belinda's father but Jake felt he predated Belinda and he had been a spirit here when Belinda lived here and that both her and her sister would've heard his footsteps walking up and down the stairs and along an upstairs passage. This was why Belinda was still frightened of him. The spirit was wearing black knee length riding boots and Jake felt his name was Edward which Stella confirmed that she had sensed this name earlier but not mentioned it at the time. Jake felt Edward was dark in looks with dark curly hair and a black 'goatee' beard and felt he dated from the late 1600's. Edward made a reference to King Charles and Chris wondered if he dated from the civil war era.

0208: Jake felt his hands go warm but his arms go cold. Stella called out

0212: Jake called out directly addressing 'Edward' and asked if he was a Royalist or a Parliamentarian. At this time an odd groan was picked up on the voice recorder which wasn't audible at the time. Unfortunately this hasn't transferred to the video editor and as such is unavailable to hear.

0213: Jake asked Edward how he felt about Mr Cromwell and felt that he had replied "Lord Cromwell?" Chris felt that Edward had big lace cuffs and suspected Edward was a Royalist or Cavalier. Stella wondered if this had always been an inn but Chris said that originally it was two private cottages. Jake was sensing a connection to smuggling, that the smugglers wanted to build tunnels in this area but it was the wrong kind of soil and too wet. Chris commented that Herne (a small village nearby) allegedly had a network of tunnels.

0214: Jake was sensing that Edward had held meetings in the building during his lifetime and that him and several supporters of the King had felt rather cut off and out the way down down here and were planning to head north to fight for him. Jake was also feeling that Edward hadn't died in this building.

0217: Jake's right arm was shaking and Jake asked out to Edward as he suspected that Edward's right arm had been injured in battle. As he called out Chris' right arm also felt a bit warm and shaky too. Jake sensed that although Edward had died in battle, it hadn't been a soldier's death and Stella commented that she felt that he had passed through having a fever. Jake also felt this and that he had been wounded in a skirmish and it had become infected.

0221: Stella was sensing the female spirit around the team again and Chris wondered if she was from the Victorian era. Stella could see Belinda was now wearing a bonnet too. At this time, Lisa could also hear church bells - although there are no churches with bells nearby.

0222: Stella asked Belinda what she did during the week and received an image of her looking after children. These children were her younger brothers and sisters as her mother had died in childbirth leaving Belinda to look after them. As Stella was relating this to the team, Chris commented on how cold the room had suddenly got and Stella confirmed that the spirit known as Belinda was back with them. Jake was facing Stella and could see movement again behind her by the curtain over the doorway.

0224: Jake encouraged Belinda to use all the energy in the room and he could physically see her behind Stella by a table swaying her dress. Jake was also sensing a drowning but wasn't sure if it was connected to Belinda. He sensed it was a woman involved who'd been to a dance and had drowned.

0226: Stella asked out to Belinda "How did you die?" and within a few seconds most of the team felt her energy leave, this was confirmed by Stella who said "she's gone."

0228: Jake wondered if Belinda had accepted her passing over whilst Chris felt it was maybe too painful her to dwell upon. When Stella had asked the question Jake had heard the reply "water" but this may have been his guide and not Belinda speaking. Jake was also sensing that Belinda had drowned in one of the local ponds (Chris pointed out that there is a pond outside the pub and Jake said it wasn't that pond but one very similar,) and that her death may have had a malicious element to it, maybe a prank that went wrong?

0230: Stella apologised to Belinda and asked her to come back and both Chris and Jake could see movement in the area of the curtain again. Jake wondered if there had been a fire in the building as he could 'smell' burnt flowers.

0236: The team now relocated to the front of the pub near the big fireplace opposite the main bar.

0238: Jake was picking up on the residual energy of the building on how it would have been many years ago. He could 'see' two men in grubby white shirts with clay pipes sitting at a nearby table drinking from tankards. Jake said they were speaking in a strong Kentish accent and over all, the pub at their time appeared to be very dusty and dirty. Chris confirmed that this would've been a farmers pub early in the last century and the dialect would've been slightly different too. Jake was sensing that darts wasn't the first game to be played in this pub and his guide informed him that 'skittles' had been played here years and years ago. Jake said it wasn't skittles with a bowling alley and Chris suggested maybe it was a table top version.

0243: Jake was also sensing that this pub had once played a key part in the local Harvest Festival almost as if the people involved in the harvest would go on a 'pub crawl' to celebrate. Jake could 'hear' lots of music and singing. Jake felt that they would travel around on the big hay cart and the men would leave sheaves of corn for the ladies to make corn dollies from.

0244: Jake who was sitting opposite Stella, suddenly saw a light anomaly appear above her head. Stella was seated next to the fireplace at the time. Unfortunately this wasn't captured on film.

0246: Jake felt that the building was one for noises more than anything else, with Belinda's 'swishing' skirt, Edward's footsteps as well as maybe doors banging but not in an obvious way, more likely when upstairs the noise would be heard downstairs. He also felt that this end of the building wasn't as active as the other side and this area was more residual.

0251: Jake called out and encouraged some activity either in the room the team were in or the back room where the recorder was. He noticed how cold the room had suddenly got which was odd as they were sitting near a large open fire.

0253: Chris called out to Belinda but Jake felt she wouldn't come into this area of the building as to her, this area was a 'male area' of the pub.

0255: Jake was sensing the name Michael or Kevin and there was a connection to motorbikes. Jake felt they dated from the 1960's as he could 'see' a big bike with a chrome fuel tank that looked like a BSA. Jake sensed they were 'rockers' but was confused as he could only see one bike despite getting two names. Jake also felt that they weren't local boys but it felt almost like they were passing through and this was maybe the last place they had stopped.

0258: Jake's guide was questioning if they had actually visited the pub of if they'd just ridden past. Jake was given the date 17th August 1963. At this stage Stella, who was still seated by the fireplace, suddenly went cold. Jake called out for them to join the team by the fireplace.

During all this time, Jake's voice recorder had been left running in the restaurant area of the pub. between 0232 and 0256 various unexplained noises were captured on this. At 0244 a car with a loud exhaust passed the pub and this wasn't captured. Also the voices of the team in the bar wasn't captured so it's safe to assume the recorder was only capturing sounds within that room. Chris the landlady was in the kitchen of the pub between the team and the recorder. We're not saying these are paranormal, just currently unexplained.

0300: Jake could 'hear' footsteps coming from the front doors and walking towards the bar, two sets making a distinctive noise with the heal making one thump and the base of the boot/shoe making another thump. Stella had also heard this but at a slightly different time. Jake could also see movement over by the bar area and encouraged more activity by calling out.

0303: Stella was feeling cold on the side nearest the fireplace but warmer on the opposite. Both Jake and Stella called out asking for the temperature to go down and Jake's back went cold as did Stella's right side. Claire's left side (also near the fireplace) also went cold too.

0308: Claire noted that despite the team being seated next to a large open fire, there was only one warm spot and the room had gone very cold around the team. Jake decided to conduct an EVP session.

0310: As Jake was finishing the EVP session he fleetingly saw a figure standing by the wall at the far end of the bar. Jake went to the area to investigate but could find no logical explanation. He described it as only seeing the top half of somebody who moved in front of a chalk board but Jake couldn't see their lower half and Lisa wondered if they'd been standing behind something.

0311: Lisa saw a red light in the same area but this turned out to be an alarm sensor. Jake called out and asked for whoever he'd seen to come forward but nothing obvious was seen or heard.

0314: Stella and Claire both commented on how cold they both felt and Stella was sensing someone standing behind them. Jake took some surface temperature readings and an average reading of 22C was read around the room. Despite this the various cold areas were still felt. Air temperature in the room was between 21.1C and 21.3C.

0321: Jake called out and asked for the (air) temperature to go higher and the temperature slowly started rising. Jake asked it to go up to 22.5C.

0322: The temperature was now 22.3C and Jake carried on asking for it go higher.

0323: The temperature now reached 22.5C and the team thanked the spirits for pushing it up. Jake called out saying "if you get to 22.6 we'll go home!" and suddenly a reading of 22.6C was noted.

0324: Again the team thanked the spirits out loud and the temperature started to drop quickly to 22.1C.

0326: The temperature was now reading 22C and continued dropping over the next minute to 21.8C.

0328: Jake conducted a brief EMF sweep and this time there were no abnormal spikes to report in the bar area.

0330: Investigation ended.


Local knowledge, further pictures, and licensee information would be appreciated.

I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

All emails are answered.



APPLETON Edward 1739+ (owner)

COLLARD family 1800s-1854 (owners)

WHITE Thomas 1800+

HOLMAN George 1840-47+

Last pub licensee had BIRD Augustine 1851-54+ (age 37 in 1851Census)

CRAYFORD William 1855-62+ (age 39 in 1861Census)

CRAYFORD Mary Mrs 1871-74+ (widow age 48 in 1871Census)

HARNETT John 1881-82+ (age 25 in 1881Census)

MARSH James John 1891-99+ (age 27 in 1891Census)

CAREY Henry William 1901-Feb/1903 (age 34 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

INGLETON Frederick 1910-Jan/16 dec'd (age 59 in 1911Census) Whitstable Times

INGLETON Ann Mrs Jan/1916-22+ Whitstable Times

INGRAM Ernest Frederick 1930+

NEAVES Bertram 1934-Feb/41 Whitstable Times

SMITH G A Mr Feb/1941+ Whitstable Times

FINN Eric 1947+

ZAMMIT Tony & Janis Jan/1998-Apr/2005

TOPHILL Stuart Apr-2005-09+



Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-