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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Tessa Leeds

Earliest 1871-

Harvest Home

Closed 1970

Scabharbour Road

Sevenoaks Weald

Harvest Home 1885

Above photo 1885-90, showing licensee, William Bligh holding the reigns next to his daughter, Carrie.

Former Harvest Home 2021

Above photo, circa 2021.


I am informed that this pub opened some time between 1861 and 1871 and was owned throughout most of its existence by the Paige's family.

It finally closed in 1970 and was converted into a private residence by 1971.

I am informed that the famous poet, William Henry Davies, lived in the village, and drank in the pub as it is said he fancied the landlord’s daughter, and in celebration of the pub wrote his poem “The Harvest Home.”


I will be adding the historical information when I find or are sent it, but this project is a very big one, and I do not know when or where the information will come from.

All emails are answered. Someone must have a photo of this one somewhere.



The Weald, like many other villages, once boasted more Public Houses that it does in the present day. The reason for there being so many in the first place was due to the Government passing The Beer Shop Act of 1830. This Act enabled virtually any householder to produce beer on his/her own premises for sale, providing that an annual excise fee was paid.


THE HARVEST HOME. Scabharbour Road.

Having become a private house in 1971, this Pub changed its name to 'Lynton' but, although remaining a house, is once again called The Harvest Home. The Harvest Home was a beer shop owned, at one time, by the Paige family. While living in the village at the beginning of the century, writer W. H. Davis drank there. The bar, entered by the front door, was in the front room with a counter to the north end. A small hatch behind the counter opened to the road and served as an off-licence.

Just before the 2nd World War the local policeman, Fred Hills, would practice crime prevention in his own way. Entering the bar he would order half a pint. When offered another he would decline, saying in a loud voice, "Walter, I must get on my way to the Vineyard as I have had a report of poachers." It could be argued that this was not prevention of crime, but it certainly kept arrest figures down.

Further notes.

Harvest Home Scabharbour Road was never more than a Beer Shop for many years but may have got a license towards the end of its time circa 1970 it ceased to trade and became a house for Ivan and Lucy Paige.


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Harvest House, Scabharbour Road is a 3 bedroom freehold detached house - it is ranked as the most expensive property in TN14 6QJ, with a valuation of £835,000.

Since it last sold in January 2020 for £610,000, its value has increased by £225,000.

Former Harvest Home 2021

Above photo 2021.

Former Harvest Home inside 2021

Above photo 2021.

Former Harvest Home kitchen 2021

Above photo 2021.

Former Harvest Home garden 2021

Above photo 2021.

Former Harvest Home outhouse 2021

Above photo 2021.

Former Harvest Home 2021

Above photo 2021.



MILES William 1871+

HAZELDEN John 1881+

BLIGH William 1891-1908 dec'd (also gardener age 59 in 1891Census)

BLIGH William (son) 1908-11+

KELLER George to Aug/1930 Sevenoaks Chronicle

BELLINGHAM William Aug/1930+ Sevenoaks Chronicle

KIRBY W 1934+

NICHOLSON Walter H 1938+


Sevenoaks ChronicleSevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser



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