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Earliest 1828-

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Closed 2023

Moorhouse / Westerham Road



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Original Grasshopper Westerham

Above photo showing the original building.

Grasshopper postcard 1950s

Above postcard, 1950s, showing the front of the card.

Grasshopper postcard 1950s

Above postcard, showing the reverse of the same card above.


Another card, looks like the same series.

Grasshopper Inn Tudor Hall Ballroom

Probably same series again.


Above photo, date unknown.

Grasshopper 2022

Above photo, 2022.

Grasshopper sign 1986Grasshopper Inn 2014

Above sign, February 1986, sign right, 2014.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Westerham map 2018

Above map 2018.


This one is situated so close to the Surrey border that it may well not be a Kent pub at all. I have seen it addressed as 2.2 miles from Oxted and also in West Wood, Tatsfield, both of which are in Surrey.


Information below from their web site.

The Grasshopper Inn dates back to 1271 and according to old newspaper cuttings, it was the centre of the villages' social life.

Originally there were two cottages huddled together behind a dusty cart track. One of the small cottages was used as a beer house called ‘The Plough'. There were two rooms and a kitchen on the ground floor. The front room was furnished with a deal table in the middle and deal forms along two sides. The other side accommodated two wooden barrels or trestles. One of which contained Westerham Strong Farmers Ale and the other Westerham Mild Ale. When customers visited, they banged on the table and the land lady would emerge from the back room. She filled their pint or quart tankards from the wooden barrels, then retired to the back.

It is not known exactly when ‘The Plough' changed to ‘The Grasshopper Inn' but apparently there was a small establishment called The Grasshopper Inn at Titsey on the Titsey Estate. This  belonged to the Squire who at the time was of the Leverson-Gower family. This Inn was for some reason demolished and the Squire  ordered ‘The Plough Inn' to be changed to ‘The Grasshopper Inn'.

Grasshopper inside

Above postcard, date unknown, showing the above mentioned "Grasshopper" situated on the Titsey estate, near Oxted, Surrey.

Grasshopper Inn

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Mark Jennings, again showing the Oxted, "Grasshopper."


The Grasshopper is the crest above Sir John Gresham's family coat of arms, which can be found at Titsey Place, his country house and can also be seen as a gold weathervane atop the Royal Exchange Building in the City of London.

In the early 1950's the Grasshopper Inn was restored and extended using old material including Oak paneling, and wrought iron from the houses of parliament and the vestry doors from the Coventry Cathedral, which can be found among the leadlight windows and beamed ceilings of the Tudor Ballroom.


The People, Sunday 14 May 1961.

Post Pub Turns Away Thirsty War Cripples.

The landlord of the "Grasshopper Inn" didn't exactly jump to it when thirteen disabled ex-servicemen turned up for a drink.

The ex-servicemen—some paralysed, some with no legs—were making the first stop of the day on an ambulance-coach outing from the "Star and Garter Home" at Richmond, Surrey.

And they were turned away from the posh "Grass-hopper Inn"—at Westerham, in Kent's "stockbroker belt."

For the last four years, the Star and Garter outing has always had a morning drink at the "Grasshopper."

But this year, there is a new management. A new sign outside the inn says: "Coaches only by appointment."

British Legion official Vic Phipps, travelling with the party, went on ahead of the ex-servicemen to arrange an "appointment."

'We need notice'

The "Grasshopper's" manager, Mr. Derek King, wasn't having that. He told Mr. Phipps: "We need more notice."

The legion official with the party—Mr. David Slade—-tried to soften manager King's heart.

He said yesterday: "I went to see the manager. I was told he was in conference and too busy to see us."

Mr. Slade added: "The place was empty. It was just after opening time."

What does manager King say?

"That’s right." he agreed. "We couldn't permit coaches to call without an appointment. Rule of the house."

Mr. King added: "It was too late when this party arrived— getting near lunch-time, when I'd have been too busy.

"It wouldn't have mattered if they were Lords."


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 17 November 1972.

Great new season of all Star cabaret...

The "Grasshopper," Moorhouse, Westerham, proudly presents Ronnie Corbett and All-Star cabaret, Wednesday, 15th May.

Ticket reservations, telephone John Thompson, Westerham 63136.

June cabaret stars Dickie Henderson.


From the By Keely Greenwood, 18 September 2023.

Plans to turn The Grasshopper Inn in Westerham into a 64-bedroom care home.

Plans have been put forward to demolish a historic pub and build a care home in its place.

The proposal would see The Grasshopper Inn, in Westerham Road, Westerham, razed to the ground and a 64-bedroom care home built in its place.

Grasshopper 2023

The Grasshopper Inn in Westerham Road could be turned into a care home.

The 752-year-old building, which served as a pub, bed and breakfast and wedding venue, was closed for renovation in 2019.

Tandridge Council has responded to the plans. While it is happy to see something happening to the site, it is disappointed the demolition of the building will see the destruction of some historic furniture.

It said: “We are pleased to see that finally something positive will happen at the Grasshopper Inn site which has fallen into a poor state of disrepair with failed incomplete previous extensions/alterations over recent years."

In the early 1950s the Grasshopper Inn was restored and extended using old material including Oak panelling and wrought iron from the Houses of Parliament and the vestry doors from Coventry Cathedral.

The parish council said: “It is a significant shame that this long rich history and character will be lost.”

It is also unhappy the new building would be two metres higher and is concerned the quality of the materials being used are not up to the standard of the existing building. While the design “lacks any character”.

The Grasshopper Inn dates back to 1271 and was originally two cottages, one was used as a beer house called ‘The Plough’ which served Westerham Strong Farmers Ale and Westerham Mild Ale.

Legend has it that when customers visited, they banged on the table and the landlady would emerge from the back room to fill their pint or quart tankards from the wooden barrels before retiring to the back again.

The planning proposal promises to draw from the character of the existing building with gable walls facing the road and the idea to either pitch the roof or “split the whole mass into visually individual elements, which provide their own interest and character”.

White rendering will be used on the upper floors while reclaimed stone from the existing building will be applied to the ground floor of the main building.

Grasshopper plans 2023

Plans for the 64-bedroom care home to replace The Grasshopper Inn in Westerham.

As well as the 64 bedrooms in the home there will also be communal areas. Outside there will be a variety of garden areas.

People can have their say on the application by clicking the link here.

The site was sold in May last year with all contents also being sold off at an open day.

A decision is due to be made before November 23.



CHURCH Robert 1887-1904 dec'd

KING Derek 1961+


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