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Earliest 1869


Latest 2 Mar 1956

21 (36) Wood Street


Dew Drop 1907

Above photo, date 1907. This picture is a cutting from Medway Extra comprising a reproduction of photograph of street frontage of "Dewdrop" public house, 21 Wood Street, when the landlord was a Mr P. J. Acott, who may be one of the men in the picture. It shows six men and a boy in civilian working dress and Royal Navy sailor in sailor's suit and cap, all looking at camera. Just to the right of the picture is the "Beresford Arms." Couchman's accompanying notes suggest central figure (in the hat) is a Mr. Shrub, cab owner and the figure on extreme right is W. E. Dennord.

Dew Drop circa 1920

Above photo circa 1920-40. The demolished building to the left might suggest a date in the 1940s or 50s when the slum clearances were being carried out.

Charabanc from Dewdrop 1923

A group perhaps an outing from the "Dewdrop Pub" in Brompton in about 1923. They may well have been heading off on a trip to the coast somewhere nearby, or to a park in the horse drawn charabanc.


The Dewdrop was established in about 1869 and closed in 1956. It was built right next to the "Shepherd and Shepherdess" at number 19 (later the "Beresford Arms"), one of Brompton's oldest pubs. Shortly after WW2, during the 'slum clearances', this pub (along with a large part of the Brompton population) moved to Twydall.

When it first opened it was only licensed as a Beer House. In February 1949 a wine licence was added. It did not get a full Publican's licence until it moved to Twydall.

On 2 Mar 1956 the licence was transferred to an, as yet, unbuilt premises at the junction of Begonia Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue in Twydall. The licence was confirmed to Albert Edward Bird on the 12th April 1956, but was declared final on 2nd December 1957 (presumably when the new premises opened) in the name of Alfred Frederick James Elsey. Gillingham Borough Council Minutes (57/58, P.669, Min. 2074) records the demolition of the pub after a fire on Friday 31st January 1958. A fire occurred on the premises which left the building in a dangerous condition. Arrangements were made with Mr. G. J. Green for the demolition prior to a formal contract at a cost of 60.


Dew Drop location 2010

Above photo shows the same view in 2010. The centre of the picture would have been the "Dew Drop" and to the right the "Beresford Arms."


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 21 September 1889.


Mary McCarthy, landlady of the "Dewdrop" beerhouse, Old Brompton, was summoned for unlawfully having her house open for the sale of beer during prohibited hours, on the 20th August last. Mr Greathead appeared for the defendant, who, upon his advice, pleaded not guilty.

P.C. Mepstead's evidence went to show that he was passing the house about one o'clock on the morning in question, and saw a woman come out with something under her apron, which he afterwards found to be a bottle containing two quarts of beer. He took her back to the house, and asked the defendant why she sold beer at that hour in the morning. She first denied that she had done so, but upon the constable saying he should report her, she offered him a sovereign not to say anything, at the same time adding, "I know that I have done wrong and I hope you will not take any more notice of it." The constable refused, and said as several complaints had been made, he should report her, and again she offered him anything not to do so. Three times the defendant followed the witness out and asked him to have something to drink. The landlady had the appearance of having just got out of bed.

Alice McDonald, of Broad-alley, deposed to going to defendant's premises to get some beer at one o'clock on the 20th August (as she had some friends at her house who had got tired of drinking whiskey). Mrs McCarthy served her with two quarts of beer, and upon her corning out of the house she was stopped by the constable, which frightened her so that she went into hysterics. She had come that morning to the court to give her evidence voluntarily.

The defendant was sworn and said that she first refused to serve the beer, and denied offering money or drink to the constable, but she did say that what-ever she could do for him she would.

Mr G. W. Prall appeared to watch the case on behalf of the owners, Messrs Mason, brewers, of Maidstone, and asked the Bench not to endorse the licence; the defendant had held the house for nine years and had conducted it in proper manner.

The Magistrates having retired to consult, convicted the defendant, and fined her 3 and 12s. costs, but decided not to endorse the licence.


From a letter from E. Mason & Co. 17 August 1922.

Edward L Baker Esq.

Clerk to the Licensing Justices

County Justices Clerk's Office

Court, Police Court,


Dear Sir,

"Dew Drop" Brompton.

We beg to acknowledge the receipt of your notice of conviction of George Robert Knight, licensee of the above Beerhouse.

We, of course, very much regret Mr. Knight's conduct and have given him his notice terminating his tenancy.

Yours faithfully,

E. Mason and Co.


The pub closed in 1956 and the license was transferred to Twydall to another "Dew Drop."

G.B.C. Minutes for 1957/8, Min. No. 2074 (p.669) is for “The Dew Drop” Public House, Wood Street – Demolition.



CLARK William 1869+

SWAIN Mrs 1870+

LAND/LANE John 1872-77+

HUDSON Jared 1880+

McCARTHY Mary 1882-94+

McGINN Albert Albon 1897-1904+

ACOTT/ASCOTT John Peter 1905+11+

KNIGHT George Robert 1912-Aug/22

WEBB Walter Owen 1923-24+

McALPINE Edward Thomas 1925-27+

PANTON Henry 1928+

WRIGHT George 1929-Aug/31

SHEARMAN Edwin H 10/Aug/1931-Mar/48

VARREL William 1/Mar1948-16/Apr/51

TEAGUE Kenneth George 16/Apr/1951-26/May/52

BIRD Albert Edward 26/May1952-2/Mar/56


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