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Crown 1905

Above postcard, 1905, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1913

Above postcard, circa 1913, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1926

Above postcard, circa 1926, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1930

Above postcard, circa 1930.

Crown 1936

Above photo, circa 1936, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Crown 1936

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Crown 2012

Above photo 2012.

Crown sign 2001

Above sign 2001.

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Southeastern Gazette, 5 April 1853.



THE CROWN INN, SEAL, near Sevenoaks, For particulars apply to Mr. Dane, on the premises.


South Eastern Gazette, 3 January, 1860.

Resisting the police. Caution to publicans.

James Golden, landlord of the "Crown Inn", Seal, was charged with resisting Superintendent Coleman, of the Sevenoaks division, in the execution of his duty, on the seventh December.

Complainant said that about 9 o'clock on the evening in question the visited the above house. He went into the tap-room and on coming out he met the defendant in the passage. He (defendant) turned sharply round and went towards the parlour door, and witness followed him, and saw him standing by the door, which he held with one hand whilst he was wrapping it with the other. Defendant refused to let him enter the room, and took hold of his great coat by the arm. He, however got in, and found four persons playing cards. Defendant had the house only about six weeks. Witness was dressed in uniform at the time. The defendants in answer to the charge, said he did not know the officer. Fined 10s., costs 9s.

Golden was then charged with allowing card playing in his house on the same night. Superintendent Coleman proved the case, and said that the defendant admitted the persons were playing at cards for beer, and hoped he would look over it. Fined 10s., cost 9s.

The chairman of observed that if he came before them again for allowing unlawful games in his house, they will be bound to deal with the case more severely.

Mr. Mildmay:- And for obstructing the Constable in entering his house, he rendered himself liable to a penalty of 20.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 7 November, 1873.


A court leet was held on Wednesday, at the "Crown Inn," Seal, for the Manor of Kemsing and Seal, Hon. Mortimer Sackviile West, Lord of the Manor. Mr. H. Morley was chosen foreman of the jury, and the following officers were elected:— Aleconner for Seal, J. Collishe; Kemsing, T. Crowhurst; Leigh and part of Speldharst, J. Humphrey. Hogdriver for Seal, J. Webb; Kemsing, W. Bowyer; Leigh, J. Humphrey. After the court, about thirty sat down to a capital spread, provided by Mr. Golding, and W. F. Holcroft, Esq., steward, presided.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 6 August 1886.

Excursion Fatality and Inquest.

On Wednesday evening Mr. T. Bus held an inquest at the "Crown Inn," Seal, relative to the death of Henry Heath, aged 48, a married man, engaged as carter in the employ of Mr. W. Cronk, farmer.

It appeared from the evidence of Alfred Heath, stonemason, of Riverhead, the deceased's brother, Henry Holman, labourer, Ightham, Mr. William Mist, landlord of the "George and Dragon," Ightham, George Self, engine-Driver, Otford, Thomas Skevington, labourer, Thomas Ashdown, carter, Frederick Card, a juryman, Jesse Kimber, and Mr George Warren "Kentish Yeoman Inn," Seal, that the deceased drove, with a pleasure party to Gravesend on bank holiday, and on returning home shortly before 11 o'clock at night, when in the act of descending a hill between Ightham and Seal, one portion of the harness broke, and the horse commence kicking violently, and was run furiously down the hill. There were 9 or 10 persons in the van, which was drawn by one horse, and the driver had omitted to use the skidpan. Four of the occupants of the van, including the deceased and the driver, were thrown out, and more or less badly shaken and injured. The deceased sustained a fracture of the base of the skull beside other injuries. He died almost immediately. The horse was also badly cut about. A verdict to the effect that the deceased was killed by an accident was returned, and the Coroner expressed an option, which was concurred in by the jury, that the driver (Holman) was guilty of a very great carelessness.


Sussex Agricultural Express 02 August 1890.


The case against John Moyce, charged with being at the "Crown," Seal, on July 20th, during prohibited hours, was also dismissed. - Mr. Warner defended in the latter.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 5 February 1915.

Death from exposure. Inquest at Seal.

An inquest was held at the "Crown," Seal, on Saturday, before Mr. T Buss, Coroner, touching the death of John Vine a chimney sweep, aged 66, of no fixed abode, whose body was found on Seal Chart on the previous Thursday morning.

P.C. Ovenden said he last saw deceased alive at 6 p.m. on the previous Sunday on Seal Chart. Deceased was sitting before a fire outside an old tent, and witness advised him to go into the Infirmary. He replied, "I will go some day." Witness heard of his death on Thursday, and saw him in a huddled position fully dressed. He appeared to have been dead some time.

Henry Osborne, Noah's Ark, Kemsing a labourer employed by the Council, said he saw deceased alive about 3:30 on Tuesday. That was on the Seal Chart Ground. He was lying in his tent then, and witness had gone to see him about sweeping is chimney. On Thursday witness saw him outside his tent dead, at about 10:30 am.
Dr. Brown, Sevenoaks, said there were no marks and violence about the body. The clothes were very scanty; in fact, only rags, and the body was in a very dirty condition. The post-mortem showed the stomach was entirely empty. Witness considered death was due to exposure and exhaustion due to want of food.

In answer to the Coroner, witness thought he had been dead 3 or 4 days.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.



I am informed that the pub closed in 2014 and has now (2018) has been converted into a business centre and rented office space, but still retains the name of the "Crown."



MASTERS Robert 1828-32+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

HUNTLEY William 1840+ Pigot's Directory 1840

SHARP Catherine 1858+

GOLDEN James 1860+

WEBB Robert 1882-July/88 Next pub licensee had

BONNER Edward A 1901+ (age 34 in 1901Census)

BONNER Isabel Jane to June/1902 Sevenoaks Chronicle

SHILLING Thomas June/1902-03+ Kelly's 1903Sevenoaks Chronicle

Last pub licensee had FENNER Herbert 1913-22+ Next pub licensee had

WILLIAMS E A 1930-38+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Pigot's Directory 1840From the Pigot's Directory 1840

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Sevenoaks ChronicleSevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser


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