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Earliest 1852-

Coachmaker's Arms

Closed 1956

23 High Street


Former Coachmakers Arms

Above photo, date unknown.


Kentish Gazette, 20 January 1852.

Sevenoaks. Canine Ferocity.

In the morning of Wednesday last, a savage bull-dog, belonging to an inhabitant of this town, and which was being led at the time, attacked a young lad living at Mr. George Kemp's, "Coachmaker's Arms" beer shop, in the street, and flying at his face, tore a large piece of flesh from his cheek, laying bare the bone from the eye to the jaw, and thus disfiguring him for life. He escaped the loss of his eye by a miracle, and is now under the doctor's hands, suffering from the above severe wound.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 9 July 1861.

The Builders Dispute.

We mentioned a short time ago that the workmen of the town and neighbourhood connected with a building trade had solicited their employers for a 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, instead of leaving work at 5:30. Some of the masters at once expressed their intentions of granting the request of the men, while others refused to give any reply to the application. This caused another meeting of the workmen to be held at the "Coachmakers' Arms," on Friday evening, when there was a large number present. After an explanation of the steps that had been taken to elicit a reply from the masters, a discussion took place, and it was ultimately agreed that the several workmen engaged for the masters who had not returned an answer should once seek their employers' to determination, and should it be unfavourable, that they should discontinue working on Saturday the 13th. This decision is in fact a "strike," which we hope will yet be averted, as the evils resulting from it are so widespread and disastrous.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 7 December 1906.


Plans of proposed alterations to the "Coachmakers Arms," Sevenoaks, and the "Railway Tavern," "Bat and Ball," Sevenoaks, were produced by Mr Percy F Potter, architect, Sevenoaks, and accepted by the bench.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 7 December 1906.


Application was made for the transfer of the "Coachmaker's Arms" from Mr. George William Budgen to John White. This was granted.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 17 December 1920.


We regret to announce the death of Mr. J. White, "Coachmaker's Arms," High-street, Sevenoaks, which occurred with painful suddenness, on Tuesday afternoon. The funeral of deceased, who was 66 years of age, and who had resided in Sevenoaks for about 14 years, takes place at St. Nicholas Cemetery tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 a.m.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 18 February 1966.

Historic pub may be demolished.

The "Coachmakers Arms," scheduled by the authorities as a place of special historic interest, may eventually share the fate of such buildings as the "Royal Crown Hotel" and the "White House" unless the planners relax their rigid regulations.

The "Coachmakers Arms," which saw its heyday when the stagecoaches rumbled through Sevenoaks is no longer a licensed place. Today it is an extremely pleasant dwelling but unoccupied.

It was purchased some seven or eight years ago by Mr. Andrew Mair, a Sevenoaks Antique dealer, shortly after the licence was withdrawn. Mr. Mair and his wife had the place extensively renovated and converted into a dwelling.

The house was fairly extensive, and proved larger than was useful to Mr. and Mrs. Mair, and they applied for permission to extend its use to offices below and living accommodations above.

The application was refused, and when it went to appeal the Minister upheld that refusal.

One of the council's prime reasons for refusal was that the premises were outside the area scheduled for business premises.

2,000 less.

They are in fact, standing on the town map line and form part of premises within the boundary.

He has offered it for sale by auction and to do so, offered it at 2,000 less than the ordinary price, but the reserve was not reached. Other prospective buyers have been put off by the various sanctions it entails.

Mr. and Mrs Mair spent large sums of money in renovating and changing the "Coachmakers Arms" to residential use. They poured more money into its decoration.



Closed about 1956, the premises is now a private residence called the Coachmakers.



KEMP George 1852-81+ (age 35 in 1881Census)

GEERING William 1901+ (age 33 in 1901Census)

BUDGEN George William to Dec/1906

WHITE John Dec/1906-Dec/20 dec'd

WHITE William 1922-30+

FISHER Albert 1938+




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