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Earliest 1904

(Name from)

Castle Hotel

Open 2020+

High Street


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Above postcard circa 1907.

Castle Hotel 1992

Above photo, 1992, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

Castle Hotel 2010

Above photo 2010 by Oast House Archive Creative Commons Licence.

Castle Hotel sign 1965Castle sign 1986

Above sign left, 1965, sign right, July 1986.

Castle sign 1993Castle sign 1993

Above signs, May 1993.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Castle Hotel sign 2010Castle Hotel sign 2020

Above sign left 2010, sign right 2020.

With thanks from Roger Pester

Castle Hotel matchbox

Above matchbox, date unknown, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


Previously known as the "Harrow" the name changed in 1904 when it was renovated into a hotel by new owner Elliott Downs Till, who was actually leasing the premises. I believe the pub was also known as the "Eynsford Castle" but dropped the name Eynsford after 1907.

A postcard dated 1905 shows a sign on the side of the building stating "Castle Hotel, Motor Pit Garage and stables," so they were obviously catering for all forms of transport at this early age of the motor car.

A notice on the door of the hotel in December 1905 read as follows:- “Notice. On and after the 10th of December, no one will be served with refreshment in this house on the Lord’s Day, except visitors staying in the hotel and their guests. Furthermore, no person will, in future, be served with alcoholic drink more frequently than once during any morning, or afternoon, or evening, on any day of the week.

(Signed) Henry Cromwell Godfrey, Proprietor. Castle Inn, Eynsford, Kent. December 7th, 1905.”

I believe this was instigated by the owner Elliott Downs Till against his better judgement as 24 hours after this notice the Dartford brewery issued a writ saying Till had breached his provision of the lease that he would maintain the "Castle" properly as an Inn, Tavern or Licensed Victualling-house.

When the case against Till and Godfrey finally started in the High Court the Brewery Company appeared to be in a very strong position. However the defence was led by the eminent counsel Rufus Isaacs, and against all expectations his forensic skill won the case for Till and Godfrey. But this was not the end of the affair; the Brewery Company appealed and the findings were eventually overturned. The ‘one man-one drink’ rule, which had so incensed the regulars, was no more.

The Home Guard used the premises as a place for meetings during WW2, and for a time it also housed the officers' mess of a Royal Artillery unit, the 5th Medium Regiment after its return from Dunkirk.


The building later changed owners to Courage and in 1991 Shepherd Neame had acquired the premises.



GODFREY Henry Cromwell 1905+

GATTI George 1907+

MURRELL George R to 1911

COLLINS James  to Aug/1913

HARDING Augustus W 1918-Feb/30

WALKER H Mr to Oct/1931

Last pub licensee had SEARLES Edward Mr Oct/1931-Feb/35 dec'd

JOY Alfred L 1938+

BREWER Eric M 1945-55+

CRAKER Stanley W 1962-May/70

NOLAN M P 1970-77+

NOLAN Edna Mrs 1978-81+

WHITE Maurice 1991+

SMITH David Feb/2000+




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