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Earliest 1832-

Bull Hotel

Closed 1990s

High Street


Bull 1905

Above photo circa 1905, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Bull Hotel 1960s

Above postcard, circa 1960s, kindly sent by Phil Kirby.

Bull 1966

Above photo, 1966 by Geoff Strange.

Bull Hotel

Above photo, circa 2009.

Former Biull 2019.

Above Google image, May 2019. The Wisteria growing was planted by Angie Whickmott, in the early 1980s.


The census of 1861 gave the address of this as Collier Street.

I have also heard this pub referred to as the "Black Bull," but don't know whether it changed its name or not. It is now (2017) closed and used as a private residence. Again, date of closure as yet unknown. Local knowledge required please.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 26 November 1833.


Nov. 14, On Sunday evening last, suddenly, Mr. Thomas English, of the "Bull Inn," Yalding, aged 61, most deservedly respected and regretted.


Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 15 January 1839.

DEATH. DEC.31, 1838.

After a long and painful illness, Mr. William Warrington, landlord of the "Bull Inn," Yalding, aged 37, leaving a widow and five children.


From the Maidstone and South Eastern Gazette, 2 October, 1849.

Patrick Halry and Cornelius Goff, two hoppers, were charged with making a disturbance in the house of Alfred Holden, the Bull Inn, at Yalding, and assaulting the constables.

It appears that a number of hoppers, about 100, had met, about eleven at night, from the different beer-shops, at the "Bull," and a regular row took place there between them. They broke each other's heads, smash the windows, broke the cups, shattered everything to pieces, and did considerable damage. The constables for called in, but they were beaten and knocked about as well as others. This continued for about two hours, when many of the inhabitants succeeded in clearing the house. The two defendants were afterwards taken into custody, but in consequence of their being about to leave the neighbourhood, they were fined 3s. each and discharged.


Kentish Gazette. Tuesday 28 February 1843.


On Saturday 3 turkeys were stolen from Hartridge Farm, Cranbrook, and 5 hens and one cock from Mr. Chandlers Farm, Staplehurst.

On Thursday evening a copper boiler was stolen from the scullery of Mr. Fancett, "Bull Inn," Yalding.


From South Eastern Gazette 1 June 1852.


On Monday evening an accident occurred to Mr. Thomas Shepherd, landlord of the "Bull Inn" in this place. Mr. Shepherd was returning from Maidstone in his cart, when, on arriving near Bow Bridge, the horse shied at some object, and ran away. In turning the corner of the road in the lane leading to Bow-Hill, the cart was overturned, one wheel being torn off. Mr. Shepherd was thrown out and severely hurt, so much so as to be obliged to keep his bed ever since. Fortunately no bones were broken. The cart was much damaged.


Kentish Gazette, 6 January 1852.


English - Luck:- Dec 27, at Hadlow, by the Rev. Mr. Moneypenny, Mr. George Wells English, of Hawkhurst, son of the late, Mr. Thomas English, of the "Bull Inn," Yalding, to Francis, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Luck, of Hadlow.


Sussex Advertiser 16 September 1856.


Sept. 2, at Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells, by the Rev. C. A. Furlong, Mr. D. Roff, to Miss O. Fitch, of the "Bull Inn," Yalding.


Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 4th August 1860.

Yalding. Gipsy Party.

The annual party took place on Wednesday. The weather proved particularly fine, but in consequence of the heavy rains on the two previous days that part of the leas appropriated for the company was unusually wet thereby causing many to absent themselves. The amusement commenced at 3 o'clock, at 6 o'clock, about 80 friends sat down to an excellent tea. The Yalding band was engaged by Fitch, of the "Bull Inn." A very pleasant evening was spent in dancing and other amusements.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 8 June 1861.

Yalding Amicable Society.

On Wednesday last the members of this Society held their annual festival at the "Bull Inn," where the members met at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and proceeded to church, where an excellent sermon was preached. After which they partook of an excellent dinner provided by the worthy host in a style which did him great credit. Some of the most influential gentleman attended, and we are pleased to add that the Society possesses a good fund, to which they handsomely subscribe. It amounts this year in the whole to the sum of 675 15s. 5d., and the club was paid in sickness 126 13s.


In April 2021, the building was up for sale for 1,250,000.



ENGLISH Thomas 1832-Nov/33 (age 61 in 1833) dec'd Pigot's Directory 1832-34

FANCETT Mr 1843+

HOLDEN Alfred 1849+

SHEPHERD Thomas 1851-52+ (age 31 in 1851Census)

FITCH (ROFF) Olive 1858+

FITCH William (father of above) 1860-61 (age 61 in 1861Census)

SAVAGE Frederick 1861+ (also farmer age 28 in 1861Census)

EAGER Francis 1862+

WHYMAN William 1871-17/June/79 dec'd (age 36 in 1871Census)

WHYMAN Sarah 17/June/1879-81+ (widow age 37 in 1881Census)

STARTUP Edward 1891+ Census

POSSEE John 1901-03+ (age 51 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

BOURNE Lewis George to Mar/1909

FORD Edward Mar/1909-22 (age 55 in 1911Census)

ROGERS Charles Owen 1930+

BASTAIN Charles Walter Campbell 1938+

BURTON Albert pre 1960s Next pub licensee had

HICKMOTT John & Angie 1980-84 Next pub licensee had


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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