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Earliest 1701

Blue Anchor


Egg Pie Lane / Philpott's Lane



Former Blue Anchor 2019

Above photo circa 2019.

Leigh map 1913

Above map 1913.


The address has also been given as Philpott's Lane. The building can be traced back to 1701 and was serving beer till its closure in 1958 and is now a private house called "Greenacres."


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 26 September, 1873.


William Jenner, inn keeper, of Sevenoaks Weald, ("New Inn, Plaxtol) and Mark Hills, of the City of Westminster, police constable, were summoned for being drunk, violent, quarrelsome, and disorderly in the "Blue Anchor" beerhouse, Leigh, on the 12th inst., and refusing to quit when requested to do so by the landlord, Richard Gasson.

Mr. Palmer supported the case, and said the charge against Hills had been withdrawn.

Caroline Gasson, the daughter of the landlord, said that on the night of the 12th inst., at about eight o’clock, the defendant Jenner and a man named Hills were in the house, and the defendant called her mother very bad names. Her father told him to be quiet and go out, when the defendant threw his arms about and swore he would kill her father in his own house. He was again requested to leave but he refused to do so, and was very violent. The other man Hills remained in the house for an hour and a half.

Mrs. Caroline Gasson, the wife of the landlord, said she saw the defendant call at the house, and she corroborated her daughter’s statement. She also added that on Thursday evening she saw the defendant with P.C. Irwin, when he said it would be her worst day’s work if ever she went against him, he would ruin her.

P.C. Irwin said he saw the defendant, when he accompanied Mrs. Gasson to him, and then he said it would be the worst day's work she ever did if she went against him.

Defendant denied that he was drunk, or said the words imputed to him, or that he was ordered to leave. When they went in his friend called for a pint of beer, but when he made his appearance they took it away.

The Bench fined the defendant 2 and 19s costs, and added that the defendant’s conduct in this case had been most outrageous. He, a man keeping a public-house himself to go to another public-house, was, they thought, extremely disgraceful. Not only that, he had threatened the parties in the case to do them harm, and they considered the case a bad one.

The case against Hills was withdrawn, it was stated, by the consent of Major Scoones, Mr. Palmer suggesting 'because he was a policeman.’



The Weald, like many other villages, once boasted more Public Houses that it does in the present day. The reason for there being so many in the first place was due to the Government passing The Beer Shop Act of 1830. This Act enabled virtually any householder to produce beer on his/her own premises for sale, providing that an annual excise fee was paid.

The Blue Anchor almost out of the parish of Sevenoaks Weald on Coppings Road/Philpots Lane was owned and run by Buller Sceal (my grandmother Alice's younger brother) in the late 19th or early 20th century. Now a house. (2021)

Further notes.

Anchor Cottage Hubbards Hill, I have never found any evidence to support the theory that this even operated as a Beer Shop, the Beer Shop act came in in 1830 so if it had been there should be something in writing. I think the name might be due to its position like an anchor to the hill although it would seem a good spot to take a break on the way to town. It is two tiny cottages and even as one could not have entertained many people.

The "Blue Anchor" was virtually in the parish of Leigh, it was no where near Sevenoaks and anchor cottages on hubbards hill would be equidistant from either by maybe 2 miles. Buller Sceal my Great uncle ran the "Blue Anchor" and he died in the 1950's so it predated that. The only pubs in the village of weald which were able to sell spirits were the "Chequers" and the "Windmill" all the rest were beer shops and I think the "Queens Head" was in existence for only a few years while the tunnel was under construction 1863 - 68 it doesn't claim to be more than cottages in any census.




HOATH William 1861+

GASSON Richard 1862-82+ (also farmer age 60 in 1881Census)

BALDWIN William 1886-32+ (also farmer age 48 in 1901Census)

STURT Harriet Mrs 1938-39+ (age 56 in 1939)

SCEAL Buller 1953-57+




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