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Black Horse

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12 High Street


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Black Horse

Above photo, date unknown, kindly supplied by Tony Nichols of the Pembury History website.

Black Horse 1990

Above photo, 1990, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Black Horse 2014 Black Horse sign 2014

Above photos by Paul Skelton 11 April 2011.

Black Horse 2015

Above photo March 2015 by Brian Curtis.


According to the web, the current building can be dated to 1801, but there was a previous building on the site in the 16th century when it was selling cider. The premises known as the "Black Horse" is first recorded in the census of 1871. The house finally gained its beer license in 1906.

I am informed that licensee Edward Maynard died in March 1919, (although he's still listed as being there in the Post Office directory of 1922,) leaving 533, the contents of his estate in his will.

In 1985 the premises was extended when it took over the electricity substation next door which allowed it to operate a restaurant. This was again extended in 2000 when a new kitchen was built and the old restaurant merged with a new one and conservatory added.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 9 January, 1880.


Mr. Barden applied for the licence of the “Black Horse Inn”, Pembury, to be transferred to him from Mr. Luke Weston.

The application was adjourned for further inquiries to be made respecting the applicants character.


From an in-house magazine. 1985.


According to the present (1985) owner, Mr. Robert Burrows, in the late 16th century a cider house stood on the present site. It occupied what is now the western or front half of the present two-storey building, and fronted on to a cart track, the course of the modem day Pembury High Street.

According to the deeds, the owner, and his predecessor Mr. Mark Waddington, the place was rebuilt in 1801 and became the present building. The eastern half of the ground floor is now a bar, with a cellar beneath it and the remnants of a stone stairway; this part of the ground floor was previously living accommodation. The western half of the ground floor served as the cider house, for which a licence was granted the same year. The whole first floor was living accommodation at the time, as it has been ever since. By about 1841 it was known as a Beer Shop called the Black Horse, owned by Sam Winder, the tenant being William Alcock.

In the early part of the 20th century (believed 1906 or thereabouts) the premises were licensed as an Ale House and acquired the title of Inn. The single storey extensions to the north and west sides were added between 1801 and 1900. In 1871 the tenant was John W. Cox - carpenter and beer retailer. He employed four men, and let lodgings to another four persons.

Black Horse drawing 1985




ADCOCK/ALLCOCK William 1840-41+ (age 40 in 1840)

COX John Walter 1871-74+ (also carpenter age 44Census)

BARDEN Mr to Jan/1880 Kent and Sussex Courier

WESTON Luke Jan/1880+ Kent and Sussex Courier

PEACOCK William H 1881+ (also carpenter age 24 in 1881Census)

SMITH John Stanley & SIMPSON Philip 1892+

MAYNARD Edward 1891-Mar/1919 dec'd (age 47 in 1901Census)

SILKE Jessie 1931-34+

COLEMAN Walter 1938-40+

SUTTON Thomas 1948+

BROOKS Cecil 1950-55+

THOMAS Fred & Bunny 1950s-60s+

THOMAS Lillian 1970-74?

WADDINGTON Mark & Pam 1960s-9/Aug/76

BURROWS Robert 1980-85+

COLE John 1985-90+

COLDWELL Gary & Michele 1990-2017+


Kent and Sussex CourierKent and Sussex Courier


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