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Bartellas 2014

Above photo circa 2014.

Bartellas sign 2014

Above sign 2014.


Originally known as the "Fox and Hounds”, mentioned in 1836, but a new building being constructed in 1924, now called “Bartellas”, and is a licensed restaurant.


From the By Ed McConnell, 11 May 2018.

Business rates are crippling, says Bartella's restaurant owner.

Ian Eldridge says extortionate business rates, which have recently been upped by 29%, are crippling entrepreneurs and killing off high streets.

The owner of Bartellas in Meopham, thinks if Gravesham doesn’t start to challenge the government on the astronomical fees, the only option is for the village to leave the borough and run itself.

Ian Eldridge 2018

Ian Eldridge, of Bartella's Restaurant, Wrotham Road, Meopham, who says his business rates for 2018-19 are cripplingly high. Picture: Andy Payton.

The 59-year-old, of Dillywood Lane, Higham, now has to pay 658 a week to Gravesham council.

But he is currently in a long-running dispute and refusing to fork out more than 500.

This policy saw him end the last financial year 5,888 in arrears and with the authority threatening to take him to court.

He said: “Enough is enough. If they want to take me to court so be it.

“Even 500 is too much and 658 is absolutely ridiculous. I could employ two more members of staff for that.”

Mr Eldridge, who has run Bartellas for 15 years, says he gets “absolutely nothing” for his money, which he pays on top of his 110,000 a year rent.

He added: "The council is wasting its money on parades and firework displays and I'm looking out of the window and seeing an unkempt verge, parking problems and cars speeding and yet I'm still expected to pay 658. People say this restaurant must be a gold mine but with extortionate fees to pay it absolutely isn't.

"The council says it's hands are tied but it's got to get to the point where they challenge the government on this. My thinking is 500 a week is far better than nothing and if businesses are made to pay the higher rate the council will ultimately lose out as some will have to close or move."

Bartellas 2018

Bartellas, Wrotham Road, Meopham.

Mr Eldridge's only option is to appeal but he says the process is extremely complex even for professional firms.

He said: "When the valuations office sent someone round to calculate my rate he judged a rubbish cellar with a rickety ladder as valuable trading space. I'm being charged 17,500 for my car park alone. That's what I'm contending with."

Gravesham council said business rates are outside its control.

Spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses Alison Parmar said: “It’s true that rising business rates are threatening high streets all over Kent. This is a regressive tax that hits firms before they’ve made their first penny in turnover, let alone profit. The way that it is calculated is out-of-date. Now, increases in rates bills will outpace inflation. Thousands of Kent small firms will see rates soar once they lose their year one cap on increases this month.

“It was good to see the Chancellor address business rates at the Spring Budget and commit to more frequent revaluations across England. Done right, this will make the rates regime fairer, meaning bills better reflect up-to-date property values and the strength of the local economy. But more frequent revaluations must not mean more admin burdens for small firms.

"Three quarters of firms report a rise in operating costs compared to this time last year – a significant part of that is business rates.”




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