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Earliest 1700s

Ye Old Five Bells

Latest ????

(Name to)

42 Church Street

Gillingham (New Brompton)

Ye Olds Five Bells

Above postcard, date unknown.

Ye Old Five Bells 1900

Above photo circa 1900.


A one time Style and Winch pub, the premises can be traced back to circa 1700. The pub has been restored and is now known as the "Five Bells" and was once the meeting place of the Court Leet and Court Baron met after the old court lodge was pulled down.

At one time it was also known as the "Five Bells and Cricketers" but is believed to have lost the Cricketers part of the name when the other "Cricketer's" of Layfield Road was opened just before 1860.


From the Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 15 March, 1796.

Tuesday last died, Mr. Nicholas Quarington, of the "Five Bells," Gillingham.


Five Bells Court Leet 1903

Above photo showing the Gillingham Court Leet, 834th Annual Meeting - The Last Muster, November 19th 1903.

Those seated commencing from the right hand side are:- Messrs. J. Smart, R. Edwards, J. Bramley Ridout, W. H. Robins, D.D. the High Constable (C. T. Smith, J.P., C.C.), J. R. Featherby, A. F. W. Stephens, R. J. Passby, J. Plewis, W. C. Snow, and W. Johnson. Those standing also commencing from the right, are Messrs. A. L. Wilkes, C. S. Leeds, H. Wardle (representatives of the Press), W. J. T. Croft, E. Crawley, E. J. Hammond, T. Peacock, (the Borsholder), W. Purchase, J. Barnes, F. Pott, J. B. Thorne, R. W. Hogg, H. Hurrell, G. H. Peddle, D. Rees, and E. Milton Small.


From the Chats About Gillingham by C. S. Leeds 1906.

This is to give notice that the Court Leet and Court Baron of our Sovereign Lord the King will be holding for the said Hundred and Manor at the usual place being the "Five Bells and Cricket Players" in Gillingham aforesaid on Monday the Fifteenth day of December instant at 11 of the Clock in the forenoon when and where all Resciants and Inhabitauntes Tenants and other persons that owe suit and service to the same Courts are required to attend and do their services or the said Resciants and Inhabitauntes to play the Bors holders the usual fine in lieu of their services.

A. F. Stevens, Stewart.


From an email received 16 January 2020.


I was really excited to find the photo and information about "Ye Old Five Bells & Cricketers" pub built 1700 in Gillingham Kent.

I have been tracing my ancestors from Kent for some years. I have recently received a copy of a resettlement order regarding my Butler family. It clearly mentions my 3 x Great Grandfather Philip Butler who it says:- ‘gained settlement about 24 years ago by renting and occupying in that parish a public house then called the Five Bells and Cricketers.’

It also goes onto to say that Philip paid rent of 10 per year. The period suggested is between the years 1788-1793. I don’t know for how long during that period he remained at the pub?

Ann Emmett.



DIBBERMAN Charles 1766 dec'd

DIBBERMAN Mrs (widow) 1766+

WHITE Thomas 1769+

BUTLER Philip 1788-93

BINSTED Mr 1804+

JARVIS Jesse 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

CHAMBERS Daniel 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BRICE William 1858+

TOWN Henry 1861-62+ (Widow age 62 in 1861Census)

COOKE Walter 1881-82+  (age 32 in 1881Census)

COOKE Kate Mrs 1891+

PEDDLE George Hill 1903-13+

HARRISON John 1918-30+

HARRISON John H 1938+


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