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105 King George Street


Woodman 1963

Above photo 1963.


Above photo, date unknown, by Ian Chapman.


Kentish Independent, Saturday 22 November 1845.

Woodman Inn, George Street, Greenwich.

Henry Solomon (late of the "Lord Nelson," Old Kent Road,) respectfully announces to his friends and the public generally that he has taken the above well-known house, and hopes, by strict attention and civility to merit a share of patronage, assuring them, also, that every article supplied by him will not only be first-rate quality, but retailed at the lowest possible remuneration price.

N.B. Dinners dressed at the shortest notice for large or small parties.


Kentish Mercury, Saturday 15 April 1854.

Henry Longley, painter, residing at 21, Panton Street, London, was charged with attempting to utter a counterfeit half crown.

From the evidence of Mr. C. E. Watkins, landlord of the "Woodman Inn," George Street, Greenwich, it appeared that the prisoner, who was rather the worst for liquor, came to the bar of that house and asked for a glass of pale ale; he was served, when he threw down what appeared to be a half crown, which his wife talk and looked at. He (witness) then took it, and at once saw that it was counterfeit, and he told the prisoner so, who at once said that he had some pence, and wanted the coin back. Witness refused, and gave him into custody of police constable 190, whose evidence was to the effect that the prisoner when so taken declared that he did not know that it was bad, and on him were found in good money 8s. and some pence. The prisoner now persisted in the same story, and also as to the correctness of the address he had given. He was remanded to the next day, for enquiries as to his character, &c.


Kentish Independent 18 June 1870.


Croom's Hill, Saturday, Before Colonel Farnall, C.B.; B. Cooke, B. Poulter, K. Routh, J. Penn, M. W. Adame, and J. H. Young, Esqs.

Transfer of Spirit Licenses. The following public-houses were transferred.


"Woodman," from John Brown, to C. J. N. Allchin.


Tenbury Wells Advertiser, Tuesday 23 August 1898.

On Friday morning Mrs. McSweeney, the landlady of the "Woodman Inn," Greenwich, discovered a burglar in the kitchen, and as he went to attack her, she seized a poker and a desperate struggle ensued. The burglar got away, but was captured, and is now in hospital with serious injuries to his head. Mrs. McSweeney was also cut about the head and arms.


The pub closed, date unknown and is now a private residence.



GILE John 1823+ Pigot's Directory 1823

MOASE Aaron 1826+

ALP William 1832-34+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

HALL Robert 1840+

HILL Thomas to Nov/1845 Kentish Mercury

SOLOMON Henry Nov/1845-46+ Kentish Mercury

HOWARD John Sept/1849+

HARRIDENCE John 1852-Jan/54

WATKINS Cornelius David Jan/1854-56+

WELLS Samuel 1858+

BAILEY William 1862-67

BRIERLY Henry 1867+

BROWN John to June/1870

ALLCHIN Christopher J N June/1870+ (age 45 in 1871Census)


ROBINSON Charles 1881-82+ (age 40 in 1881Census)

PRYOR William Alfred 1891

HAYWARD Frank 1891+ (age 23 in 1891Census)

HILLYARD William to Feb/1896 Woolwich Gazette

SMITH Peter Feb/1896+ Woolwich Gazette


McSWEENEY Mrs 1898+

JAMES Annie Mrs 1901+

HEYS E E 1904-05+

SOMMERS Mary 1908

WEBB Walter Edwin 1908-11+ Kentish Mercury

COBB Thomas Joseph 1919-34+

JEFFERY Thomas 1938+

GOWLETT Henry "Harry" 1944+


Pigot's Directory 1823From the Pigot's Directory 1823

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury

Woolwich GazetteWoolwich Gazette


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