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Earliest 1860


Closed 2011

High Street


Wheatsheaf 1907

Above photo, circa 1907, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Whestsheaf 1930

Above photo circa 1930.

Wheatsheaf postcard 1930

Above postcard, circa 1930.

Wheatsheaf sign 1993

Above sign, September 1993.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Wheatsheaf matchbox

Above matchbox, circa 1980s, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Wheatsheaf 2006

Above photo 2009 by Robin Webster Creative Commons Licence.


Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 8th September 1860.

Sevenoaks Petty sessions, Friday.

Mr. Gibson, of Dartford, support of the application for a licence made by Mr. William Geering, beer-house keeper at Kemsing; Mr Alleyne, of Tunbridge, opposed.

The licence was granted.


From the Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, 11 November, 1904.


At the Sevenoaks police caught on Monday, before P. F. Battiscombe, Esq., (in the chair), and Henry Swaffield, Esq., William Sillis, a labourer, who was stated to be of a notorious character, was charged with wilfully and maliciously damaging the glass in a window, to the extent of five shillings, the property of Francis William Lane, Kemsing, on the 5th instant. The accused was further charged with assaulting police sergeant Humphries at the same time and place.

The prisoner said the sergeant pushed him through the glass.

Francis William Wren, landlord of the "Wheatsheaf Inn," Kemsing, stated that on Saturday evening, the prisoner went into his house the worse for liquor, a few minutes before 9 p.m., and witness refused to serve him. He used bad language, and he repeatedly asked him to leave but defendant refused to do. A friend of his told him that there was a sergeant of the police in the village, so he sent for him, and in the office's presence asked the man to leave his premises. Sillas refused, and being requested to do so by the Sergeant, struck at the officer, and used very foul language. He (the defendant) then smashed the glass panel of witness's door. The prisoner struck the Sergeant on the chin and also on the chest. When the officer arrested him he was very violent, and they had to call for the assistance of several of the young fellows, who took defendants boots off and bound his legs up. Sergeant Humphrey said that about a quarter to nine on Saturday night, he was sent for by the last witness to the "Wheatsheaf Inn," Kemsing. He went into the bar, and found prisoner using very disgusting language. Landlord asked him to leave, and witness also asked him, but the accused refused. Witness told him if he didn't go, he would have to put him out. Sillis then deliberately put his elbow through the pain of glass, and said "Now you ----- you will have to lock me up." Witness went to get hold of him and he struck him a severe blow in the mouth, and also in the chest. Witness and the accused then fell to the ground together. Before he could get the hand-bolts on witness had to get assistance. Prisoner was very violent, and they had to bind his legs with chords and take his boots off. As the result of his violence witness has been very stiff and sore since. The prisoner also bit him in two places on his hands. Sergeant Humphrey added that the prisoner was one of the most violent characters he had had to deal with for a number of years. He was fairly mad.

Edward Philip Knight, who rendered assistants corroborated the evidence of the sergeant.

Sergeant Humphrey stated that the defendant have been convicted five times previously at that Court, and on each occasion he had been sentenced to hard labour.

The chairman said that for the first offence, he would be fined 1, and the costs 9s., damage, 5s, or in default 1 months hard labour. For the assault on the police they would be sentenced to 3 months hard labour without the option of a fine.


The pub unfortunately closed in 2011 and was waiting for conversion to private residence but suddenly caught fire and had to be demolished. There are now three terraced houses that stand on the site.


From the 3 June 2011.

Wheatsheaf pub blaze at Kemsing.

Firefighters from across Kent are tackling a blaze which broke out in sheds behind a pub near Sevenoaks.

Wheatsheaf ablaze 2011

Kent Fire and Rescue Service said pumps from Sevenoaks, Horton Kirby, Borough Green, Swanley and Tonbridge were at the Wheatsheaf in Kemsing.

Support vehicles are also at the scene of the fire, in the High Street. First reports were received at 1510 BST.

Kent Police said road closures were expected to remain in place for some time.



GEERING William Sept/1860-81+ (also farmer age 45 in 1871Census)

GEERING Sophia & Sidney J (son) 1891 (widow age 66 & 27 in 1891Census)

GEERING Sidney Joseph 1901-03+ Kelly's 1903

WREN Francis William 1904+

JARVIS Wilfred Owen 1911-13+ (age 51 in 1911Census)

SMALL William Henry 1922-39+ (also carpenter age 62 in 1939)


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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