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Victoria Cross

Closed Jan 2017

614 Lords Wood Lane


Victoria Cross 2008

Above photo 2008 by David Antiss Creative Commons Licence.

Victoria Cross sign 1990

Above sign, April 1990.

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From the By Clare Freeman, 6 October 2014.

Jody Duff from Lordswood, Chatham who raised 38,000 for Motor Neurone Disease Association has died.

Tributes have poured in after an 'inspirational man' who raised nearly 40,000 for Motor Neurone Disease lost his fight for life.

Jody Duff's family lived by the motto "great PMA" and despite suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, his own positive mental attitude was an inspiration to all who met him.

Jody, who died at the weekend, raised thousands of pounds for charity helped by his family, friends and local community.

Walk to D'Feet

The Walk to D'Feet Sponsored Walk in August raised over 7500.

They started off with a target of 5,000 but the total on his justgiving page now stands at more than 38,000.

The 37-year-old from Lordswood organised successful fundraising events for the MND Association, including an ice bucket challenge, a sponsored walk and a family fun day centred around his local pub, the "Victoria Cross" in Lordswood.

Pub manager Sagar Pandey said: “He was a great gentleman who will be greatly missed by all our customers. Our thoughts go out to his family on behalf of all of us.”

Tributes to the 37-year-old from Lordswood have been posted on Facebook, describing him as a true gentleman, a lovely man, and a legend.

Jody Duff

Jody's efforts won him national renown - and special mention at a Coldplay gig.

Jody's fundraising total includes a 10,000 donation from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

A lifelong Coldplay fan, Jody met the band in July after a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Chris Martin sat and talked with Jody before inviting him to come to the show the following evening where he dedicated Jody’s favourite song, Fix You, to him.

A charity boxing match takes place on Sunday October 19 at Casino Rooms, Rochester where Jody was a regular and well-known customer.

On behalf of Paul Stone, his family and all at Casino Rooms, owner Aaron Stone said: "Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the legend Jody Duff.

"Jody was a genuine hero in the truest sense and never arrived anywhere without a mischievous smile on his face. Despite all his intense challenges and struggles that would have rendered others housebound, he was always out in a sharp suit looking for the best party in town. As if that wasn't enough, he carried himself with a charismatic charm and intellectual air that left many of us awestruck.

Jody Duff 2014

Jody Duff with friends and family at the funday for MNDA at the Victoria Cross pub, Lordswood.

"We often use the word “Inspirational” without really thinking what it means. To me it is a term for someone, who by their own actions, makes others want to do better and be better. If there is anyone that I have met that was inspirational, it was Jody Duff. He was the real deal.

"Jody - you will be missed by many and you should know that you have certainly left your mark in the hearts and minds of everyone that you came into contact with. I consider it a genuine privilege to have called you my friend."

Pamela Fry, regional fundraiser for the MND Association said: “ I met Jody and his family just a few weeks ago at their sponsored walk in Chatham attended by over 200 people and this is very sad news indeed.

"Jody was such a delightful, positive and motivating person who always had time for others. Together with his family and friends they did so much to raise funds for and awareness of motor neurone disease.

“Jody touched so many people and the recent story of his meeting Coldplay too was amazing and inspirational.”


The pub closed in January 2017 after a fire started by an electrical fault and now (2018) is still derelict and unlikely to reopen.


From the 11 January 2017.

Fire at Victoria Cross pub in Lordswood Lane, Lordswood, Chatham.

Victoria Cross fire 2017

Firefighters tackled a huge pub blaze in Chatham. By Barry Horewell.

Flames tore through the Victoria Cross pub in Lordswood Lane from 4am this morning.

Crews said they arrived to find the building well alight. People living in the area were warned to keep windows closed due to the amount of smoke billowing from the scene.

By just before 8am the main fire was out, with the ground floor destroyed.

Victoria Cross fire 2017

Picture by Rachel Smith.

The cause is not known, and an investigation is being carried out.

One man was helped out of a top floor window by firefighters. He was given care by paramedics but it's believed he didn't suffer any injuries.

One neighbour who did not wish to be named, said: "I didn't hear anything until about 6am I heard the engines going and thought it was a delivery truck.

"It wasn't until I saw the lights that I knew something was going it.

"It's such a shame. The people who run the pub are so lovely."

Another neighbour who did not wish to be named, said: "My wife woke me up at about 4.15am and the fire engines hadn't got here yet. I called 999 and was told someone was on their way.

"The whole pub was just ablaze. I could feel the heat coming from the fire."

The fire was on the ground floor of the two storey property and broke through the flat roof of the kitchen.

Victoria Cross fire 2017

One fire engine and two UK Power Network vans were at the scene at 9am.


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