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Earliest 1983

(Name from)

Thirst and Last

Closed 2008-

London Road


Thirst and Last sign 1986

Above sign, April 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


Bought in 1983 for 85,000 by Peter and Pat Fresia, the pub was renamed the "Thirst and Last," from the "New Cock."

I am informed that the pub closed and was demolished in 2005 for redevelopment of, you guessed it, more houses.

The pub was owned in 1993 by a company in Peckham, (Only Fools and Horses come to mind), the owner was called John and he was a property developer.

Rumour has it that the landlord, Robert, liked his Bacardi and Coke as if it was going out of fashion, and often beat his wife Crissy whilst under the influence. One night, after the barman heard someone trying to break in downstairs, he was called and he pulled out a sawn off shotgun from under the bed. Both went to the rear where the new extension was and could hear someone and he just fired 2 shots towards the noise. Also he once went calmly as you like into the kitchen, got a massive meat carving knife and put it to the throat of one of the staff. He was a bit of a loony when on the alcohol. Pay day for those working there was a bit strange as well. It is said that the money was not taken out of the till to pay their wages but straight out of the bottom box of the fruit machine. One way of avoiding taxes I suppose.

I am still trying to trace a newspaper article that was published describing how he was also prosecuted for killing his cat in a cruel way. Hopefully someone will be able to produce that for me.

I believe the pub finally closed some time between 2005 and 2008. Local knowledge required please. One reference tells me it was demolished in 2005 near the Stormont garage and was redeveloped into housing.


From an email sent 15 February 2021. From Malcolm Ayling.

May 1999?

A pub landlord who killed his pet cat by pulling its neck and hitting its head on the floor has been banned from keeping animals for three years.

The cat lived after suffering injuries inflicted by Robert Hicks landlord of the "Thirst and Last" in London Rd, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks magistrates were told in May.

Hicks pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to his pet cat. He was fined 100 with 400 costs. He said he killed the cat because it did not use its litter tray. He picked up the cat and pulled it from below and it started ripping at him, he fell down in the mud at the back of the pub and the cat hit its head on the side of a rock he then tried to finish it off by hitting its head on the floor.


From an email received 14 May 2022.

Charlie and Peggy Vaillant were my uncle and aunt. There are a number of stories I have about their time there. The pub was popular with bikers but my uncle was aware that a load of bikes parked outside would discourage passing trade so he asked them to park at the back. They were happy to do this. They did an excellent Sunday lunch but they sold the pub because my aunt was unhappy there.

Les Britchford.



SAWYER Francis J 1986+

VAILLANT Charlie & Peggy 1987+

AYTON Keith 1990+

KAY David 1993+ (assistant manager)

HICKS Robert 1991-99


FRESIA Peter & Pat 1983-1993+

Not sure where the above names came from now, but could be incorrect.


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