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Earliest 1930s

Stonebridge Inn

Closed 2011

Brook Street


Stonebridge Inn

Above postcard, circa 1900 showing the original pub, kindly sent by Allan Ward.

Original Stonebridge 2022

Above photo, showing the original "Stonebridge" January 2022, kindly taken and sent by Allan Ward.

Stonebridge Inn 1972

Above postcard, circa 1972, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Stonebridge Inn 2007

Above photo, December 2007, kindly sent by Eric Hartland.

Stonebridge Inn inside 1950

Above photo 1950 by F S Pridmore Creative Commons Licence.

Showing publicans Frank (Stan) and Annie Pridmore serving behind the bar.


The latest "Stonebridge Inn" was built as a road-house on the B2067 in the 1930s. It is a twin pub with the rebuilt "Duke's Head" in Hamstreet. Plans have been submitted several times to turn this into a residential home (2005) as Woodchurch already boasts two public houses. This pub has now been demolished to make way for an old people's home. June 2011.

However Allan Ward informs me that the original pub building still stands opposite the site of the demolished pub and is now a private residence.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 11 April 1931.


Mr. B. Waddy applied for confirmation of order granted by the Ashford Justices sanctioning the provisional ordinary removal of the Justices' licence in respect of "Stonebridge Inn," Woodchurch. Mr. Waddy said that at present the house was off the main road and in the winter was liable to be flooded. It was proposed to remove it a short distance along the main road to a site where new premises would be erected. There was no opposition before the Justices before or that day. The order was confirmed.


Kent & Sussex Courier, Friday 18 August 1978.

A Right Royal Welcome From Mine Hosts.

It wasn't landlord Laurie Williams and his wife Jean and greeted there Saturday night customers at the "Stonebridge Inn" at Woodchurch, but the historical characters of Henry VIII and his wife Anne Boleyn.

Fancy Dress 1978

Picture by Richard Carly.

For Laurie and Jess, dressed in the Tudor king and queen, were hosting a fancy dress party run by members of the Stonebridge Social Club, adjacent to the pub, in which about 20 club members and regulars of the inn took part.

Prize for the best man in fancy dress was given to Mr. Mick Saxby, as an Arab, and the best woman in disguise was Mrs. Sue Collins, who turned up clad as a witch complete with broomstick. An additional award, for the most original costume, was given to Mr. George Rippon who turned up as an accident victim.

Laurie and Jess moved into the "Stonebridge Inn" as tenants in December, with their 13-year old son Andrew.

Tired of Travelling.

Laurie, 48, was tired of travelling to London from the Ashford home everyday to the printing firm of which he was company director. As Jess had worked in several pubs in the Ashford area they decided to enter the licensed trade.

Jean said:- Laurie got fed up with the pressures of business and working in London and wanting to be more his own boss. He decided to give pub life a try and has found he has enjoyed it. We both love meeting people in the atmosphere a pub generates.

Laurie learnt his trade at the "Swan" in Ashford and the couple managed a house in Eastbourne last year before finally coming tenants.




HOMEWOOD William 1861-81+ (age 66 in 1881Census)

HOMEWOOD Richard 1891+ (age 49 in 1891Census)

BOORMAN Eliza 1911+ (age 45 in 1911Census)

PRIDMORE Frank & Annie 1950+

WILLIAMS Laurie Dec/1977-78+




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