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Latest Nov 2006

84 (60) Wellington Street



Above photo, date unknown.


Photo taken from by Matt Martin in January 2007.

Star 2009

Above photo, 27 January 2009.

Star 2013

Above photo, August 2013.

Star sign 1984

Above sign 1984.


The pub closed in November 2006.


Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just added this pub to that list but your help is definitely needed regarding it's history.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

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From the Kentish Independent, 23 August 1984, by Drew Robertson.

Dai and Chris Pack them in.

It's all change as the old Star is Reborn.

Star 1984

Woolwich publican Dai and Chris Bethel are often getting mistaken for each other.

Dai and Chris Bethel

Dai and Chris Bethel.

But the mix-up over their names is not an over worrying problem  - just so long as there are people in the pub to make the errors.

Dai and Chris run the "Star," in Wellington Street. It is a new look pub on the corner of the main junction with John Wilson Street.

A couple, well known in the town, took over the premises in February.

In recent times it has been allowed to go downhill. This came after the departure of the governor who have been in charge for around 20 years.

Chris explained. "It was terrible when we came here it needed so much doing to it.

"The old governor had left and that's when the pub went right downhill."

Dai and Chris took over the tenancy and injected 15,000 into completely revamping and refurbishing the "Star."

It took quite a time. The bars were ripped out and all that was left was virtually the shell.

Now there is just one bar, pushed against the back wall which looks out into the whole interior.

Chris explained about the mix-up. "It's rather funny really. Customers don't realise that guy's name is spelt the Welsh way and automatically think it's my name.

"We have got used to people getting it wrong. We are not that bothered really. So long as people keep coming into the pub."

And the couple seem to be attracting a fair few customers even if some just wanted to see what the new places like.

There is a quite unique view into the pub. With no net curtains or flashy tinted windows, passers-by can see right in.

But Chris said. "It is not that we haven't got curtains. In the summer it is nice to have the light coming in and giving that warm feeling.

"Obviously, when the day's draw in then we will put up nets just to give it a cosy look. But there is really no need for that at present."

Running above the pub is a function room and pool room.

These both prove popular. The room is capable of holding about 120 people.

"We have all sorts of functions upstairs," said Chris. "Weddings, special parties or business meeting. We will give customers just what they want."

She continued. "The pool room isn't as busy as we would like. Not many people realised that we actually have two tables.

"Entertainment is provided in the pub on set nights and Sunday lunchtime.

Dai and Chris have been in the pub game for 18 months. They ran the "Walmer Castle" in Peckham before moving to the "Star."

"We have quite a link with Woolwich," said Chris. "Dai was born in the area and has spent many years here.

"I suppose you could describe him as a popular local character. He seems to know quite a few people.

Chris added. "We are trying to provide a nice family atmosphere  -our customers are quite varied but they all seem to enjoy themselves.

"We certainly seem to be packing them in at the moment, we are quite confident it will continue.

"After all, it is quite an improvement on the old "Star."


Not the ticket.

Customers often have problems parking outside town pubs... But publican Dai Bethel has that difficulty to. Ford Dai has to pay to leave his car outside the "Star" where he also lives.

His wife, Chris, explained. "It's beyond a joke, we have had countless tickets outside our own pub.

"It wouldn't be so bad, but we actually live here as well. It's our home."

Despite numerous appeals to traffic wardens and Greenwich Council, there has been no parking place offered.

Chris said. "We just cannot understand it. The road is a cul-de-sac. It is not as if our car will be blocking passing traffic.

"It is just one big headache."



BROWN Mary 1852-28+

GILBERTSON Thomas 1862-74+

BEAVER William T to May/1881 Kentish Mercury

HOLE Jonas May/1881-82+ Kentish Mercury

Last pub licensee had WEST Edward to 5/Feb/1891 dec'd

WEST Sarah 1891+ (widow age 50 in 1891Census)

MOOR Thomas Price 1896-1901+ (age 39 in 1901Census)

IRONSIDE Edmund Robert 1904+

COCKS Frederick William 1905+

IRONSIDE Edmund Robert 1908-11+

IRONSIDE Lillian Mrs 1919+

IRONSIDE Edmund Robert 1921+

DOWNE Henry Percival 1934-44+

BETHEL Dai and Chris Feb/1984+



Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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