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Earliest ????

Red Lion

Open 2019+

6 Red Lion Place

Shooter's Hill


020 8856 8753

Red Lion 1930s

Above photo 1930s.

Red Lion

Above photo date unknown, by kind permission Chris Mansfield.

Red Lion 2017

Above photo, 2017.

Red Lion inside 2017

Inside 2017.

Red Lion bar 2017

Bar area 2017.

Red Lion garden 2017

Garden 2017.

Red Lion sign 2019

Above sign 2019.


I also have reference to another "Red Lion" in Woolwich, and another "Red Lion" in Plumstead.

In the 1930s it was part of the Beasley's Brewery tied houses.


Thomas Bathurst

Above photo circa 1860 showing licensee Thomas Bathurst. Kindly sent by Helen Wildish. Died September 1862 from a diseased liver and uremia.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 17 November, 1860.


Two females walking in a plantation belonging to the residence of Colonel Woodford on Monday, in search of blackberries, observed something white near the hedge which separates the plantation from a meadow. It seemed to be a bundle; and on examining it they found it contained, wrapped in calico, the corps of a female child.

Notice was given in the proper quarter, and an inquest was appointed to be held on Thursday, at the "Red Lion," on Shooter's Hill. On that day the coroner attended, a jury was sworn, and the women were examined who made the discovery. They described the spot where the child was found, a short distance from the commencement of the path in the meadow. Their conjecture was that the body had been thrown over the hedge from the field into the plantation. It was supposed to have been so disposed of on Sunday night or early on Monday morning. The child appeared to be two or three days old, but as no post mortem examination had taken place the inquest was adjourned till four o'clock on Tuesday, when a medical gentleman was to report on the subject. At present the belief is that the child was born alive and that another murder must be added to the dismal list which has lately shocked the humane.

As yet the perpetrator of the crime remains unsuspected.


From the By Euan McLelland. 8 July 2015.

Residents on an affluent London street are left terrified as 60 travellers brawl outside their homes and use the road as a toilet after a drunken wake.

Brawling travellers clambered on car roofs and urinated in an affluent London street after a funeral wake descended into drunken chaos.

Sixty mourners were involved in what one witness described as a 'huge fist fight', which required an estimated 100 police officers to control.

Residents in Shooter's Hill, south east London, told of their shock after seeing a 'mountain of police' trying to control the violence outside the "Red Lion" pub.

Three men were arrested following the brawl, one of whom attended a south London hospital where he was treated for a head injury.


Residents in Shooter's Hill, south east London, told of their shock after seeing a 'mountain of police' trying to control the violence outside the Red Lion pub.

Witnesses say a large group of travellers involved in the fighting were attending a wake and had been swigging from beer cans in the street.

Maddie Mansfield, 19, said: 'It was very, very noisy. There was a huge fist fight involving loads of people, definitely 60-plus at one point.'

A neighbour, who asked not to be named and whose house and van were damaged during the violence, said: 'People were petrified. I have never seen anything like it.

'They were standing on the roof of my neighbour's car. He's had thousands of pounds worth of damage done.

'They were urinating in the street and doing number twos as well. I was hosing them down from my garden the next day.'

Amanda Barry, also of Shooters Hill, said her husband had earlier overheard travellers, who were sat outside the "Red Lion" pub on July 2, say they were celebrating a wake.

She said: 'It started to get quite noisy outside at about nine o'clock.


Witnesses say a large group of travellers involved in the fighting were attending a wake and had been swigging from beer cans in the street.

'The neighbours and I came out to see what was going on and they were everywhere.'

Mrs Barry said nearby restaurant The Jasmine was forced to close early at around 6pm after a group of travellers became angry when they were refused use of the toilet.

The 37-year-old mum-of-four added: 'They began to urinate in the street outside the restaurant and glasses were being thrown into the restaurant garden.'

Mrs Barry said around 30 to 40 travellers' caravans arrived on the field opposite her house over the weekend but left on Monday morning after Greenwich Council intervened.

Red Lion 2015

The caravans have since been photographed on Plumstead Common.

Simon McDonagh, 33, a Tottenham car salesman and David Ward, 38, unemployed from Enfield, have both been charged with affray and appeared in custody at court on July 4.

A third man, who was arrested, has been released without charge.


In June 2016 the "Red Lion" was transformed with a 290,000 refurbishment.

Red Lion cheque presentation

Greenwich Council leader Denise Hyland, Clive Efford MP, Jenny Heritage from Demelza, Paddy Fuller deputy and James Jones general manager.



HENDERSON Hannah 1840+

BATHURST Thomas 1843-Feb/1852

SOAR John Feb/1852+


COOMBS George 1862+

COOMBS Hannah 1866+

TODMAN James to Nov/1870

BOXSHALL Thomas Nov/70-74+

ROBERTS Mitchell 1881-96+ Next pub licensee had (age 34 in 1881Census)

CHEXFIELD Albert T 1901+ (widow age 55 in 1901Census)

BARRETT John 1905-19+

Last pub licensee had BANISTER William Henry 1921-41 dec'd

BANISTER Helen Kathleen Miss (daughter) 1941-66+


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