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Rainham Mark

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56 London Road

Rainham Mark

Rainham Mark Social Club

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


I am not totally sure whether the "Rainham Mark Social Club" is indeed the same as the "Rainham Mark" identified below. Local knowledge required thanks.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 20 September 1879.

The Rainham Mark, Rainham.

Mr. William Greeve, of the "Rainham Mark" Rainham, who holds a licence to sell beer to be consumed off the premises, applied for an "indoor" licence.

Mr. James Bassett, solicitor, Rochester, supported the application, and discussed upon the inconvenience which realised both to his client and to his client's customers from the latter being unable to drink their beer on the premises, especially as if the landlord were to sell persons beer and they drank in the road outside the house he would be liable. Mr. Bassett also urged that the fact of Messrs. Ind, Coope, and Co, being the owners of the house was a guarantee that it would be respectively conducted, but there were 50 persons residing near, to whom the licensing of the house will be a boon, and that the granting of the licence would be a great public benefit, as there was no other licences within a mile.

Mr. Walter remarked that it was a very "short" mile, that there were only about a dozen houses in the vicinity, and that he had heard complaints about the "Rainham Mark."

The application was refused.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

Mr. William Geer, of "Rainham Mark" Rainham, who holds a licence to sell beer off the premises, applied for an indoor licence, which was refused. Mr. James Bassett solicitors, Rochester, appeared for the applicant.


East Kent Gazette, 21 May 1892.

The "Rainham Mark" beerhouse. Alleged infringement of the licence.

Frederick Philpot, landlord of the "Rainham Mark" beerhouse, was summoned at the instance of Superintendent Lacey, "for that he, being a licensed person for the sale of intoxicating liquor by retail not to be drunk on his premises, and having sold certain intoxicating letter, to wit, beer, to certain persons, was then and there privy to the said persons unlawfully drinking the same liquor on a certain highway adjoining or near to such premises."

Mr. J A W Greathred of Rochester, who appeared for the defendant, and also represented the owner of the house, Messrs, Inde, Coope and Co. pleaded not guilty. Instructing-constable Packman stated that on Sunday evening, the last instant, at about 7:30, he came out of a wood about 30 or 40 yards below the "Rainham Mark," which was kept by the defendant, when he saw nine men sitting on the bank at the roadside, opposite the house, drinking from a pot. Close by them he saw four more men, with a pot, which was standing in the road and they were drinking from glasses. He also saw another man drinking from a pot.

To be continued hopefully.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 7 March 1903.


The renewal of the licences of the "Highlanders," Minster; the "Ordnance Arms," Queenborough; the "Angel," Rainham; the "Chalk Tavern," Milton; and "Rainham Mark" beerhouse were opposed by the police. The Bench refused the renewal of the licences of the "Highlanders," the "Ordnance Arms," and the "Rainham Mark," but granted renewals to the "Chalk Tavern" and the "Angel Inn."



David Auger kindly sent me a link inferring that the "Rainham Mark Social Club" was registered on the 21 April 1937. So obviously isn't the same as the "Rainham Mark" identified as early as 1879.



GORE/GEER/GREEVE William 1879-81+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

PHILPOTT Frederick J 1891-92+ (age 24 in 1891Census)

SCAMMERTON Martin 1901+ (also store keeper age 44 in 1901Census)




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