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Earliest 1910

(Name from)

Railway Bell

Closed Mar 2019

1-2 Anglesea Place / Stone Street


Railway Bell

Above photo, date unknown.

Railway Bell 1989

Above photo May 1989, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

Railway Bell

Above photos, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Railway Bell 2012

Photo 17 May 2012 from by emdjt42.

Railway Bell sign 1990

Above sign 1990, kindly taken and sent by Richard Green.


Starting life as the "Marquis of Anglesea" then changing name to simply the "Anglesea Arms" then in 1880 it reverted back to the "Marquis of Granby" again. However in 1910 it changed name away from the Anglesea theme to the "Railway Bell."


From an email received 21 November 2014.


My grandmother's family used to run this pub. I have attached a photo of them standing outside circa 1901. It was run by the Rawlinson family.

Rawlinson family


Nicola Barrett.


Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser, Saturday 11 September 1869.

Alfred Wilkinson and William Cloves, two respectively dressed youths, were charged with robbing a till.

Jane Elizabeth Murray, daughter of the landlord of the "Railway Bell" Beerhouse, Stone Street, said that the prisoners came to the house on Friday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, and called for half a pint of beer, which they paid for. They came again a few minutes afterwards and asked for a half-a-pint of half-and-half, with which they were supplied by witness. Shortly afterwards she had occasion to leave the bar, and whilst away heard a noise like the rattling of glasses. Witness returned to the bar, and asked prisoners what they were doing, to which they replied, "nothing." After they had left witness went to the till and found that about 10s. had been taken out. Was quite sure the money was safe when the boys came into the house.

Mr. Superintendent White stated that the lads had absconded together from a school at Clapham; they were both respectively connected, one being the son of a solicitor. Their friends had been communicated with.



I am informed by Ian Goodrick in August 2021 that although the pub still shows the signage of the "Railway Bell" it is actually now known as the "Punjabi Junction" and is operating as an Indian Restaurant.


Former Railway Bell 2021

Above photo, August 2021, kindly sent by Ian Goodrick.

Punjabi Junction 2021

Above photo, August 2021, kindly sent by Ian Goodrick.

Punjabi Junction sign 2021

Above sign 2021.



WILTSHIRE Thomas 1855-61+ (age 82 in 1861Census)

MURRAY George 1869-78+ Gravesend Reporter

STUBBS Charles 1881+ (age 39 in 1881Census)

Last pub licensee had CRANHAM Elizabeth 1891-11 (widow age 49 in 1901Census)

Last pub licensee had RAWLINSON Ernest Henry 1913-22+

RAWLINSON Florence May 1938+



Gravesend ReporterGravesend Reporter


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