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Earliest 1663-

Prince of Orange Commercial and Family Hotel

Latest 1928

1 New Road


Prince of Orange

Above photo, date unknown. Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.

Prince of Orange

Above photo kindly sent by Jason Kemsley. On the left of picture with Bass sign is the "Lord Nelson Hotel."

Prince of Orange 1910

Above photo 1910. Kindly supplied by Jason Kemsley.

Prince of Orange

Above postcard, date unknown.

Prince of Orange

From this picture above which would have been taken in Windmill Street if you cross New Road the High Street is straight in front. However, before New Road was made the High Street used to be longer and would have stretched beyond where this picture was taken. Reference has it the "Queens Arms" going back to 1633 could well refer to the one that actually existed in Windmill Street.

Kindly supplied by John Hopperton.


Established in 1785 although identified from a burial record as early as 1663 and closed in 1928 to become a Burton's tailors. I believe it then became a Costo coffee shop and now Primark is still operating under this guise (2014).

Not to be confused for the "Old Prince of Orange" addresses at 1 Old Dover Road East.


Milton next Gravesend Burials from the register of St Peter & St Paul.

27 Aug 1633 Auston Periall, a stranger who comminge from London died at the Signe of the Prince of Oringe.


From the Maidstone Gazette and East Kent Courier, 26 June, 1827.


On Thursday se'nnight two foreigners arrived at the "Prince of Orange Tavern," Gravesend, representing themselves to be French merchants, or smugglers, and just landed from a ship in the River; they brought with them a very heavy trunk, stating it to be full of French silks and in order to allay any suspicion of their designs, they opened it in the presence of the waiter and took out one of the parrels, the contents of which was silk. They then said they had two more boxes on board the ship, but could not obtain them without 20. and wished the loan of that sum, leaving the trunk as security; they accordingly obtained the money and depaired. After they were gone, some suspicion was excited that all was not right, and the trunk was accordingly opened, when to the astonishment and dismay of the party who advanced the money, it was found to contain nothing but stones, brooms, and matting ingeniously packed up in paper. The swindlers were pursued to Chatham, where they were taken into custody, and committed to prison.


Kentish Chronicle, 3 Mar 1829.


Feb 20, Miss M. A. Rowe, daughter of the late Mr. William Rowe, formerly of the "Prince of Orange," Gravesend.


From the Maidstone Gazette and West Kent Courier, 13, July, 1830.

Sale this day.

The Brewers, Wine Merchants and Others. Freehold Estates, Gravesend, Kent.

To be sold by auction, By Charles Johnson.

At the "Prince of Orange Inn," Gravesend, on Tuesday, 13th day of July, 1830, at 2 o'clock, in Two Lots.

All those valuable and desirable premises well established and respectable known as the "Prince of Orange Inn" advantageously situated at the upper part of the High Street; occupying a very conspicuous and extensive frontage to the great Dover Road, 22 miles from London, and the second regular site; containing numerous bed-rooms, rooms for private families, coffee room, bar room, and other conveniences for carrying on an extensive business. Attached is a range of spacious stabling and coach house, in the occupation of Mr. William Newman, yearly tenant. A very flourishing and lucrative Trade has been carried on by the present tenant and his family for 30 years, and in fact is allowed to be the best roadside house in this county.


May be viewed at any time prior to the sale by leave of the tenants.
Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had ten days prior to the Sale, of Mr. R. Townson, Solicitor, 40, Ratcliffe Highway; Messrs. Parkins, 69, Mark Lane, Messrs Parson, 158, Borough; and at the Auction Mart, London, “George,” Rochester; “Bull,” Dartford; at the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, High Street, Gravesend.


South Eastern Gazette 03 January 1837.


On Monday morning the inhabitants were greatly annoyed for two or three hours by a gang of loose idle fellows throwing snow balls at every person passing; and for a length of time it was impossible to enter the "Prince of Orange," or "Lord Nelson" inns without being assaulted. The police were sent for in every direction; but not one was to be found. We trust that at the next meeting of the watch committee the cause of this neglect of duty will be fully investigated.


Canterbury Weekly, 21 January, 1837.


Jan 6, Mrs. Newman, wife of Mr. Newman, of the "Prince of Orange."


From the Kentish Gazette, 25 July 1837.


July 11, at Gravesend, Mr. Newman of the "Prince of Orange."


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, 28 August, 1874.

Gravesend. Caution To Hotel Keepers.

A person, styling himself a 'commercial,' put up at the "Prince of Orange Hotel" two nights last week, and of course, left without paying his bill. It was afterwards discovered that two coats, a pair of trousers, and an opera glass have been stolen, but which have since been recovered. The delinquent left Maidstone a few weeks since under precisely similar circumstances.


The "Prince of Orange Hotel" addressed at 1 New Road, was a posting house but has been demolished and was a Burtons now a Costco coffee shop.


ROWE William dec'd to Dec/1819

NEWMAN William James 1824-June/37 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

DOUGHTY John 1840-55+ (& Posting House)

DOUGHTY Sarah 1858-65+ (widow age 51 in 1861Census)

COLEBY William dec'd to Aug1873

CHIPPERFIELD Robert George 1874-82+ (age 59 in 1881Census)

HERBERT William & Henry Frederick, trading as Herbert & Son 1888+

HERBERT Henry Frederick 1891+

ROSE Robert 1901+ (age 39 in 1901Census)

BURNEY George 1903+ Kelly's 1903

JACKMAN William 1913+

DUFF Albert Ernest 1922+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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