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12 June 1973

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Poacher's Pocket

Open 2020+

135 Walderslade Road


01634 864430

Pocaher's Pocket

Above photo, 2009, by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.

Above photo 2013.

Poacher's Pocket 2014

Above photo 2014.

Poachers Pocket sign 2012

Above sign left, 1990, sign right 2012.


Operating as a Hungry Horse chain in 2014.


From the By SIMON TOMLINSON. 13 November 2012


A 22st pub landlord who was run down by thugs for trying to stop an alleged drugs deal was saved from potentially life-threatening injuries thanks to his beer belly, doctors have said.

Tony Morgan, 44, the licensee of the Poachers Pocket in Chatham, Kent, was struck down when he confronted the crooks in his car park.

Tony Morgan

Shocking CCTV shows the moment the suspects smashed their grey Peugeot 307 into the father-of-three, catapulting him 15ft into the air.

'I'm not having that!' This image from a CCTV camera shows pub landlord Tony Morgan (circled) confronting thugs who he suspected were trying to carry out a drugs deal in his car park.

Drug deal confrontation

Mr Morgan had to be treated for broken ribs at Medway Maritime Hospital, where doctors told him he was saved by his beer belly.

Medics said the former boxer's excess body fat and muscle provided 'padding' which helped cushion his bones and vital organs from the impact.

Doctors said a skinnier man would have been much more seriously hurt.

In CCTV issued by Kent Police, Tony can be seen approaching the driver's door and arguing with the alleged dealer.

Shockingly, the driver punches Mr Morgan through the window and attempts to speed off - with Mr Morgan still clinging onto the car.
But the driver then suddenly reverses - smashing into Mr Morgan - sending him flying through the air.


Impact: The driver then suddenly reverses into Mr Morgan, sending him flying 15ft through the air.

Hospitalised: The father-of three suffered crack ribs and bruising after landing on the concrete.

Attack 2

The car, believed to be a hire vehicle from a London firm, was then driven off at high speed as Mr Morgan lies slumped on the ground.

Mr Morgan, who has run the pub for 13 years with wife Lorraine, 45, said: 'I said "that's a drug deal, I'm not having that".

'I approached as the passenger got out and said "don't come here to buy your drugs, do it somewhere else".

'I heard the wheels spinning and the next thing I knew I was up in the air. It knocked me 15 or 20 feet across the car park.

'I suffered bruising and a few cracked ribs. The doctors said I was lucky - if I had been a smaller guy things would've been a lot worse.

'Doctors said because of my size and extra weight I have more protection for my vital organs and bones.

'I have a bit more padding then the average man which meant my bones and organ where cushioned from the impact.

'I have caught people doing drug deals before. People say I should leave it to the police but I can't just leave it.

'I would do the same again. This is my business for my customers who want to come here and enjoy themselves.'

The car, believed to be a hire vehicle from a London firm, was then driven off at high speed down Walderslade Road towards Chatham, Kent.

The driver is described as black, in his mid-20s, of slim build with black short hair and a thin moustache.

He was wearing a green checked shirt and spoke with a West Indian accent. There was also another man in the passenger seat.

The incident happened at about 12.45pm on Saturday, September 29.

Kent Police are appealing for witnesses and are particularly keen to speak to the man who was in the passenger seat.

DC Mark Silk said: 'This is a serious incident where the injuries could have been a great deal worse.

'Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence and we are interested in speaking to a white man in a brown tracksuit who left the vehicle prior to the incident.'

A 21-year-old man from Peckham was arrested following the attack and was due to answer bail today.


From the by Clare Freeman. 24 January 2014

Elderly man dies after falling ill at The Poacher's Pocket pub in Walderslade

An elderly man has died at a Walderslade pub after police were called yesterday afternoon.

Emergency services were called over fears for the man, in his 80s, at the "Poacher's Pocket."

Kent Police officers arrived at about 5.25pm, but the man was declared dead at the scene.

The force is treating the death as non-suspicious.

A spokesman said: "Kent Police was called at 5.25pm on 23 January to the "Poacher's Pocket" pub in Walderslade to reports of concern for the wellbeing of a man in his 80s.

"Sadly the man was declared dead at the scene."

A witness said two police cars and two ambulances were at the scene.

The pub is believed to have been closed for the rest of the evening after the man's death.


From by Jenni Horn. 18 January 2015.

Poachers Pocket pub in Walderslade Road, Chatham, evacuated as fire breaks out

A popular pub had to be evacuated at lunchtime after a blaze started in the kitchen.

Fire crews were called to the "Poachers Pocket" in Walderslade Road, Chatham, just before 2pm on Sunday.

When they arrived, staff had already got all the customers safely outside.

Two crews spent just over an hour at the scene. The fire was located in the cold store area of the building's kitchen and later determined to have been caused by the cooling system overheating.

On arrival, the crews used a powered fan to push the smoke out of the building.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus then entered the pub, located the source of the fire using a thermal image camera and extinguished it.

Once the fire was out, they continued to use the powered fan to clear the building of smoke and ensured the scene was safe.

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue said: "Several people who were eating their lunch had to leave. The pub was shut for a couple of hours. I think it has re-opened but not serving food.

"The fire was contained to the storage area and there was no damage to the rest of the pub."

A spokesperson for "Poachers Pocket" said the pub was closed in the afternoon following a small fire in the kitchen, adding: "All staff and guests were safely evacuated and the fire brigade dealt with the fire quickly. The pub remained closed for the rest of the day. We reopened the pub and kitchen on Monday January 19 and we are now back to business as usual.”


From the By Dan Wright, 8 February 2020.

Arriva suspends services in Walderslade after buses 'shot at by air rifle'

Three buses have been targeted by vandals who it is feared used an air rifle to smash a number of windows.

Arriva was forced to suspend some of its services last night after the vehicles were damaged in Walderslade.

Police have been informed following the incident, which happened outside the Poachers Pocket pub in Walderslade Road.

In a social media post last night, Arriva said the 177 and 176 services were immediately suspended "due to a potential air rifle incident".

A spokesman said: "We can confirm there was a vandalism incident last night on three buses in the Chatham area - and there is now a police investigation into this.

"Some services were suspended last night due to this issue, but all services are running as normal today.”

Police have been contacted for comment.


The pub was originally called the "Hook and Hatchet," today (2015) it is being run as part of the Hungry Horse chain.



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