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Earliest 1846-


Open 2020+

Dymchurch Road

New Romney

01797 363636

Plough 2014

Above photo 2014.

Plough sign 1991Plough sign 2015

Above sign left, March 1991, sign right, 2015.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Plough Inn card 1951

Above aluminium card issued June 1951. Sign series 3 number 26.

Plough Inn matchbox

Above mis-cut matchbox, date unknown, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


Closed for some time the pub reopened again in October 2013.


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From the Kentish Gazette, 18 January 1848.


On Friday last, an inquest was held at the "Guildhall," before J. Russell, Esq., coroner, and a respectable jury, touching the death of Robert Lung, a shoemaker, of this town, who was found drowned. The depositions of the witnesses were to the following effect:—

Nathaniel Leonard said, I am a labourer, living in New Romney. About five minutes past eight o'clock this morning I was walking on the road leading from New Romney to Saint Mary’s, and in the ditch adjoining Mr. Coates’s field I discovered the body of a man. The body was covered with water except part of the right arm. I and another person raised it. There was about two feet and a half of water in the ditch. The deceased had on all his clothes except his hat, which was stuck in the mud under the water. He had no marks of violence on his person.

Thomas Ealse said, I am a labourer, living at Saint Mary's. A little after ten o’clock on Tuesday night last I heard a person calling out. I was gone to bed; I opened the window and asked what was the matter, when the deceased, Robert Long, asked me to point out the way to New Romney. He was standing against the fence. I directed him, and he wished me good night three or four times, and then walked up the road towards Romney.

Edward Lester, landlord of the "Star Inn," at Saint Mary’s, said the deceased, Robert Long, was at my house upwards of two hours on the evening of Tuesday last; he had half a quartern of rum and a pint of stout; he left my house about a quarter past nine, and said he should go home round the road. It was not dark; there was a little moonlight. He was, in my opinion, quite capable of walking home. Thomas Ealse's house is nearly a mile nearer Romney than mine.

Nathaniel Leonard recalled:— The spot where I discovered the deceased is about a quarter of a mile from the "Plough," and not quite half a mile from Thomas Ealse's house at St. Mary's.

Verdict, "Found drowned."


From the By Oliver Leonard, 24 August 2023.

The Plough in New Romney, Romney Marsh, listed for sale for 750,000.

A pub with a “newly created beer garden” is up for sale – but the owners say they are in no rush to move on.

Listed on Rightmove with agents Sidney Phillips, The Plough in Dymchurch Road, New Romney is described as one of the town's “established and popular businesses”.

It is listed for 750,000.

However, owners of the 18th-century detached pub revealed they “are in no rush to sell” in an announcement on their Facebook page yesterday.

Clearing up rumours about the sale, they said: “This doesn't mean that anything will change anytime soon and we are open for business as usual.

“We are in no rush to sell the business and we will be picky to who we sell the pub to.

“We have worked extremely hard to get the pub where it is now.”

The owners went on to say since taking over the premises in 2021 it has become “one of the busiest on the Romney Marsh.”

Plough garden 2023

The Plough in Dymchurch Road, New Romney, has been listed on the market for 750,000. Picture: The Plough.

The building is located along the A259 and has a rating of four on Tripadvisor.

On Rightmove, it is described as an “extensively renovated detached public house” with “five trade areas”.

As well as this, the building contains four five-bedroom owners accommodation.

In response to the owner's announcement online, customers have expressed their support and gratitude.

One person commented: “Ah man I'll be sad if you sell. You've done amazing things with that place and are our favourite place to go for family meals.”

Another added: “You have done wonders with the pub.

“We have been fortunate enough to live here now for 23 years and it’s only since your ownership that we have made it one of our favourite locals.”



KEELER Richard 1841-61+ (age 58 in 1861Census)

KEELER Margaret 1871+ (age 52 in 1871Census)

MILLER William 1871-91 (age 50 in 1881Census)

MILLER Sarah 1891+ (widow age 73 in 1891Census)

WALKER John 1901+ (age 53 in 1901Census)

BEST Edwin 1901+ (age 41 in 1901Census)

CHALLIS Andy & Vera ????

???? Nicky & Chris Oct/2013+

WATERS Christopher 2017+




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