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Earliest 1865-


Latest 1938+

Ordnance Road / 1 Fenwick Street



Project 2014 has been started to try and identify all the pubs that are and have ever been open in Kent. I have just started to map out the pubs that exist or existed in Woolwich, but need local knowledge and photographs, old and current if you have any.

As the information is found or sent to me, including photographs, it will be shown here.

Thanks for your co-operation. Every email is answered and all information referenced to the supplier.

This page will be updated as soon as further information is found.


I believe that this pub was either on the corner of the two above named streets or was renamed between 1881 and 1891 when the address of Ordnance Road seemed to disappear and the pub then identified as 1 Fenwick Street.


Kentish Independent, 09 September 1865.

Harriet Turner, 40, wife of a bricklayer living at 10, Hancock Street, Woolwich Common, was charged with creating a disturbance at the "Perseverance Tavern," Ordnance Road.

Mr Brown, landlord of the "Perseverance" described the prisoner as a very disagreeable neighbour, and her appearance in the dock with two black eyes was anything but favourable. She promised amendment and was ordered to find bail for her good behaviour for three months.


From an email received 11 October 2019.

I was born in 1932 some 40 yards from the "Perserverance" at 13 Fenwick St.

I was a typical London urchin stealing from local shops with my gang.

My memory records the pub clearly. To the right hand side were two large tall yard doors which opened to a storage yard where empty beer bottles awaited a weekly brewery collection. Now it so happened the licensee paid 1 penny for every bottle returned. We kids raided the yard at night and sold then back to the publican claiming our parents had bought them. Nice little earner for us.

Outside on Sunday lunchtime there was large wheelbarrow selling cockles shrimps and winkles for Sunday evening tea.

The area has demolished and the streets have all vanished If you have access to photographs of the old Woolwich Common or plans of the street plans I would be obliged to hear from you.




BROWN John 1865-66+ Kentish Independent

KIRK Richard 1874+

KIRK Elizabeth 1881-82+ (widow age 52 in 1881Census)

MARTIN Jacob A 1891-96+ (age 50 in 1891Census)

MATTOCK William 1901-11+ (age 48 in 1901Census)

MATTOCK Annie Miss 1938+



Kentish IndependentKentish Independent


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