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Earliest 1823-

Old Sheer Hulk

Latest ????

3 Church Street


Old Sheer Hulk

Above photo, date unknown.

Old Sheer Hulk

Above photo, date unknown.


Whilst under the rule of licensees Violet Caroline (nee Strange) and Arthur William Bond there was a pub log book dating back to the 19th century which had records of the then landlord being paid to give convicts a shot of rum (for medicinal purposes!) before they were deported to Australia, hence the name Sheer Hulk! Their daughter Mary Hibberd says when they left they left that log book at the pub. Be nice to think it still exists somewhere.

The Pigot's Directory of 1823 gave the name as simply the "Sheer Hulk."


From a travellers' account of 1862.

"Half an hour's journey along the North Kent Railway, past the rising meadows near Blackheath, and the bright toy villas, planted in the centre of the greenest conceivable lawns, which make the neighbourhood of Charlton - then through a long dark tunnel - will deposit the traveller within five minutes' walk of the Dockyard gates of Woolwich.

The sign of the public-house, the "Warrior," which shows a gaudy front close to the station, suggests at once the proximity of the hulks. The lazy men, in cotton-velvet-fronted waistcoats, leaning against the door-posts; strong musters of very dingy children; remarkably low shops, exhibiting all kinds of goods at wonderfully cheap prices; and street after street of little houses, where the wives of the regularly employed dock labourers advertise the nature of their industry in their parlour windows-indicate the neighbourhood of a great industrial establishment.

Turning from the entrance of the Dockyard - opposite which is a flourishing public-house, rejoicing in the suggestive sign of the "Old Sheer Hulk," which probably reminds some of its customers of peculiarly "good old times" - and keeping the high, dark walls of the yard on the left, the way lies past little shops and beer establishments on the right, towards the arsenal."


The Kentish Mercury reported that this held a full license in 1908.



HARWOOD P 1823+ Pigot's Directory 1823

HARWOOD Elizabeth 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

EDWARDS William 1840

EDWARDS Edwin 1852-Nov/59

BLEST Emily Nov/1859-Nov/60

BLEST Anthony Thomas Nov/1860+

PRENTIS George 1862-66+

PRENTIS Eliza to Nov/1868

MUSSON William Nov/1868+

ACOCK Charles William 1874+

HOPPER Thomas Edward 1882+

CAMPBELL William W 1896+

WORDSWORTH Alfred 1901+

LUCK Robert W 1901+ (age 40 in 1901Census)

WORDSWORTH Alfred 1904-05+

GIFKINS Albert George to Sept/1906 Kentish Independent

MOORS Edward Sept/1906+ Kentish Independent

ELDEN Alfred 1908-11+ Kentish Mercury

POPE Tom Charles 1919+

SANDERS John Edward 1921+

MUNRO Edward Harold 1934-38+

BOND Arthur Wilfred 1944-48


Pigot's Directory 1823From the Pigot's Directory 1823

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


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