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Earliest 1823-

Little Crown

Closed 1966

35 Eastney Street (East StreetPigot's Directory 1832-34)


Little Crown

Above photo, date unknown, kindly submitted by Richard Evans.


The Era 12 April 1874.


8th., inst., at No. 73, Licensed Victuallers' Asylum, Asylum-road, Old Kent-road, Mr. Robert James Phillips, aged sixty-five years, formerly of the "Little Crown, East-street, Greenwich.

Licensed Victuallers Asylum

Above print showing the Licensed Victuallers Asylum.


Address as Lower East Street before 1891, and Eastney Street by 1911.

I am informed that the pub closed in 1966 and has been demolished, date unknown.


Morning Advertiser, Thursday 11 January 1838.

Coroner's Inquest.

An inquest took place at the "Little Crown," East Lane, Greenwich, before Charles Carttar, Esq,. the Coroner, on view of the body of Mr. Henry Holman, one of the broad-coopers, in the employ of Messrs. Barclay and Co., the celebrated brewers, of London. From the respectability of the deceased, and his numerous and highly respectable connections, and the catimation in which the unfortunate gentleman was held, the room in which the inquest took place was crowded exceedingly.

The first witness examined was Mr. Joseph Holman, of Hastings, a brother of the unfortunate deceased, who deposed that on Saturday night last he, in company with his brother, had called on business at Mr. Jutson's, at the "Red Lion," in East Street, Greenwich; and on leaving that house was about to proceed to the Ship-dock, and in doing so, thinking that they would go by a near cut to the next place he had occasion to call at, they took the road leading by the "Trafalgar Tavern." The night being misty, and going close by the wall of that house, they continued to keep the pavement, and the consequence was, that the two gentlemen were precipitated into the water of the Thames below, at which point the place is, and has been for some time, completely unprotected by any necessary barrier. These gentlemen were in earnest conversation, when, on a sudden, they were plunged arm-in-arm into the Thames. The witness, Mr. Joseph Holman, after considerable difficulty, succeeded in reaching the steps, and thereby saved his life, and made his way to the "Little Crown," much exhausted, where every assistance was rendered him by the landlord. It was some time, in consequence of his exhausted state, before the people there could ascertain that he had lost his brother who had accompanied him. A young man by the name of Paine, who had heard the particulars, immediately procured a boat to search for the deceased, and after some little time succeeded in finding the body by use of the anchor. Other boats were put off for the same beneficial purpose, which exceeded in picking up two hats, the one belonging to the brother, and the other to the deceased, the position of which led to the discovery of the spot where the unfortunate gentlemen were precipitated into the river.

It was he remarked that the place had been for a long time unprotected, although several accidents have heretofore taken place at that spot, but unfortunately no lives had previously been lost.

Mr. Thomas Freeman identified the body as that of Mr. Henry Holman.

After body was taken out of the water, the police hearing of the accident, came up, and Mr. Inspector Kent of the R division, took possession of the property which was found upon him. In a pocket-book there were memorandums, a promissory note for 600, a purse containing 13 sovereigns, watch and appendages, &c. &c, which he procured, and gave up to the proper authorities after the inquest.

The Jury having brought in a verdict of "Accidental Death," recommending the Coroner to make a representation of the dangerous state of the stair-head of the "Trafalgar Tavern," where the melancholy accident took place.

The Coroner observed that he would without delay make the very proper recommendation of the Jury known to the authorities of Greenwich Hospital, whose undoubted duty it was to secure this situation, that in future no further occurrence of the above untimely nature should take place.



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