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Earliest 1832-

King's Arms

Latest ????

60 High Street


Old King's Arms 1900

Above postcard, circa 1900.

King's Arms

Above photo, date unknown.

King's Arms 1915

Above postcard 1915.

King's Arms 1922

Above photo 1922.


I am informed that the pub was demolished along with the adjacent shops when the road was widened for a tram route extension in 1922.

However, I have names of licensees after this date, so perhaps a new pub with that name was built afterwards.


From the Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 16 September, 1856.


On Tuesday last a most melancholy accident took place in this neighbourhood, attended with loss life. It appears that Mr. Potts, of the "Green Man Tavern," Old Kent Road, left the "King's Arms," Eltham, about either o'clock in the evening, in a chaise, accompanied by a friend. Mr. Potts, incautiously allowing his friend, who was not an expert "whip" to drive. They had not left more than ten minutes when assistance was sent for in consequence of a serious accident that had just occurred. At the foot of Todman's Wall the driver unfortunately came in contact with a waggon passing on the road, belonging to Mr. Watkins, of Sidcup, - breaking both shafts of the gig, dislocating Mr. Potts collarbone, and his unfortunate companion, who undertook to drive, having his leg broken, amputation of which is feared to be necessary. The horse then bolted to the off-side with the shafts sticking up, when, after proceeding 20 yards, it met a waggon belonging to Mr. Pollard, of Foot's Cray. The horse ran to the near side shafts of the waggon, which penetrated under the hip nearly through the other side. The man having charge of the waggon rushed to his horses' head, when he was immediately struck with the gig-shaft on the temple, thrown on the step and jerked on to the back at the side of the road, where he expired. The gig-horse, which was so seriously injured was immediately shot. We have seldom had to record a more melancholy series of accidents, and which took place within so short a period.


From an email received 23 March 2022.

As an accordion lover I have a little statue of witch I do not know the origin. Could anyone tell me a little more about this?

Hendrik Depruyst.

Rekkem, Belgium.

Kings Arms statue

Above showing the statue.

Kings Arms statue 1922

Engraving on back.

Base of statue

Engraving on bottom.

Looking at the information engraved into the statue I would suggest that the original pub was demolished in 1922 and E Jest took part of one of the beams and made this statue out of it. Paul Skelton.



GOODWILL William 1832-74+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

CAWTHORNE Robert May/1881+ Kentish Mercury

HOMEWOOD Amos May/1881-82+ Kentish Mercury

CHARLTON William 1904+

COLLINS William James to 1910 Next pub licensee had

PAYNE Walter 1911+

WISDOM Fred 1919+

HATFIELD Thomas Walter 1938-44+

???? 1971


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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